Jun 19, 2018

Pinball wizard

Jack loved the old arcade by the beach. Over the summer he’d been spending practically all his time there. He loved the old games even though they were pretty basic compared to the modern system he had at home. He was particularly fond of the pinball machines. There was a certain analogue charm to the electromechanical games, a genuine randomness a video game could never match.
As the summer went on he got better and better at the games, beating each machine one at a time, toppling high scores that had stood for years. Soon he was drawing an audience, a small crowd that would gather to watch him play.
One of them, in particular, caught his attention, an older guy who rarely spoke but never seemed particularly happy when Jack would beat one of the games.
Asking around he found no one seemed to know his name but he was known as the pinball wizard and that many of the high scores Jack was toppling were his. It seemed like a pretty lame nickname to him but he didn’t give it much more thought until the day he beat the last machine in the arcade.
As the last digit clicked up he felt an electric shudder surge run through his body and a sudden chill as his clothes and body instantly reshaped themselves. Looking down he saw that he was wearing a bikini top and short shorts. Even more shocking he now had the kind of slim female body that looked like it was made for his new outfit.
He turned around to find himself alone in the arcade with the wizard.
“What, you thought pinball wizard was just a cute nickname?” the older man asked with a smirk “Sorry kiddo, I’m afraid I’m the real deal.”
“You? You did this to me?” Jack asked indicating his perky new breasts “How? Why?”
“Why? Isn’t it obvious?” the wizard replied “You were making look bad "Jacky” I couldn’t have some kid challenge my record so I’ve given you a new body and a new life to go with it. You should be thanking me really.“
"Thank you?!” Jacky squeaked “I’m a chick! Turn me back!”
“No, I don’t think so. Unless you’d rather I turned you into a frog?” the wizard laughed “I didn’t think so. This arcade is only big enough for one pinball king and that’s me. Now, why don’t you run along? a pretty thing like you should be out enjoying herself on a sunny day like today.”
Jacky found herself blinking in the sunshine. She looked around seeing that she was at the far end of the boardwalk by the old arcade. She had a strange feeling like she had just lost something but looking around everything seemed perfectly normal. With a shrug, she dismissed the odd sense of loss and began strolling back toward the top of the boardwalk her mind already on more important things like cute boys and parties never looking back at the old arcade.


Cheryl slipped on her panties and went to search for her bra. It was laying in the corner of the room so she picked it up and put on. Her lover was still sleeping so she aproached him and kissed on the cheek before dressing up and leaving the hotel room. On her way she smiled to herself recalling the wonderfull night the two of them had. She was in a good mood so she didn't even bother by the stares people were giving her as she headed towards her limo. She was very well known not only because she was a super model. Her fame started after she took part in the popular tv show called "Dare" Back then however she was still a man named Charles.

When Charles send his application to the tv station he didn't even expect a response, yet he recived an invitation to the show. The rules were pretty simple. Each participant was drawing a card with a challenge written on it. Each card had it's value depending on the difficulty level. There were cards worth ten bucks while some were worth thousands of dollars. There was even the one special golden card worth one milion but so far no one was lucky enough to pick it up. That was until Charles took part in the show. It was his third draw. So far the challenges were easy and Charles barely got two hundred dollars. That was until his fourth draw when Charles got the golden card. His hands were shaking when the host took the card. Charles was really excited but when the host read the challenge his smile faded. He was challenged to have a sex change and take part in a beauty contest. That was deffinitelly over the line. If Charles withdraws he will lose all the money earned so far however two hundred dollars didn't sound like a much to lose. He was about to quit but when he saw the case filled with bills his greed took over. Charles accepted the challenge so the host guided him to the special morphing machine. The audience was silent, watching with fascination as the door opens and a beautiful woman comes out of it. Charles looked down at his female body and gulped. At the moment he realized it wasn't such a good decision.

Either way it was too late so Charles now as Cheryl participated in the beauty contest. He was walking on the catwalk, showing his body in various dresses, skirts and lingerie, smiling at the jury and trying his best to act feminine. At first it looked comically but later with time Charles learned how to walk with a feminine grace and by the end of the contest he could act like a real lady. Charles didn't won the beauty contest but he won the one milion dollars. Also after the show he keep getting phone calls from modeling agencies who wanted to work with him. Charles never really thought about becoming a model but he decided to try. As it turned out it was the best decision in his life. Different agencies were fighting over Cheryl offering contracts worth milions. In a short period of time Charles now Cheryl became not only famous but incredibly ritch. People were reacting differently at Cheryl. Some thought it's brave and were admiring her, some didn't care at all while some considered it wrong and were calling him a pervert. Cheryl on the other hand didn't care about what people were thinking about her. She started to like being a woman. She was also rich, famous and damn sexy. Enough for her to forget about her manhood.

Jun 18, 2018


I thought I would be a good friend and invite my buddy Jake over for a sleepover. A few months ago he got diagnosed with Second Puberty so a lot of people were avoiding him a bit but to me he was still Jake so I should still be his friend. The problem now was he looked like a girl...a sexy girl. We were just relaxing and playing games like we used too when he bent over to get close and I got a full view of that amazing ass he developed. 

This was gonna be a long night.

Jun 15, 2018

Single parent

John was a single father. His exwife one day left Him for a life in show business. After getting a divorce, he gained full custody of his children. Although he loved both of them, he didn’t spend much time with them. He spent most of his time at work.

One morning, his eldest son, in a sudden and unexplained change of attitude, told him he really missed mommy. “I wish she didn’t have to leave us. I wish you had left us instead” he said. With a calm voice John answered “sometimes I wish that myself”.

They didn’t give it much thought, but as days passed by, John started to notice some changes in his body. It started with his voice, becoming a little bit higher. No matter how hard he cleared his throaty, his voice didn’t sound the same. One day he noticed he was getting thinner and fit. His hair was growing faster than usual. “This is weird” he said out loud when he noticed everything looked bigger than usual. His height had dropped a few inches.

He decided to go to the doctor when his chest started swelling. “My bald spot is gone” he told the doctor, “while my body hair is getting thinner”. “Look at my hips! They seem wide, and my waist smaller” he told the doctor. The doctor checked him through and through, but everything seemed fine. “We should run a couple of blood tests, but you seem healthy” he explained.

That afternoon, when the results were ready, just as he expected, it said everything was right. But what made him chuckle a little, was the fact the report listed female as his gender. On his way home, he bought a man bra, to hide his smaller chest. He noticed his nipples were bigger and more sensitive. While on the store, he decided to buy new clothes for himself. “Something less baggy” he said, as all his clothes were now to big for him. While on the dressing room, he noticed he didn’t have his usual five o’clock shadow. And his lips and eyes seemed a little bit feminine. “What is going on?” He asked himself. He posed and saw his round ass on the reflection. “If it wasn’t for my equipment I would look like a woman” he said.

It was time to pick up his son’s from soccer practice. So, after paying for his new clothes, he left. On a stop sign, on the way to pick up his sons, a man couldn’t stop looking at him. The man even smiled at him. “This is getting weird” John said as he raised his window and turned on the air conditioner.

He picked up his sons, and both eagerly said “hi mom” which caught him off guard. “How did you call me?” He asked them. “Is there something wrong mommy?” His youngest kid asked him. John started hyperventilating. “Just a sec” he said as he jumped out of the car. “What is going on?” He yelled with tears in his eyes. He quickly ran to the coffee shop across the street and threw up in the bathroom. As he cleaned himself, he saw his reflection. He looked like a female version of himself. Scared, he touched his groin, just to find an empty space where his equipment used to be. “I’d better find out, what is going on? But in the meantime I will pretend to be my children’s mom. I don’t want to confuse them” he whispered. He got back on the car. “Are you ok mom?” His eldest son asked. “Yes. It’s just been a tiring day love” he responded.

After getting home, John prepared dinner and sent his kids to bed. He spent hours looking online for his condition, but found nothing. “For the time being I will have to pretend being a woman. I don’t know why my kids mind was altered, while I still remember I am a man” he said. On his bed he started exploring his new body. He were to soon find out how sensible a woman’s body is.

Johnny and Tim, john’s children, were talking right before they fell asleep. “I can’t believe it worked” johnny said. “I know! Just a simple potion, and we have a mother again” Tim responded. “And our obnoxious dad is gone for good” johnny chuckled.

They never found out their new mom actually had her male memories intact. But all the estrogen in her body was making it easier for her to accept her new life. It was a matter of time until she started dating. Her children were soon to have a father again, a step father that is. And with that, a new half sister will come.

Jun 10, 2018

Hearts Desire

Jim and Barry were out one day when they passed by a homeless man. Jim without thinking dropped a dollar in the man's hat and kept walking. When they turned the corner the man was there again standing in front of them. Before they could ask how he caught up to them so fast the homeless man began to thank Jim.

"Thank you, no one had even spared me a moments notice all week. Ask for your deepest desire and it shall be yours."

"How would you make that happen?" asked Jim

"How will you know it can't be done unless you ask?" responded the homeless man with a twinkle in his eye.

"Ok fine its no secret I am lonely and wish I could meet the girl of my dreams."

The homeless man nodded, and then vanished in a puff of smoke as the 2 friends heard a disembodied voice whisper "wish granted"

"What was that about?"

"Probably just a cheap trick to impress people to give him more money." Barry stated
"Your probably right" Jim replied

"Since you brought it up and you have been so dry lately what would you describe your perfect woman as?" Barry asked

"Oh jeez, I knew you were going to give me grief about that. Well for starters she wouldn't ask questions like that, she would want to take care of me, make dinner get me a drink stuff like that."

"God dude you know I am just messing with ya. You are my friend, hey let's forget the movie and go get a drink at JOE's you love it there. I'll even buy mr humanitarian a burger how about it?"

"Sounds nice"
"Good, now let's get back to this mystery girl she sounds interesting."

"She probably wouldn't be that interesting cause honestly I like' em dumb and horny, with squeaky voices and long hair."
"Blonde or Brunette?"
"Are you feeling ok your voice sounded weird for a second?
"Duh I'm fine. Now stop avoiding the question GAWD."

"Oookay I guess brunette."

Barry's hair began to steadily creep towards his shoulders and begin to brighten from a dull blonde to a rich brown

"Well yeah that just like makes sense, brunettes totes have fun too."
"Whoa Barry something just isn't right here. I swear your hair just got longer and you are talking like some valley girl."

Tsch Barry scolded "We are at the restaurant, you go sit and calm down and I'll order. In the meantime keep thinking about that dream girl of yours." hehhe

Jim sat down mouth agape at what was happening. If he didn't know any better he would have swore that Barry was becoming a woman right before his eyes. No it is just the effects of the bar he thought. Besides if Barry really were becoming a girl he would have massive tits. Come to think of it he had always liked big breasts on a girl, especially when the girl wore a dress. The boobs ended up acting like a tent pole and gave the whole look a very flirty style.

Terri came back to the table food and drink in hand and tits proudly displayed in a new skin tight dress

"AHH Terri what happened to you?!?"
Terri's face went blank for a moment and then the homeless man's voice came out of her mouth as she spoke.
"You are a kind soul and deserve happiness I've enchanted your friend to be the embodiment of your desires for 24 hours, simply speak of the traits of your ideal mate and over the course of the evening she will transform to match."

The light came back to Terri's face and she looked at Jim "Sooo what are you thinking about there  handsome?"

After a moment to collect himself realizing he would never have a chance like this again Jim responded "I am just thinking about you and how uncomfortable that dress must be, usually your nipples are so sensitive."

Just then the fabric began to rub against Terri's tits which hardened to the point they almost tore nipple sized holes in the dress. Terri began to rub her tits to soothe the pain "You are right I love this dress but it drives my nipples crazy!"

"You know I bet I am the only one who could release the tension in your breasts when you are wearing tight dresses like that."
"Golly you might be right I have been rubbing them and it has only gotten worse. Why don't you give it a try?" Terri said as she heaved her bosom towards Jim

Jim began to caress and massage Terri's tits and whispered in her ear "You must be going crazy I don't think you have ever gone 2 days without having sex."
Jim pulled back, his hands slowly sliding down to her ass. Terri with a grin on her face took Jim's hand and ran back towards her apartment.

By the time they reached her apartment they were already making out in the hallway, blindly bumping into the obstacles that stood between them and the bed.
Tearing each other's clothes off Terri fell backwards onto the bed, pulling Jim with her. As they collapsed into each other her breasts bounced with every movement the couple made.

Jim began to penetrate Terri her breasts swaying to the rhythm of their love making.
Terri futilely grasped at her throbbing tits pulling on them as her body ached with pleasure.
Jim clutched at her breasts as they climaxed together.

Jim rolled over looking Terri in the eye and whispered 1 final wish to his new partner
"I wish this didn't ever have to end."
Terri crinkled her nose and gave him a wink"Honey we like never have to stop" and climbed on top for round 2 of the rest of their lives.

Jun 9, 2018

Involuntary transformation 5

So, we have been dating for 6 months now. It isn’t weird at all dating my former male self. If anything it is great to know what he likes. If you ask me, it is impossible to know it is my sister living inside that body. And me? Well I have been able to control my transformations a bit better. I don’t know how I do it, but I have been able to sneeze at will. Transforming when I want to. Although sometimes I do sneeze without controlling it.

“You have to be more careful sweetheart” my boyfriend said when I sneezed during sex. At least I transformed into a different woman. And a really sexy one, purple hair and kinky. But it would have been awkward if I had transformed into a guy. Although I have been transforming into lots of wet dreams, I have setttled in a main form.

I go by the name of Kimkat. I know, it is short for Kimberly and Katherine. Since I have been a woman, i’ve Maid new friend. Would you believe my ex is my best friend? Funny how I hated her guts, and now i enjoy talking stuff with her.

“I don’t trust her” my boyfriend told me. And he wasn’t being paranoid. After all, she is the girl who previously left me for another girl. One that was supposed to be straight. “You don’t have to be worried, I am a straight girl, I love men, well I love you, and only you” I told him before my trip with the her to the beach.

I had such a wonderful time there. All the time we were laughing. The fact that she was a lesbian and I had a boyfriend made it easy to dump guys when they asked us out. We took a picture and sent it to my boyfriend. “Why does she have her arm on your leg? Is she turning you too?” He asked me. “Lighten up, that’s normal, I told you, I am not into girls”

Then one day I sneezed in front of her. Tranforming into a famous actress. “Kim? Is that you?” She asked, “Yes” I replied. I had to come clean, and explain everything to her. “You can be anyone you want?” She asked y nodded. To prove it I sneezed again and transformed into a girl she had been checking out a couple of hours ago.

“Wow” she said. “Do you want to make it out?” She asked me as she placed her hand on my shoulder. I tried to say no, but I don’t know why I replied: “I’d love to” as I took her by the hand, and walked with her to our room. It was my first lesbian experience. For a while, It was kind of boring, but when she got out of her bag a double sided dildo, things became a lot more fun.

“What are we going to tell your boyfriend?” She asked me. “Oh shit, I have a boyfriend!” I yelled. Somehow I had forgotten about him. “I have to go back to him, I really fucking love him” I said. But she grabbed my shoulder again and said “but you love me a lot more, and you want to stay with me”.

I blinked twice and said “yes, I love you too, and I want to stay here. He’ll have to wait.” I said and sneezed to transform into a sexy new woman for my lover.

Jun 7, 2018

Involuntary transformations 4

I left the strip joint loaded with money. Having just sneezed I was a cute redhead. I couldn’t believe how much money guys gave me just for being this hot. It was raining that day, but I didn’t care I was getting wet. I felt like I owned the world.  I decided to go to my flat. I was finally alone. So I took the time to inspect my body for the first time. It was so sensitive. I started by pressing my nipples. Followed by rubbing my clit, and ended with a couple of fingers inside my pussy. “I love this” I said after cuming.

I was imagining a tuff guy when I was fingering myself. I sneezed, turning myself into that exact guy. “I’m strong” I said posing. I was still turned on, so I thought about rubbing one out, but had no luck, it wasn’t turning me on. Thankfully, I sneezed again. Turning myself into my former girlfriend. “Too bad you turned out to be a lesbian, and cheated on me with Kat” I told my mirrors reflection as I sneezed again. I turned into Kat. “What is wrong with me? Why am I sneezing so much?” I asked myself.

I started to feel a little bit tired, and had a runny nose. All that walking in the rain made me catch a cold. I decided to rest. So I jumped into my bed, and took a nap. The sound of the main door opening woke me up. “Who’s there?” I asked. It was me, well, the former male me. It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on. “How did you get in? Who are you?” He asked. “I am...” I realized that all this time I had been transforming myself into a woman, I had never thought of a female name for myself. So the first name that came into mind was “Kat”. it was stupid naming myself after my former girlfriend’s lover “Kim Kat” I said.

“You look a lot like...” he said. If he was really the former me, he certainly recognized my body as being the real Kat’s. I sneezed again, turning myself into Kim. He then responded “brother? Is that you?”. That’s when I realized he was really my sister. “Sis?” I asked.

We spent the next couple of hours talking about what had happened. He couldn’t stop laughing at my week at a strip joint. He then told me, that after I left he was still a woman, but felt weird, like he wanted to be a guy, and since I had left. He used a wish to turn himself into me. The next day he learned he had no wishes left, so he released the genie. Ever since that day he has been living as me. He has even started going to college as me, and dating girls. “To tell you the truth... I find you quite attractive” he said as he took a couple of steps towards me. I could see he was getting excited. But he is my sister... brother... “it would be weird” I thought. But I am somebody else, not even related to him, plus, I have been eager to actually have sex as a woman, and who better than him.

I kissed him passionately, and took him back to my.... to his bedroom. Where I pulled his pants off. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. I grabbed his equipment and started giving him a hand job. I wanted to stop, but I felt the need to give him a blow job. I felt like such a whore. But i was enjoying the whole thing. I pushed him into his bed. And slid his thing inside my wet pussy. It felt so good, so hot when he pushed my labia outwards. I felt my clit got erect. “Oh my....” I said. I thrusted back and forth. It just felt so good.  He squeezed my breasts and started licking them. Which made me come again. Then I felt it, the warm feeling of his cum feeling me up.

We cuddled for a while. But I just couldn’t stop kissing him. I told him I loved him, and he said so too. I don’t know what will happen next, but I will certainly love being his girlfriend.

Jun 6, 2018

Involuntary transformations 3

“Where’s my favorite twin sister?” Jennifer asked as she entered our home. But I wasn’t her twin anymore, having sneezed before, I had transformed myself into her best friend Amanda. “That’s no fun, turn yourself back” she said. “No can do, until I sneeze again” I replied while smiling on her bed. “Oh, I almost forgot, I bought this” she said as she showed me a bag of some powder “Are you doing drugs sis?” I asked her. “Sneezing powder” she said. “Now, visualize yourself as my brother and ...” she said as she threw some powder on my nose, “... transform”.

In no time I was back as my male self, but I felt ackward.  I was no longer a man in soul. But I couldn’t tell my sister about it. “It worked” she said. “You are free for the rest of the day... tell our parents you are just visiting for tonight” she instructed me. I spent the night ackwardly acting like my former self. Hoping for the moment I was able to transform back into a woman.

The next morning, I sneaked into my sister’s room and looked for the hidden genie lamp. I decided to use that day’s wish, to make sure my sister had no more wishes: “I wish my sister had a man’s mind and soul”. There, as a guy, he will only have one wish for the rest of his life, instead of the usual one per day. And since he still has a girls body, he will probably use it to turn into a man.

I left my home, and waved goodbye. All I took with me was a backpack with some of my sister’s clothes. And a bunch of money. I started thinking what my life was about to become. I could be a famous actress, a throphy wife, a porn star. As I crossed the street, I sneezed again. Turning my self into a horny porn star. “Maybe i can use this to make some money” I said out loud. I took a cab to the local strip joint. “I will surely get hired” I said with a big smile on my face.

I remained there for a full week. Where I made lots of money. I seriously considered sleeping with some random guys. But I did everything I could to refrain from it. I knew I would eventually give up. But I wanted it to be special.

Jun 4, 2018

Getting Good At This

Vince had always had a secret fetish for Second Puberty, the idea of someone slowly changing into another gender just did it for him. So when he was diagnosed with the condition himself he was thrilled. He had all sorts of ideas for what to do when he became a girl, and right at the top of that list was taking and sending sexy selfies. 

After a few months of growing, his ass was quite shapely and with a little bit of practice he was a champ at taking and sending pics of it to various guys and girls.

Jun 3, 2018

An idea for a gift

My best friend Kyle was having his 18 birthday soon and I still didn't have any good gift for him. One day his mom called me over the phone. She said she has got an idea but she needs my help so I went to her house to find out what she came up with. When I got there Kyle's mom told me to close my eyes. I was wondering why should I do it but I did as she asked. She took my hand and felt she slipped something on my finger. Then my body started to feel weird, like it was changing it's shape. I opened my eyes when I felt something like long hair brushing my neck. When I looked down I realized that I was a girl now.

Before I could ask anything, Kyle just came back home. "Kyle! Just right in time. Let me introduce you to Stacy" She pointed at me. "You and Stacy have probably a lot in common so I will leave you two alone" She winked at me and left. When I looked at Kyle I couldn't help myself and went closer. He seemed to be so handsome, so hot, my body and mind desired him. I stripped off the clothes I was wearing and then I helped him to undress and we started to play around. After a few minutes I climbed on top of him. I got myself into position and slide his cock into my wet pussy. I moved up and down rhythmically, moaning softly feeling his manhood inside me. The tension in my groin was building up with each second until I felt myself explode with pleasure as I reached my first female orgasm. I laid down next to Kyle, he said I was amazing and it was his best birthday ever. When I looked at him my mind was going crazy. I wanted him so much, I wanted to be his girlfriend and I whised I would never change back to a guy. When we cooled down a bit I reached my hand for his cock and started to rub it. When it was fully erected again I put it in my mouth and started to suck. I just loved to pleasure my boyfriend.

Jun 2, 2018

I Found a Genie (Part 4)

It has been a few magical weeks. I never imagined my life would turned out to be like this, I found a genie a few weeks ago. The genie offered me to swap bodies with her, and here I am. Being Kisha the Genie, serving my master. I even posed as his girlfriend when his parents came to visit. But we have settled in our new bodies,we agreed not to swap back anymore. We were even dating now, and I guess there's nothing could be better now.
My master and I were in such a loving relationship. Every second I spend together with him made me fell more and more in love with him.

One afternoon, I greeted him home after work. Using my magic power, I changed his clothes and even cleaned his body in an instance. But I noticed something was troubling him, usually he was very excited to see me when he get home.
"What's the matter Master? Something's troubling you? You can talk to me." I sat next to him on the couch.
"I kinda missed being a girl.." He said
"Oh, I see. Well you know that we could swap back anytime right? It will be fine Master. Just wish for it, and I'll swap us back right away!" I said in a happy voice, trying to cheer him up.
"No, not like that. You can keep that body now, I like that body better with you inside it." he smiled and caressed my cheeks making me blush, "I saw a teen girl on the bus on my home, she looked so lovely. She remind me of my childhood, before I was bounded to be a genie. I was just wondering wouldn't it be nice to be a lovely teen girl for sometimes?"
"Ahem, you know you have me right? All you have to do is to make a wish for it!"
"I'm afraid you'll get mad, that you'll think I don't appreciate your old body."
"Of course not Master, I will be happy if you're happy."
"Okay then, I wish I was the girl I saw on the bus!" He made a wish, and I instantly raised my arms and nod my head. A puff of smokes formed twirling around his body, until fully covered his body, and when the smokes cleared revealing a beautiful teen girl sitting on the couch wearing a sexy blue lingerie and heels. While I also changed my outfit into a matching red lingerie.
"Oh my gosh! This is soooo amazing!" he said in his new high pitched voice.
"I even talked like her! I love this! And wow Kisha, you look hot too!"
"Thanks, Master. I can see why you like her, I like her too." I said
"No, don't call me Master. Ewh, that sounds so gross, why not call me Little Miss. Since I see you are such a big girl now compared to me." She said while looking up at me since I am now towering over her smaller frame.
"As you wish, Little Miss."
"What do you think my name will be as this lovely girl?" She asked
"Hmm, I can see Julie fit you. Do you like it Little Miss?"
"Julie? Well, I like it! Its cute, just like my new body! Thank your for giving me this body, Kisha. You even add the lingerie, made me feel even more comfortable in here."
"I'm just doing my job, Little Miss." I replied with a smile on my face. Seeing her being so excited in her feminine little body, is really cute. I just stood there silently watching my Little Miss, inspecting her new features. She stroked her long dark hair, touched her new smooth and sensitive skin, and even pushing her bra up, and watching her boobs fall back jiggling.
Ever since I was a guy, I always loved boobs. Even now that I have them on my own chest, they never seems to bore me. I got excited watching my Little Miss, that I crossed the line. I put my hand inside her bra, and started feeling her nipples.
"KISHA!!" She squeaked! With a very shocked expression on her face. My inner genie immediately kicks in, I knew I crossed the line ad I shouldn't interrupt my Little Miss. My body feel onto my knees with my face turned down. I was expecting to be punished my Little Miss.
For a solid minute I didn't know what happened. I just stared to the ground, and there were no sound at all. Until finally a soft voice said to me,
"What were you thinking, Genie?!" she asked me
"I am very sorry Little Miss,I shouldn't have done that." I replied while still keeping my head down
"So you think, because you're the big girl now you can touch me??" She said.I just remain silent, and I can see her standing up,and now she was standing in front of me.
"Look at me." She command, which I comply and look up. Her small figure now towering over me. An angry expression formed on her face, it was clear she wasn't happy with what I did. If only I wasn't her genie, and wasn't bound to comply to her, even her angry face still looks kinda cute.

And all of a sudden, that angry face turned into a big warm smile, and she laughed.
"Are you really scared of me? Oh my gosh! Look at your face!" she said while still laughing at me.
"Come on, get up. You know I won't get mad at you,you're my lover.." She said. I stood on my feet, and now I was back being taller than her.
"Well, I am your Genie. I am your servant, and you own me. Anything you said goes, and I was bound to serve you. Of course I was scared." I said to her.
"No, don't be. How could you be scared to this cute girl? Come here babe, give me a hug." We hugged, and sense of warmth filled my body as our skin meets.
When she used to be the man, I could feel safe inside her arms. But now that I have the bigger frame than her, I somehow feel I was giving he safety when I hugged her.
"Well, you've grabbed my boob, I think its better to finish what you started. That magic touch of yours kinda turned me on." She said whispering to my ears. I reached behind her back, and unhooked her bras. Letting her boobs hang free, and revealing her pierced nipples.
"Woah! Did you put the piercings?" She asked me when she saw that she had piercings on her nipples. "No wonder I feel them even more sensitive!"
"No, Little Miss. I didn't put it there. You want her body, and I give it to you. It seems like she always had that piercings."
"Hmm, I see. Well, what are you waiting for? I haven't been a girl for a while, since you took my place. So why don't you remind me how good is it being a girl?" She said to me with a playful smile
"With pleasure Little Miss. But, do I have your permission to touch?" I said
"You are free to lay your hands on every inch of this body."  And with that I started groping her boobs.
I lowered myself, making myself more comfortable. I grabbed her boobs, fully in my hand, feeling how big it was. She was smiling and moaning from it. She clearly enjoyed it.
I flick my fingers on her nipples, which I know will send a blast of sensations to her entire body. She even enjoyed it more and more.
I continued sliding my hand into her panties, and taking it off. Leaving her completely naked. I snapped my fingers, and in an instance, I was standing naked with her.

I put my fingers in her pussy, slowly working its way finding her g-spot. I must admit, I was getting good at this, all those masturbation in my new body really helped. When I found her gspot, she was filled with lust. She moans softly,as I continue fingering. She also put her finger into my exposed pussy, and tried her best fingering me too. I could feel the rush of pleasure flowing inside me. We were fingering each other, it felt so sexy and soon we were able to cum at almost the same time. Before we were kissing passionately. The scent of her youthful teenage body and her smaller figure, really turned me on.
"Thank you Kisha, for your assistance." She said softly.
"Don't mention it, Little Miss. It was my pleasure to serve you."
"I think I'll stay in this body for a while. If you don't mind." She said
"No, not at all. In fact, I think I like you better like this. We could be a lovely lesbian couple together." I said expressing what I truly feel
"I was actually thinking about it too! Oh my gosh this so great! I want to stay as Julia forever!!" She giggled.
"As you wish, Little Miss." I said as I return to her lips for another round of passionate kiss.