May 11, 2018

Totally oblivious

After a year of college at my university, things weren't going well. I was failing my classes and was very lilely to be expelled for it. The truth was that I had partied too much and screwed too many girls rather than studying. This would ashame my parents and they would no doubt disown me, causing multiple issues with my life. I vented to my friend brent over the phone, who had elected to go the community college route rather than the big university route as I did. Another thing about brent, is that he came from a long line of warlocks and I was one of the few people he had divulged this to. His parents had threatened to turn me into a cow if I ever told, so wasnt telling anyone. Anyways, he had a way to help make sure that I could save my college career and my relationship with my parents but it might require a sacrifice.

I came back home for a visit with my family, who knew nothing about the situation, though my true reason was to see about brent fixing my predicament. He had a potion ready and instructed me to sit down next to him and also to think about my problem. He did this little thing with his finger against my temple and pulled a translucent tissue looking thing from my head. He placed it into the potion and instructed me to drink it.

After I finished the potion, I was taken by a wave of euphoria in my mind. I began to see visions such as a little blonde girl with pigtails in a white dress with a birthday cake in front of her. Behind the girl were parents. That was weird as I didn't have a sister. Suddenly I felt a pressure that seemed to force my height down from a tall 5'11 to a mere 5'2 as the compaction forced my waist to become curvier. My blonde hair grew down in straight locks and tickled the now delicate shoulders that I now sported as my arms lost muscle definition, becoming smaller. Two small A cup breasts grew out of my chest before a very pretty face morphed where old mankly one had been. My eyes were a bright blue now and simply hypnotizing. At that point I noticed that my shirt had become a white tank top and my pants were now stretchy black spandex. My thighs soon showed just how stretchy they were as they thickened and my ass grew out into a perfect bubble butt. The visions made sense now....that little girl was me. Soon all the other visions flooded my mind, though not deleting my old ones. "oh my god," I said in my new female voice , "why the hell am I a girl!!!!!" 

When I calmed down Brent and I talked through it and figured that as a girl I would have stayed in town and attended the same local community college as Brent where I had much better grades, saving myself from the mess I had gotten myself into, albeit in a strange way. Either way, this was my life now and I'd have to get used to it.

Things weren't as different as I had thought. Despite being different genders, Brent and I were still good friends since childhood and had decided to room together for college. It really made sense in another way since we were the only two who remembered the old me. It wasn’t too long before I started to become more comfortable in my new skin. I started wearing thongs, and short daisy duke shorts that gave an ample view of my booty. Guys really liked it and I really liked the attention that I got. Over the course of a year, I dated several guys who ended up only being in it for sex. I finally gave in to one of them and he quickly left once he got what he wanted. It may have been my new female emotions but I was heartbroken from being used like that. I quickly realized that there was only one guy who would never hurt me.
Brent and I had a biology class together and were out on campus on a class scavenger hunt of sorts looking at different ecosystems. We were partnered together and it was perfect timing as I had just gained feelings for him though he was totally oblivious to them. This was really how Brent always was, being a thin nerdish guy who really didn’t get much attention from women. We finished the assignment but still had to type a report at our place.” You know, when we get back we can wait on doing that report, “ I said flirtingly. Still totally oblivious, he replied, “I think we should just get it done and then we can play video games or something.” I was frustrated that he wasn’t catching my hints but figured I could get him to catch on. 

While he typed the report I tried to make contact with him though not trying to be too obvious though it was also to no avail. I couldn’t believe it! Soon afterwards he started to play video games in the living room. I decided to make another move and stripped off my daisy dukes to where I was only wearing my pink tank top and little black g-string. I crawled over to where he was playing the game and attempted to move sexily for him. Oddly enough, he seemed to barely notice anything as he was enthralled in the game. “Oh screw it, “ I finally said aloud before I pulled down his gym shorts and began sucking his dick. I pulled my mouth off and said “ about time you noticed,” as I felt his dick harden in my hand. I went back down on him, aggressively giving him the best blowjob I could muster. He began to say things things like “ we’re friends” or “ this isn’t right.” Once again, I stopped and replied, “ look I’m a hot girl now and you’ve been the only guy consistently good to me. Just shut up and enjoy this” I got right back down to business, wiggling my hips back and forth as I really got into it. I felt his hand grip my ass and knew that he had changed his mind.  This was really the start of a great relationship, and it wasnt long before I was riding his dick like the sexy little minx i'd become

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