May 20, 2019

A Nerd Can Dream

I loved Comic-con. I have loved it for a long time. Seeing all the people in costumes or just having a good time with friends or family... It was something to behold. Especially the cosplayers. There was just something about the dedication required to hand craft a costume and perfect a personality. It was astounding. I envied them, truly. With every part of me I envied them. The art of the performance. It was all just so beautiful to me. Truthfully though, what really got to me were the female cosplayers. Not for the reason you might think. Don't get me wrong, I admired their beauty, but that's not what did it for me. You see, I was a crossdresser. I wasn't transgender, no, but I loved the female form. I envied it. I wanted to be like them. Not because I felt like I was meant to be a woman, but because it felt good when I was one. Well, when I looked like one.
When I say looked like one I really meant it. I had all but perfected makeup and I kept my hair long. Luckily, I also had a fairly effeminate frame. All of that together meant that I could pass for a girl with relative ease. A fairly attractive one at that. Though, I had never been able to combine my envy with my passion. That was going to change. More than anything else I wanted to know that feeling. I wanted to feel the gratification of being at a con in full costume performing for everyone. That's why after last year's con I immediately started working on a Fiora cosplay. She was a great character from one of my favorite games League and her full suit of armor made it easier to hide my true features. Additionally I could add some cleavage and if I played my cards right with some clever stuffing there'd be no way anyone could find me out unless I wanted them to. As such, I started working.
I spent the next year painstakingly crafting my costume. From the cape to the armor I spared no detail. In the end I had made something far better than I had even thought I could. It was incredible, I had done the very thing that I had spent years admiring. Well, part of it at least. Once completing the costume I endeavored to perfect Fiora's mannerisms and accent. Eventually, I got myself up to a standard that I was proud of and all that was left was to actually go to the con.
With the costume on in addition to a stuffed chest piece you'd be hard pressed to see through my deception. Though, it wasn't enough. After a fun filled few hours I encountered someone I knew, John. It was so odd. He wasn't really into cons but for some reason he was there and to my horror he recognized me. To this day I can't tell you how, but, in the end, that's not what's important about this meeting.
"I always knew you had a secret hobby Alex."
I tried my best to play it off but he saw right through me. "I don't know what you're talking about, who's Alex?"
"Cut the shit. I know it's you. Don't worry though, I'm here to help."
I had no idea what that meant but I could've sworn I saw his eyes glow and I felt like he stared directly into my soul. After that he just left. I spent the rest of that day feeling sick. It got so bad that I had to leave early to go back to my hotel room as to not deposit my lunch onto my costume. I threw up 4 times in as any hours and I started getting really upset thinking that I'd have to sit out the rest of the con. Eventually, I just laid down hoping that I'd be better by morning. I didn't get much sleep that night. My body felt like it was on fire, and every 30 minutes it would feel like someone was molding my flesh like clay. I was in immense pain until about 3 AM when suddenly it all stopped. I went from the worst pain I'd ever felt to perfectly fine within an instant. I took my opportunity at that point and fell asleep soon after.
The next morning I woke up a bit groggy with the sheets feeling wet. I quickly got up and nearly fell over in the process. Everything felt different. I felt... softer... daintier. I felt more feminine. It even felt like... Before I could finish my thought I reached up to my chest and cupped what seemed to be breasts. What the hell? I made my way to the bathroom and was met with the biggest shock of my life. I was... a woman? How..? Just as soon as I asked the question I knew the answer. It was him. John. What had he done? That's when I heard a knock and then a voice from my hotel door.
"Alexis, come let me in."
I didn't know what else to do honestly. I needed answers and leaving him out in the hallway wasn't going to get me those.
"Ah, there you are. You're welcome by the way."
"What... how... why..."
"Shhhhhh, now's not the time for questions, now's the time for you to get acquainted with your new body."
I saw his eyes glow again and in that moment I lost control. My hand moved on its own and began rubbing my newly acquired clit before plunging a couple fingers into my delicate sex.
"You certainly turned out nice, that's thanks to you though of course. I based your new form off your costume. Good job on that by the way."
Every time I began to ask a question I couldn't. All I could do was softly moan as my hand pleasured me in ways that I'd never dreamed off.
"I have to say that I prefer this to the old you. Before you were hardly a man and, though, I could have fixed that by making you more masculine it was clear that you'd enjoy this more."
"This feels so weird." Wait, why did that come out? Was I just not allowed to ask questions?
"I bet it does. Though, I'm sure you'll get used to it."
"I've been crossdressing for a long time but I never wanted to be a girl."
"Oh my sweet Alexis, I'm sure you know that's not true. Here, I'll prove it"
Once again his eyes glowed but this time, nothing happened.
"Now, as you can see, you're still very much a woman."
And? Oh right, no questions.
"Well, I suppose I'll answer your question this time. I looked into you and made you into the person you feel you truly are... I'm sure you can piece together the rest from there."
Surely he was lying. I knew myself. I knew that I didn't want to be a woman. I knew that I wanted to suck his cock and fuck him for hours. Uhm... What? What had I... He must have messed with my head to make me think like that.
"Really? You think I'm that sadistic? I thought we were friends."
"You turned me into a girl somehow and now you're making me masturbate like a cam girl for you... Yeah, I'd say you're a little sadistic."
"You have a point there. I should just let you do what you want to do."
His eyes glowed again and this time I knew exactly what he had done. My arm stopped working my pussy and I felt my mouth watering as he pulled his shorts down.
"Go ahead, have it your way."
I couldn't help myself. I didn't lose control like I had before, but, there was nothing I could do to stop myself. I slowly crawled over to John before hesitantly taking his cock into my mouth. Try as I might I couldn't hate that feeling. I had another man's cock in my mouth and I couldn't so much as feel disgusted. I let my body do what it wanted. I found myself playing with that cock for a long time. Somewhere along the line I started enjoying it. I truly started to enjoy not only the taste but the feeling of having his sex glide through my lips and over my tongue. Absentmindedly, I began to play with my womanhood again and felt something inside me slowly building. Before too long soft moans began escaping despite the cock occupying my mouth.
I froze. I didn't even look at him, not that I could, though I didn't see it I'm sure he used his power, it was the only explanation as to why I couldn't so much as blink right now.
"You were enjoying that weren't you? Oh yeah, you can move now but, no touching yourself, we'll get to that shortly."
"What the hell do you want from me?"
"Hmmm, it's a good question for sure, I'd ask the same if I was in your situation. I'm not terribly sure that you'll like the answer though."
"I assure you that after being forced to suck you off I want answers."
"You asked for it. Well, my dear Alexis, what I want from you is simple. I want you to stop lying to yourself."
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"I want you to accept that I'm just here to help you accept who you truly are. For instance, I just let you have your way with my cock, something that you desperately wanted."
"You're an asshole! You made me do that just like you made me finger myself!"
He sighed heavily. "Oh Alexis, we have a long way to go don't we? How about this, I'll let you prove it to yourself. First things first, though, I loved your costume, I feel that had you been who you were truly meant to be you'd have chosen something a little different."
I watched as his eyes glowed and felt him dress me in his mind.
"Go ahead, admire your creation. I made it based on the ideas rushing through that beautiful head of yours."
I stared into the mirror in horror. He could see my thoughts. That was clear to me now. I took in every inch of the costume that I now wore and examined it carefully. Every single detail. I had thought of them. I was wearing what I could only describe as a grown up version of Annie from League. It was the very thing that I wanted to make but knew I could never pull off believably.
"Now that you've got what you really wanted to wear, go to the con. Experience that which you have craved for so long. I'll wait here."
I did as he told me and left my hotel, not that I had much of a choice. I roamed the convention center aimlessly for a while before I decided that I'd better at least make the best of my awful situation. After that I started opening up. I put on the best damn performance I could muster given I had no practice. I skipped around and did my best to emulate the voice of an older Annie. I knew the lines as she was my favorite character so that wasn't a problem. I hit a stride after about 10 minutes and I stopped worrying about what had happened to me. That day, as Annie, as a woman, was the best of my life. I felt good, great even. Not even John could take away that day from me, then again, he was the one who gave it to me. Once everything started wrapping up for the day I began dreading the night I had ahead of me. I wanted to run, I really did. Sure I'd probably be stuck as a woman but, did I really care? Was that any worse than what John had in store for me? I felt compelled to return though, no doubt this was his doing, but, in the end, that didn't matter.
"Welcome back! How was your day? Oh, don't tell me, let me guess."
His eyes once again glowed and I waited for whatever he was doing to take effect.
"Oh, Alexis, don't worry, I'm just seeing your day. That's all for now, unless you want me to do something else that is."
"Can we just end this? If you change me back now I wont even be mad at you."
He sighed once again. "Alexis, what did I tell you? I just want you to be who you were mean to be."
"My name is Alex, not Alexis! I'm a man! All you're doing is making me your little plaything!"
"Looks like I'll have to resort to more drastic measures."
He eyes glowed once more and I felt as if I had been hit my a truck. I could hardly think but once I gathered myself I knew something was off.
"Now, I'm sure you're wondering why you feel like there is a horrible emptiness within you. Well, that's simple. I made you horny... really horny."
I couldn't believe him. Not because it didn't seem true but because I wasn't craving a woman. I wanted a man. I needed to be filled. He must have made me gay... or I guess... straight? Either way something was not right.
"What are we going to do here Alexis?"
"Nothing, you're just trying to turn me into your little slut. I don't like you, I don't like men, and I certainly don't like cock."
"Oh Alexis, I made no changes to your psyche. I simply made you horny."
I couldn't think straight. I needed to be taken. I needed him to take me. That is all I wanted. I wanted him to have his way with me.
"Fuck me."
"What was that? I must've misheard you."
"Fuck. Me."
"Y'know, it sounds like you want me to have sex with you. Is that what you're asking me to do?"
"No, I want to hear you say it."
"John, I want to have sex with you,"
"Atta girl."
His eyes glowed and I was suddenly on the bed, completely naked, with his cock ready to impale me.
"Now, just to make things..."
"Oh my god! Just make a woman out of me already!"
It was unreal just how good his cock made me feel. It was like nothing else I had ever experienced. After a while I didn't really want to be a man again, I never wanted that feeling to end, and if that meant living the rest of my life as this beautiful woman I was more than willing to make that trade.
"I told you this is who you were meant to be."
I couldn't even respond, I was too absorbed in my pleasure. Maybe he was right though. Maybe I was meant to be this way. Either way, I was pretty certain that I never wanted to go back. He knew this of course and once he was just about ready to pop he stopped pistoning in and out of me and brought his beautiful cock up to my face where I eagerly finished him off.
"Well, now that you're convinced, I'll leave you to it. I've changed your whole wardrobe and made it so all of your previous costumes fit your new form. Enjoy the rest of the con."
"What? You're leaving? Why? I thought this was all about getting me to fall for you or something."
"Not at all, like I said, I just wanted you to see who you truly are"
And with that, he left. I didn't really know how to feel to be completely honest but I did know that this was going to be my best experience at a con by far.
(It has been a while. But, here it is. I finally got to writing and finished a story that I started months ago. I was beginning to think I never would, but, here it is. I really liked the idea for this one in my head, and I'm glad I was finally able to finish it.

Apr 7, 2019


"What's wrong babe? I thought you wanted to try being me?" Amara asked her swapped boyfriend
"Yeah I do, but I don't know if I could go out like this!" Dave responded in Amara's high pitched voice
"No babe.. you look gorgeous! Trust me.. that dress really suits you." Amara tried to calm Dave down
"Yeah, the dress I bought for you to wear for our anniversary! I never imagined that I will be the one wearing it!"
Amara responded with a laugh. Looking at her boyfriend now felt so feminine and powerless in her body was kinda cute.
Amara hugged her boyfriend in her big arms and said to his ear, "But you really look good in it babe, honestly thanks for buying it for me. But the swap will remain for a week, so it's better if we can go along as each other just for one week, for our anniversary."
A soft smile started to form on Dave's soft cheeks.
"Let's go for our dinner, and I'll help you explore your body as the desert.. how about that?" Amara said as Dave agreed to her suggestion.

Mar 15, 2019

Just One Taste

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This is not the position I thought I would be in, that is for sure. I thought this would be like any other time. Dress up, go to a bar, get some free drinks, get hit on, jerk off in my dress, then go to sleep after getting cleaned up. Everything was going smoothly until I got back home and found my roommate chilling on the couch.

"Uh, who the hell are you?"

"Uh Alexis, I was here to hang out with Alex, we have a few classes together." Shit, Alexis, really? Why was he even here? He was supposed to be out of town.

"Oh, well, he's not home right now, you're welcome to stay and wait for him."

"I don't know, I don't really know you..."

"Come on, I wont bite."

"I guess... why not?" Why did I say that? I should just leave. I don't want him to figure out it's me.

Despite my better judgement I plopped down on the couch next to John and acted as if I was waiting for 'Alex' to get home. I tried to think of how to get out of this situation without raising suspicion, but, before I could think of anything John started making conversation.

"So, what classes do you have with Alex?"

"Uh, Physics, and Calculus."

"Beauty and brains then huh?"

I had been getting hit on all night but for some reason I couldn't help but blush when he called me beautiful. Maybe I was just too drunk but as we kept talking I found myself getting horny and I couldn't tell why. The problem was that my tuck job was getting harder to maintain since I was starting to get hard.

"Well, it doesn't look like Alex is going to make it, he must have forgotten, I'll get out of your hair."

Just as I got up to leave John grabbed my arm and pulled me into a deep kiss. I had never been kissed like this before, not as a man and certainly not as a woman, It was amazing. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I couldn't relish this moment for long though as I felt myself becoming rock hard and I had to do something before he found out who I really was. The only thing I could think to do to distract him from my cock was to play with his. Before we stopped locking lips I started unbuttoning his pants and stroking his quickly growing cock. As soon as he pulled his lips away from mine I knelt down. Instead of letting me get to work however he dragged me to his bedroom and onto his bed. Once there though he laid down with his cock on display. I couldn't help myself, it was like all of my inhibitions melted away as I crawled up to his crotch and began eagerly sucking his wonderful cock.

"Oh, you're quite good at that Alex."

I didn't reply, I was too absorbed in my task, his cock was amazing, it ruled my world and I loved it. I wanted nothing more than to pleasure this cock for the rest of my days.

"Well, Alex, or as I'm sure you'll stick with, Alexis, I suppose I should explain what's happening. I've known about your little crossdressing fetish for quite some time now. Seeing as you enjoy hoping the gender fence and you make quite the beautiful woman I decided to make your change real. I'm sure you'll have noticed now how much you really like the taste of cock. What you may not have noticed is that those breast forms are now actual breasts, oh yeah, and you dick? It's probably just about gone, welcome to womanhood!"

I heard every word he said and though I should have been horrified I wasn't. I was happy. What need did I have for my dick anymore? His delicious cock was more than enough for the two of us. And if I didn't have a dick then I should probably have tits. With each passing moment I inched closer to what I truly wanted. His cum. I desperately wanted to taste his seed. I wanted it more than anything I had ever wanted before. And after only a few short minutes I was granted just that. It was everything I had hoped for. As it hit my tongue I lost it. The warmth, the sweetness, the saltiness. It was perfect. All I wanted was more. Luckily, I was pretty sure that John would be more than willing to do that for me.

Feb 12, 2019

New Possibilities

It started out innocent enough. A simple bet between friends. We would each play a game of CoD and whoever ended up higher on the scoreboard in the end could make the loser do whatever they wanted for a full day. When I lost I knew John wouldn't go easy on me and damn was I right. Upon winning he decided that he wanted some arm candy and had me take a pill that turned me into a woman for the day. Luckily for me the pill he got wasn't intended for sexual encounters so I got to keep my dick which made me a little more comfortable with the situation given that he wouldn't try to get into my pants.

Image result for bailey jay black hair

After a few short minutes this was the new me for the day. To be honest I was pretty upset when I first saw myself. I was pretty hot and honestly, I really just wanted to get into my own pants. If I was still a guy and saw this beautiful woman I would instantly go after her. In the end though, there was nothing to be done on that front. As such I started to get dressed which took quite a while. For one I was having to put on female clothes. More importantly however was my dick. I just, looked weird. I couldn't exactly place what was wrong with it. It was my dick after all, I had seen it my whole life. I tried to just push that aside explaining it away as only being because it was on an otherwise very feminine frame. As such I continued getting dressed but before too long my dick created another problem. I was super hard. Which would have been fine if it wasn't for the only choices of bottoms I had. The only panties my friend had left me to change into was a lacey thong and for 'pants' he left me a mini skirt and skinny jeans. The mini skirt was obviously not a choice as my dick just tented it out making it abundantly clear that, well, I had a dick. The jeans weren't quite as bad but it was still very obvious that I had a little something extra down there.

I was so caught up with the situation that I made my way to his room and without knocking, entered. That's when I saw John masturbating on his bed.

"What the hell Alex? Have you ever heard of knocking?"

"I'm s...s...sorry I just... I... my dick... do you... uh... want some help with that?"


"It's just... it looks like you could use a hand... or... mouth."

"What, are you gay now? Have you always been?"

"I... I don't know... maybe... I didn't... I just... can I... can I suck it?"

"I mean, I guess. If I'd had known you'd be this eager I may have gotten the full conversion pills."

I had never seen a man in this way. Though, to be honest, I didn't care about that right now. All I cared about was one thing. John's cock. As I wrapped my eager lips around his already stiff member my own shaft became unbearably hard. In response, I began jerking myself off to the thought of sucking and fucking my friend. I wanted nothing more. We never did end up going out. He never got his arm candy. What he did get was a little sissy slut who was willing to do just about anything if it meant having another go at his cock.

Before my pill wore off I gave my friend a dozen blowjobs and he fucked my tight ass at least five times. As I watched my tits slip away and the rest of my body follow suit I made my way back to my friend's room.

"Alright, show me your cock."

"Uh... don't you think you've had enough? Plus, I'm not gay, so I'm definitely not going to fuck you as a guy."

"I'm not asking you to fuck me... yet. Just whip it out so I can see if my sudden cock obsession was the pill or not."


As he revealed the thing that ruled my world yesterday I was both excited and a bit sad. I was intimately familiar with every facet of his delicious cock. I didn't want to lunge at him though. I wasn't getting hard. I remembered everything I had done to that cock. I remembered the taste, the texture, the way it tickled the back of my throat, everything. I remembered wanting nothing more than to wrap my lips around that throbbing rod and never let go. Yet, now there was nothing. I was happy to be back to normal, but, part of me just wanted to feel the way I had when I first saw him on his bed.

"So? Can I pull my pants up now?"

"Yeah, yeah, but uh, maybe we should invest in some more of those pills. Y'know, just in case."

Jan 30, 2019


My whole life I had wished I'd been born a girl, or that by some means, magical or fantastical, that I could become a woman. Over time I developed a fixation on this ide, it became a fetish and an obsession. I knew I'd never transition to transgenderism, not due to disagreeing with it, I just knew it would never fulfil the desires I had.
Today I was doing what I always do, looking through pictures of pornstars and tg captiosn, today's theme being MILFs, and idly wishing I could exchange lives with one of them. The pornstars or the caption character, whichever came first.
It was while looking through pictures of Romi Rain that I found myself drifting off to sleep, fantasizing about trading bodies with her and being fucked as her. During this dream I suddenly found it gain an aspect of realism it hadnt before. Normally dreaming is like floating underwater down a river, unsure and uncontrollable, but suddenly I found myself in a nice suburban home in what appeared to be a living room. There was a nice white couch, with several blue throw-pillows, there was a large TV on the opposite side of the room, and on the walls hung different skyline views of cities and buildings. And in the center of that postmodern home, was the picture perfect body of Romi Rain robustly displayed in baby blue pocka-dotted lingerie.

"Oh my god..." I managed to say "you're Romi Rain!"
The woman looked at me quizically, "How do you know my name? And how did you get in my apartment?" She seemed frightened and started to cover herself up with her hands.
"Well you-you're a pornstar, and I... uh.. like your work a lot." I stuttered, trying to sound like I wasn't just some random creep. Romi continued to eye me suspiciously, and with more than a little concern and confusion painted on her beautiful face. "And I don't know how I got here, I thought I was dreaming a moment ago when I ugh... made a wish." 
Romi seemed to relax a little at my last words, dropping her gaurd a bit she asked "You made a wish? I just made a wish too. And I'm not some pornstar by the way! I happen to be married to a great guy, and though I.... well I never publish anything. I'm not some bimbo!" Romi seemed visably offended by my suggestion, and I too felt confused, but at her last words her face seemed to sink. "But besides that, what did you wish? Because I wished for a new life, I wished not to be a housewife anymore, and I hardly see how some guy like you answers that wish!"
I was momentarily blown away, this wasn't Romi Rain the pornstar, but rather some alternative version of her where she's married to some dude who's never around.
"I wished...." I take a shaky breath, "I wished I was you. Well pornstar you, or maybe any version of you. I just wished... to be in your body."


Romi and I talked in length for some time, talking about how I was starting college and how I'd recently been promoted. About my recent vacations, hiking trips, and romantic escapades.
Romi then went on to explain how cushy her life is, how she had everything taken care of by her rich businessman husband. But she was miserable because though she was in great shape, financially and physically, she had lost her love for her traveling husband. She had turned to nightly visitors to bring excitement back into her life. Months later, after lots of casual, naughty, and adventurous sex, she was caught and her husband proposed an open marraige, since he too was disloyal. She'd considered leaving him, but the prenuptual agreement was pretty ironclad and after divorce she'd end up with nothing. And so here she was, waiting for another boring nightly caller, wishing she were someone else. Wishing she was someone with a more open future. Someone like me.
We both came to an agreement that we would like to be each other. No not just that, we desperatly needed to be each other. She saw in me, a way out of her cushioned yet restricted lifestyle. While I, saw in her everything I'd always wanted from womanhood. A delectable body. A consistant supply of sex and beautiful clothing, not to mention a hot husband who paid for everything I could possinly want.
Once we had voiced this, I was overcome with lust for her subtle form. And by the look on Romi's face she felt the same. We locked lips, and we melted into each other's arms. Her long nailed hands scraped my back with lust, and my hands dug into her thick ass. I felt out of breath, like Romi was sucking the air from my lungs. I continued kissing her, unable to breath but naturally calm besides the lust running through me. I pressed into her, and she pressed back into the couch. I gradually felt less and less, fordt my fingers felt numb, and my feet felt miles away. The feeling crept its way up my body, consuming everything until I couldn't see, couldn't hear, and I was once again being swept along like in a dream.


 I was in a room. On the walls hung my degrees. Hung pictures of treasured memories. I saw desk with trophies on it. And a door. The door was cracked. It was covered in scratches, the door handle especially. I pushed it open, and found a long hallway. I proceeded down. Pass door after door after door, all slightly different, but all tightly shut. I come across another cracked door. This one is somehow feminine. Inside I find a room fit for a woman. Pictures of memories on the walls. Dildos on a lavish pink bed. Makuep on a nightstand, and an expansive closet. I turn back to the door. I see a smile and and hear a voice. "Thank you" it says. The door is slammed shut. The handle is gone. There are scratches on this door too. Long nailed scratches. I look at my hands, and see long nails.


Feeling slowly returns to my body. I feel the lips of my lover, I feel her hands on my ass. I feel my soft chest pressed up against her hard breasts.
My eyes fly open, and I push away my own exact countinense. My hands are dainty and feminine, and long baby blue nails adorn the tips of my fingers. My former face is smiling down at itself, and then back at me. I stare down at my new frame, encased like a liquid in my new skyblue lingerie. I feel me breasts in their cups, the heels on my feet, the nails on my hands, and a wetness between my legs. I run a hand across my flat crotch and an airy gasp escapes my lips. I'm Romi.
"Oh my god." Comes my soft melodic voice, spilling from my new plump lips.
"I know. It's wonderful." Comes my former baritone, the masculinity of my former visage makes me quiver slightly. Romi runs his new hands all across his new body, stopping to grab a handful of his new hard tool. A manly gasp escapes him, and I barely manage not to moan in response.
Seeing his masculine hand groping himself, I make a move toward him. I'm barely thinking when i find my new feminine fingers gripping his cock through my former jeans. I fall to my knees before pushing him onto the couch where I lean over his lap. It isn't long until I have my new lips wrapped around his large pecker and I'm sucking zealously.
I bob up and down, making a orchestra of sucking sounds as I work him over and over and over. He does well, and maintains himself for quite some time, long enough that I'm nearlu soaking down below as he begins to tense. He pours his seed into my mouth, and my momentary hesitation to not withdraw is just long enough for him to grab me by my long  raven hair and force me to finish him. I swallow every last drop and I find the taste was bracing but not entirely unpleasant. He lets me go, and I release his cock in turn, emitting an audible pop, and I take a deep breath, letting out an airy feminine gasp.
"Thank you for the treat." I giggled, uncharacteristically. I must be absorbing her mannerisms and such. Romi's mannerisms. I was Romi now, and I clearly had her desires too.
"No thank you, Romi." He responds standing up and buckling his pants. "I look forward to seeing you getting fucked online." He says with a grin.
I go to respond, but suddenly the man I used to be had vanished. It was like I had blinked and he'd disappeared.
Back to my world. Back to his new world I guess.
I stood up, with great care in my high heels, and looked around my new home. Some part of my brain told me this was one of many of my homes now. I had a beach house, a suburban house, a penthouse. All of which my husband kept stocked with clothes food and a hot staff who could fuck either of us at will.
As if reading my mind there was a knock at the door. My nightly caller, the male escort I'd hired to tie me up and fuck me silly. This was going to be fun.

Dec 6, 2018

Getting what you want

I suggested that my girlfriend that she use her magic to make her boobs bigger which clearly hit s nerve because she flew into a rage.
“Oh, so you likr big tits do you?” She yelled as her spell surounded me “Well let’s see how you like having a pair...
I suggested that my girlfriend that she use her magic to make her boobs bigger which clearly hit s nerve because she flew into a rage. 
“Oh, so you like big tits do you?” She yelled as her spell surrounded me “Well let’s see how you like having a pair of your own!”
My body twisted and changed, shrinking in some places, growing in others while she watched . A pair of breasts swelled on my chest not stopping until they burst free of my top. Satisfied with her handy work she left me with my new female  body to “think about what I’d done”
As soon as she left a broad grin spread across my face. If she thought leaving me with these fun-bags would be some kind of punishment she really doesn’t know me at all. I mean sure they are kind of heavy and they do get in the way but God damn, they are so worth it! 

Oct 21, 2018

Need to Consume

"Thanks bro *gulp* ahhhh..." I said when I swallow my best friend's cum.
"Sorry for the trouble.. you know ever since that witch cursed me and turned me into this chick, I need male cum to survive on daily basis. I could stand not eating food for a week straight, but I won't make it a day without your cum."
"No trouble at all, I'm glad I could help." He said while zipping his pants and continued "Um, Chris-"
"Its Kristie now.." I interrupt
"Oh yeah.. uh- Kristie, I've been giving you my sperm everyday for a month now, and can I ask for a little favor?"
"Sure, what is it?"
"Well, you're a hot woman now. And I know that we used to be friend, but I was wondering do you want to be my girlfriend?"
"Oh my God! I was hoping you to say that like ages ago! Of course I want to be your girlfriend." I said excited as I jumped into his hug.