Aug 25, 2019

Understand My Girlfriend

When I wished to the genie I want to understand my girlfriend better, I didn't mean to turn me into her twin. I only get one wish and the genie lamp was nowhere to be found.
How am I suppose to explain to my girlfriend that I turned into her twin?


"I can't believe it worked!" Kevin squeks in Amanda's voice. Looking down at Amanda's body thats now his.

After putting himself in the necklace with the help of a witch, Kevin was hoping that Amanda will wear the necklae and let him possess her body and his plan finally works.

The downfall is, he need to keep the necklace on her at all time, becuse the second the necklace was removed from Amanda's body, Kevin will return to be locked inside the necklace until the next perseon put it on.

Aug 21, 2019


Holy Crap!
I knew it was cold out there but I always thought the expression "freezing my balls off was just that, an expression.
More importantly, I certainly don't remember any old sayings about growing tits and a pussy to replace them!