Jun 18, 2020


Before my girlfriend left to work abroad, she left me her enchanted necklace. At first I didn't know what it was for. But after I tried putting it on, to my surprise it turned me into an exact copy of my girlfriend.

So whenever I missed her, I would ask my roommate to put it on and have sex with him. I enoyed having sex with my girlfriend body, and he sure did enjoy being her.

Jun 17, 2020


The procedure was a success. I came in as a muscular man, and came out as this pretty girl. I volunteered at this lab where they experimenting body modifications and for me they want to push the limit to modify the gender and also how I looks.

Jun 13, 2020


Samuel cheated on his girlfriend with another girl from his office. When both of them found out about it, they were furious and wanted to give Samuel a punishment. 
Little did Samuel know that both girl were witches, and with their spells they changed with him. Making Samuel a girl and both of them a hunky man.
Samantha now in her little girly body was unable to fight the strength of two muscular men, and forced to surrender when they made him their sex toy as a punishment.
The girls enjoyed toying with the new Samantha so much that they decided to keep her forever like that. Using her as a pleasure device wether they're in their female body or in their male form. 

Jun 10, 2020

Honeymoon at SwapResort

Caleb and Becky decided to go to SwapResort for their honeymoon. However upon arriving at the resort and undergo the swapping process, Caleb found himself in a busty woman's body and Becky in a teenage boy's body.
"I'm going to the manager to complain! They're not putting in this little boy's body!"
"Come on Becky, let's just try and enjoy it.. After all, in the agreement form we signed upon checking in do stated that the swap will be random." tying to calm his wife, then he pulled her to the beach.
"No! I'm going to the reception to talk with the manager! And why are you wearing her bikini?"
"Well, they gave us their suitcase too right.. so we can have outfit to match our body. Come on honey, lets just have a great time..." Becky tried her best to avoid looking at Caleb's new breasts, she could feel herself getting aroused by the sight of Caleb voluptuous breasts. Plus he's wearing such a sexy bikini, made him look even hotter.
"You know what, I've been a teenage boy before. But I know what will change your mind." Caleb grabbed Becky's hand and put it on his breast, while his other hand slowly rubbing Becky's new dick.
"Oooohh... Someone's getting excited.." Caleb teased
"Okay, fine... Let's get to the beach.." Becky said defeated.

May 5, 2020

He Doesn't Notice

"Morning babe.." I greeted Ling's boyfriend on the bed
"Hey, morning.." he said as I gave a soft kiss on his lips and went next to him and let him cuddle me.
I have been possessing Ling for almost a month now, and everyday has been great. To have her fine figure, great boob, and even her kind boyfriend who always able to satisfy me. And the greatest thing of all, it seems like he hadn't notice that I'm not the real Ling.

Apr 24, 2020

Wake Up!

I tried waking my old body by shaking it as hard as I can. But my girlfriend's small girl body wasn't strong enough. Instead of shaking the body  felt her boobs were jiggling like crazy following my every movement.

Mar 21, 2020

Mine Now

Chloe can see the homeless guy have been following her during her morning jog. He actually has been following Chloe since she left her house.
What came to terror is when she was blocked by the same guy on the street. He mumbled some words under his breath and both of heir soul were pulled out their body and entered each other.

"Awesome! I have tits now!" Chloe can hear her old voice, and she saw her old self were feeling up her own chest.
"Stop it! Don't touch my bobs! Give me my body back!" cried the girl in the man's body.
"I'm afraid their mine now, old man. See you!" then the man in Chloe's body started to walk away.
"Not so fast! Come on, this isn't funny. Give me y body back!" Chloe grabbed her old body trying to stop him from running away.
"You better let me go, old man. I'm not giving your body back, this is mine now. And please don't follow me home, or I'll call the police. They will think that you're a crazy hobo.." he said wile continue walking away.
Feeling defeated Chloe just stood there watching her body walking away.