May 30, 2018

Involuntary transformations

I couldn’t believe it. My very own genie. “How many wishes do I get?” Was the first question I asked her. “Just one” she responded, “and you can’t wish for more wishes”. I had many options, wealth, love, I could have even ended world hunger. But no, I wanted to be able to shape shift. “Ok... I want I could alter my body at will, transforming into somebody else” I told the genie. “That seems like a fun wish. But you must be careful, you could end up transforming into somebody else just by thinking about him or her. Or you could lose your memories and become that other person in body and mind” she explained. 

I couldn’t believe I had gotten the only good genie out there. She want even trying to fool me. “And you must start your wish with I wish”. I thought about it for a couple of seconds and stated my wish: “I wish that I could transform my body into any person while keeping my own mind, all I have to do is think of that person and say...” as I was about to say the word “transform” i felt the need to let out a big sneeze , “achoo!!!”  “Wish granted” the genie responded and left. 

At first I didn’t notice what I had done wrong. But I decided to try my new found power. I concentrated, thinking on my good friend James, and said “transform”, nothing happened. I tried different thing, but no luck. Then, as I was about to give up, I saw a picture of my high school sweetheart, and felt the need to sneeze again. “Must be catching a cold” I said. “Wait.. my voice” I said out loud. I walked towards my bedroom mirror, and saw my reflection. “Amy? What the hell?” I said. Long brunette hair, rocking body, sexy eyes, I was her alright. At first I felt the need to cry, but this wasn’t so bad. I still had my powers, but they were bound to an involuntary sneeze. 

I dropped on the floor and decided to experiment a little with Amy’s body. I started by posing sexy. Holding my hair like I was flirting with some guy. I sent kisses to an imaginary guy. I ran my hand down my shorts, and started fingering myself. I refrained from moaning. But I came in no time. “Oh wow!” I said. “She’s so sensitive. I hope nobody heard me. My mom would be so upset” I said as I sneezed again. 

“Oh shit... I am my own mother... aren’t I?” I asked myself as I looked at myself in the mirror. And there she was, looking at me from the mirror. “I have to turn back” i said. I heard my mom exit our home, and get on her car. Carefully I looked out the window and saw her leave. “Well, maybe I can stay as her for a little longer” I said as I stepped out of my room, pretending to be my own mom.

- to be continued