Apr 7, 2019


"What's wrong babe? I thought you wanted to try being me?" Amara asked her swapped boyfriend
"Yeah I do, but I don't know if I could go out like this!" Dave responded in Amara's high pitched voice
"No babe.. you look gorgeous! Trust me.. that dress really suits you." Amara tried to calm Dave down
"Yeah, the dress I bought for you to wear for our anniversary! I never imagined that I will be the one wearing it!"
Amara responded with a laugh. Looking at her boyfriend now felt so feminine and powerless in her body was kinda cute.
Amara hugged her boyfriend in her big arms and said to his ear, "But you really look good in it babe, honestly thanks for buying it for me. But the swap will remain for a week, so it's better if we can go along as each other just for one week, for our anniversary."
A soft smile started to form on Dave's soft cheeks.
"Let's go for our dinner, and I'll help you explore your body as the desert.. how about that?" Amara said as Dave agreed to her suggestion.