Jul 29, 2018

Measure Up Part 2

(This took longer than expected. I thought I'd give it a day or two then get to writing without much of a pause. That's... not exactly what happened though as you can clearly tell. To be honest I just didn't feel like writing at first and once I was finally ready to write I started feeling immense tooth pain. When I say immense I don't mean "Ow that kinda hurts" I mean "Wow I took a tramadol and my pain hasn't subsided one bit." As such I didn't quite feel up to captioning. After all of that though I did manage to write it so... Do I get points for effort? No? Ok then... Regardless here is the promised part 2 to Measure Up. Be warned, the first paragraph is a little weird... I wrote it as if I was Deadpool writing in my style... Like I said, weird. Either way I hope you enjoy and Have a Nice Day! ^_^)

My choice was fairly obvious as this is a TG caption. Wait a sec. Let's rebuild that 4th wall real quick. My choice was fairly obvious as society was obsessed with sex ever since we were given Measure Up. The games were televised and though children were strictly disallowed from watching they all knew what the games were about. Due to this sexuality was something that everyone spoke about. With the main event of everyone's year being based solely on sex that was an inevitability. All that said, of course I decided to embrace femininity. It wasn't because I was uncomfortable in my skin or anything like that. No, I just wanted to hop the gender fence seeing as though I now vastly preferred cock to pussy. Sure, I could have stayed a man and lived as myself except gay but in the end I felt I'd be widening my pool of potential partners as a woman rather than a man. With the exposition out of the way let's get into the real story: My New Life.

After the fallout of this year's Measure Up support groups started springing up for those affected by the game. I thought it was silly but went to a meeting regardless and, I have to say... it was miserable. Everyone there was just bitching and moaning about how their lives had been destroyed. Once it came time for me to share all I could say was that I didn't really mind the change. I mean sure, I missed my cock a bit but honestly I'd much rather be the one giving the blowjob than receiving it now. This seemed to shock the members of this group. This shouldn't have surprised me though as it was a 'support group' after all. Most of them were still guys and though I'd have no way of telling how they were affected I felt like they were just being too whiney. Needless to say, I didn't go back after that and instead focused on more important things, namely sex.

Once I transitioned I knew that my life was no longer going to be normal. I was now a sex crazed woman who desired nothing more and nothing less than a big cock in my mouth or my pussy. As such I found myself on a constant hunt for just that, cock. This was never a hard task as given current technology I made myself into the perfect specimen of femininity, well, at least as a man would see it. I made myself a blonde with a cute face, decent tits, and a wonderfully plump ass. I was a wet dream by my own standards and it would seem that many men I encountered would agree as I was the cause of many pitched tents. I had sex daily, if not hourly sometimes. I can't speak to what it was like for a nymphomaniac before this tech was invented but I feel it's safe to say that it wasn't this good. Every cock I encountered was huge and whether I felt used or in control I always left satisfied.

Life continued like this for a while and I was wholly content with it. That is, until Measure Up returned. It happened way sooner than I had anticipated, or at least it felt that way, y'know what they say "time flies."Regardless Measure Up was back and though I was happily living as a woman I still wanted to take part. In the end I would either get paid or enjoy an extra cock for the day, it was a Win-Win really. That said I entered the games and was immediately thrown off by the sight of a cock on my own body. It had been so long it just felt foreign. Regardless I went through the game and allocated one more point to size than last year thinking I'd win for sure now. I wasn't wrong per se, but I definitely wasn't right either. When I encountered the last man standing I was met with a delicious looking cock that happened to be the exact same size as my own. At this point we heard over the speakers that only one could win. We looked at each other and questioned what exactly that meant as size was the determining factor for these games and neither one of us had the edge. That's when it hit us. We were split into two parts of ourselves. One male and one female. Each of our male sides then took the other's female side and waited.

It was odd to say the least. Normally in the games the loser was put on auto pilot and forced to either blow the winner or fuck him. This time though it was clear that we were both in control. My opponent's female body looked terrified as she thought my male side was going to have his way with her. He didn't though, and neither did my opponent's male side. At that point I said fuck it and decided that I may as well enjoy myself and started sucking the masterful cock before me. I had my way with this guy all while he watched from a female body held in place by my male side. After he came we both became whole again and the games were complete. I had won? It was later explained to me that taking the initiative and ending the games was the very thing required to break the size tie. That was it. I had won and gotten all of my money.

After returning to my life as a nympho I realized something. I wasn't cock crazy. I didn't hate cock, but for whatever reason I was... back to normal? I mean... was this normal? Was this who I would have been if I had been born female? I went to the clinic to check and as I suspected the mental effect from last year's games was removed. I then put two and two together and realized that playing the games again and then subsequently having those mental effects removed rid my mind of the latent effect from last year. This meant that my mind was normal again. I couldn't tell a difference in my enjoyment of sex though. That meant one of two things. The hypothesized outcome of removing them was incorrect or the removal process had been altered after last year's travesty. Either way, I was no longer obsessed with cock.

You'd think that knowing this I'd go back to being a man. I didn't though. I didn't see much of a point after my previous year. I loved being a girl despite the circumstances. Alongside that, there wasn't much of a reason to change back as the catalyst for the whole situation was hidden feelings for men that I had likely been denying my whole life. Together those served to lead me to stay a woman and in the end, I couldn't be happier.

Jul 25, 2018

Swap Resort

That morning I was awaken by a strange object that's pressing against my chest and the bed. It was a pair of breasts!

I won a trip to a newly opened and exclusive resort in an island located somewhere in South East Asia. Took me long flight and some boat ride to finally reached the island. And when I arrived it was late, and I'm too tired to do anything. The receptionist was very helpful giving me the key to my Villa, and I refused when they offered to help me bring my bag.

But the morning after, I was shocked to find out that I am in a different room and in a different body. Looking at my reflection I was a sexy girl with slender body and long dark hair. I'm hot. Confused, I tried to sort things out. I called the receptionist, and asked what just happened? Why am I awake in different body? And of course their response was confused as well, the receptionist who talked to me on the other side of the phone thought that I might have a hangover after drinking too much last night, and offered me some breakfast served to my room. I still haven't got any answer so I just hang up the phone.

I noticed that I am now wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and a mini pants, which in my thought was pretty appropriate to walk in public. So I went outside and go to my villa that I'm supposed to be in. I knocked for a solid 5 minutes until one of the staff saw me and said the villa was empty, there are no guest staying there. He advised me if I want to look for other guests' room I can go and ask it to the front desk. And when I went to the front desk to ask for the guest with the name of ''Jesse Marks", there are no guest that is staying with that name.

And here I am, standing confused in a body that wasn't mine in this tropical island resort. But then I thought it's better to enjoy this opportunity while it last. After all, I can enjoy all the benefits of being a sexy girl in a tropical island like this.

Jul 23, 2018


A few months ago while fishing with my friends in the open water, I fell off the boat and drowned. My friends said, that my body was found 2 weeks after the accident. They found me alive in a nearby island that uninhabited.
I don't remember that, what I do remember when I drowned that there was a bunch of naked women swam towards me and pulled me up, and they put me in that island. Then one of the said, "You're now one of us, sister." and they left. I know its kinda weird, and I only felt the hole thing was like a dream sequence.

I begin feeling the changes a few weeks after I've been rescued. Everytime I took a bath, or whenever my skin has contact with water, I could feel some weird sensation down in my groin. What shook me the most when I went to swim, and after a few minutes in water, my whole body changed into a female body. I was so shocked, grabbed my towel to cover my bare chest and dry myself. When I dried myself, soon my body will return to my male self. This is weird.

I told this to my best friend, and he doesn't believe me. So I took him in his boat, and we went to the deep water. I asked him to jump into the water, and he followed me in. He saw my body transform, and now he believes me. In my female body, I saw how big his junk was and it instantly turned me on. So, here I am fucking with my best friend underwater, experiencing sex as female for the first time, underwater.

Jul 19, 2018

Club Phat booty

Sean and his buddy Richard were looking for a good time on a saturday night. There was a newer club in town known as "Club Phat Booty" that was rumored to get all the hottest women in town. This sounded like a great place to both young men who were both very good with the ladies. However, when they arrived, the club had sign on it that read: Only women please until 11:30....then anyone can enter.

" A ladies night!" Richard shouted, "all the more reason for us to go. Its all women and just us as the only guys." it didn't take much to convince Sean and soon he and his friend were sneaking into the club. When they got inside, it was perfectly lit with great music, and of course, groups of the hottest girls in town. Sean suggested that they play it cool since they weren't supposed to be there in the first place. They went to the bar where the bartender didn't seem to be worried about guys being there. for some reason they were only serving a special pink drink likely in honor of the ladies night. As they sat there drinking they saw that they were not the only guys in the club. The first was a gay guy with his group of lady friends. They figured that an exception was made to let him in. The second guy was someone who obviously had the same idea as they had in neaking into the club. Finally there was a guy at the corner of the bar who was obviously intoxicated. They couldn't figure how he got in, but shrugged it off. Sean was surprised that the drinks seemed to hit him awfully fast. " Geez who knew these drinks were this powerful, " he said to his friend. " You said it, giggle*," Richard replied while finishing his drink at a much faster rate than Sean. "Dude, did you just giggle," Sean mocked his friend with surprise in his voice. "Nevermind that lets go dance with some chicks," Richard said. Sean followed his friend but not before the two ordered another drink.

Sean and Richard made their way to the dance floor and started showcasing their moves to attract women. It was then that Sean saw his target, an strawberry blonde beauty with striking green eyes. He failed to notice at first that Richard's hair was growing, and fast. Soon Richard's hair had reached the middle of his back while his face had morphed into that of a beautiful woman's. He lost 2 inches of height as his body had taken on an hourlglass figure. It was at this time that Sean noticed the changes that had befallen his friend. Soon his own changes started. 

Th changes hit Sean quickly as his face felt like it was being stuck by several small needles as his height dropped a half foot down to 5'6. His skin also took on a carmael tan hue to make him darker than Richard. Finally the pain in his face subsided when his face took on a new form, becoming a smoothly chiseled cute face that oozed the essence of femininity. Coincidentally Sean and Richard's chests expanded at the same time with Sean ending up with larger D cups opposed to Richard's still supple C cups. Sean's waist became much curvier as as it caved in and his hips expanded. His thighs widened along with his ass which became huge and round while keeping a higher degree of tonedness than Richard's fat ass.. Finally Sean yelped in his now feminine voice when his, or rather her dick was squeezed into the abyss of her groin, making a woman out of her. The magical chemicals from the drinks came out of her pores touching the clothes she was wearing. Soon she had a gold dress on with a cheetah print bra and thong set underneath. She could see that Richard was now in a black lace dress that was every bit as elegant.... not to mention revealing in the cleavage area. Sean frantically searched for help from someone in charge with no help from Richard who was a giggling mess, and insisted on being called Kiara. As they looked Sean saw the fates of the felow men that had been in the bar. The gay guy was now a cute girl with curly sandy brown hair and in a light blue dress. The drunk guy was a redhead in a white dress and seemed unaware of her changes. The last guy who had also snuck in had blonde hair with a big ass stretching the limits of her short pink dress. She seemed absolutely shocked at what had happened to her, and she wasn't the only one. At last they found the manager of the bar. She told them that the rules were there for a reason and how dumb they were for not listening. She also told them that the effects would wear off as long as they didn't come in contact with semen. "That should be easy enough," thought Sean.Just then the clock hit 11:30 and a fire alarm noise sounded. The dj in the bar announced that the time had come for the men to come out and play. "You'd better leave quick," the manager said to thema and Sean grabbed her friend to do just that.

Leaving was harder than it seemed as guys were pouring in. Soon a few of them had boxed Sean and "Kiara" in getting them to take a couple rounds of shots. Sean didn't see the harm in a couple rounds and figured they could leave right afterwards. She looked around and saw what was happening on the dance floor. Girls were flashing their boobs and some were even giving blow jobs out in the open. She glimpsed across the room and saw the girl that had been the gay guy bent over with her dress pulled over her hips. The new girl's friends were clapping and cheering in a circle as a muscular guy walked up and impaled her virgin pussy . The girl who had been the drunk guy was being carried out by the bouncers, saved apparently by her bad habits. Finally the big booty blonde was ordering a drink when another guy gently lifted up her dress. With no opposition the guy took his opportunity to shove his dick in her ass, causing her to cry in pleasure. Sean knew she had to get out and sought to get Kiara. However, when she turned around, Kiara wasn't there. She paniced and scanned the room only to see her friend in the arms of a muscular tatted up blonde guy. Kiara giggled as she was thrown down on the club's sofa. Cynthia could only watch as her friend was fucked right there as she wrapped her legs around the man's strong torso. "Wait a minute!!1" she said " why did I just think of myself as Cynthia!!!" She looked at the empty shot glasses and prepared to head towards the door. Those plans were quickly wrecked as she felt a pair of strong hands grip her waist. Turning around, she saw a large buff black man who stood at 6'7.  He pulled her ass towards his groin and she couldn't help but go with her growing instincts to grind her ass against his erection. She knew she had to get out but there was something she enjoyed about this. She especially loved how, as he gripped her hips, he dug his thumbs into her plump booty. Then in one swift fell motion, he pulled up he dress and shoved his massive cock into her tight wet pussy. Cynthia screamed out in pleasure as he thrusted back and forth inside her. After a couple minuted he released his load within her, sealing Cynthia's fate as a woman forever. She should have been panicing, but Cynthia didn't care. She loved being a bimbo slut and couldn't wait to take more cocks inside  her.

Jul 14, 2018

Measure Up Part 1

(This one has been in the works for a while but I finally got a round to finishing it... Well... Not finishing so to say. I decided to split this into 2 parts instead of it's originally planned 1. As such this is obviously not a full story. It's more of a set up for the next caption which I plan on writing soon as I have once again let my imagination take hold and run wild. Consequently I have many ideas for the next part but suggestions are always welcome. If you want to see something in the next part leave a comment and if I like it I may just add it in. Regardless, like a broken record I'll leave you with this. I hope you enjoy the caption and have a good day! ^_^)

A few years ago a Scientist developed the technology to rewrite someone's genetic code in order to do all sorts of crazy things. Want purple eyes? Go for it. Want to be someone else for a few hours or days? Knock yourself out. Obviously the government had to step in to regulate this otherwise Identity theft would be rampant and society could fall apart. Naturally the first thing instituted was personalized I.Ds that could track whatever you looked like regardless of change and would reflect that. This shut down the identity theft as there was no way to copy the code given to each person. After that the government addressed the trans community which was obviously elated that they could finally be who they knew they were meant to be.

The most important effect of government regulation however was this. This is the ultimate sex game. The government decided that with this technology came an opportunity for making massive amounts of money. As such we got this. Some call it simply The Cock Game and some call it The Man Games. I call it Measure Up. Regardless of it's name here are the basic rules. Firstly, to join the game you must be reset to your the body you had been born with. This made it more fair as there was no threat of running into a veteran who had invested heavily into size right off the bat. This brings up rule two. The second rule is that when winning a round you gain a point. This point can be used to grow your cock or unlock more cash at the end of the game. Thirdly, if you lose a round you are transformed into a woman and you must either give the winner a blowjob or fuck him. Lastly, the games last until there is only one man left and he wins the prize money that he unlocked over the course of the game.

That all brings us here. To my first loss. You see, every other time I had played Measure Up I had won almost no money. This was because I used nearly all my points every prior time on size. This time however I wanted more cash. As such I started unlocking prize packages more often. As you can see though this idea didn't pan out. Well, maybe that's not the best way to say it. I was on track to winning $250,000 until I battled this man. I had a sizable cock to start with so I had only used a few points on size whereas this man went all out. I had seen him in years prior and he was never big. This time though he beat me. He only slightly beat me out in the end but whether you win by an inch or a mile is irrelevant. He beat me and now I was forced to suck his beautiful cock. Beautiful? Must be the hormones. Regardless, as second place I still received a portion of my prize so I wasn't terribly upset.

Following my first defeat nothing spectacular happened. Everything was for the most part normal. This normalcy lasted nearly six months before something happened. While watching porn I miss clicked and ended up on a gay video. I immediately clicked off the page once I saw one of the men pull the other's pants down. I wasn't quite quick enough so I still managed to see the man's massive cock. There was no doubt in my mind that he had visited a clinic to get that but in the end that was not what was important. After seeing that delicious looking cock I couldn't help but think about it. It was seared into my memory and every time I closed my eyes I saw it again. After watching a few more videos and not being able to keep it up so to speak I decided that I'd watch the gay video thinking that it might get that damned image out of my head. As I didn't plan on masturbating to the video though I pulled my boxers up and planned on sleeping just after. While watching the video though something curious happened. I got to that same moment where the guy's pants were pulled down and my cock shot right up as if I was seeing the sexiest thing imaginable. I tried my best to ignore this but what happened next was not something that I could ever forget. As the man started sucking the other man's cock I came. My boxers were suddenly full of cum and I was immensely confused. I had never been gay but suddenly I cum from watching gay porn without even touching myself? What made it worse was that I couldn't look away. I was transfixed on the amazing cock on this man. I sat there for ten minutes before the video ended. After finishing the video I quickly changed my boxers and fell asleep hoping that I'd forget what had happened.

When I woke up I was in an odd room. Something about it felt familiar but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. That's when I saw him. The man who had beaten me in Measure Up. Suddenly I remembered this room. It was the very room where I had been beaten. I didn't have time to dwell on this though as my body moved on its own towards this man. I then watched as I yet again lost and turned into a woman. Suddenly I then regained control. It seems paradoxical that during the moments I should have been in control I was not while that moment where I should not be in control I was. Regardless there I was knelt down before an appetizing cock while my mouth watered. Part of me wanted to leave, after all I could this time, I wasn't forced to blow him this time. Yet, I wanted to. While one part of me was mortified a much larger part was intrigued, curious, and oddly aroused. Eventually I gave into this side.

I started slowly. I danced my tongue across the tip while and caught pre-cum with every movement. Finally I wrapped my lips around his shaft and plunged all the way to his balls taking in every inch as it passed through my lips, over my tongue, and down my throat. The feeling of having another man inside me in this way was something that I could have never imagined and yet, this was only the beginning. At this point he pulled me back and started guiding my movements and I was hopeless to resist. This didn't kill the mood for me though. No, that was certain. His complete control over me made me feel weak, slutty, helpless, horny, used, and proud all at once. It was intoxicating for this man to guide me in this blowjob for some reason. Eventually he let me get back to doing it on my own and at that point I knew what I needed to do. I needed to finish this. Not so it would be over, no, so that I could get my prize. I worked his amazing cock like only a true slut could. I used every trick I had ever seen in porn. I did everything I enjoyed in a blowjob. I gave this man pleasure that he could never feel again and just as he was about to cum I woke up. I had been robbed of my prize. I couldn't think straight. I needed cum more than I had ever needed anything before. I nearly resorted to eating my own but deep down I knew that I could not be satisfied in that way. I needed a man, and I needed him at that very moment.

I racked my brain trying to think of how I would do that. How could I get a man that was willing to let me give him a blowjob fast? At first I thought maybe a gay bar but I soon shot that down as I'd have to seduce a man for that and I didn't have the time. In the end I searched Craig's List and found a man requesting a blowjob from anyone. I jumped on the opportunity as at that point I had little choice. I met the man and his cock was nothing special. It was average size and the taste wasn't nearly as intoxicating as it had been in my dream. Nevertheless, I still loved every second of my tongue on that cock. It was like I hadn't had a drink in days and his cock was fresh water. This didn't last long though as this man lacked the stamina that the man in my dream him and came in only a few minutes. That being said, the experience was in no way disappointing. I did get my prize after all. His cum was the best thing that I had ever tasted. As it hit my tongue I felt my boxers fill as I came from just tasting this man's seed. I played with it in my mouth for quite some time. While doing this the man dropped some cash and said "Thanks for the blow" before leaving. I sat there savoring each and every drop for as long as I could. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could compare to that load, it was incredible and I never wanted the taste to leave.

After that experience I was confused and excited all at once. Was I gay now? Did that matter? I didn't think so. What I did think though was simple. My whole world had been shattered and what was left in it's wake was something astounding. I had never tasted cock before nor had I ever wanted to but now it was something that I loved. With that guiding my way I went to the clinic for a few changes. I realized that now I did not need to be a muscle bound jock nor did I need a massive cock as my focus was not on women so I didn't need to woo them anymore. As such I made myself more effeminate and I shank my cock down considerably so that it wasn't in my way as much. After doing that I hung out around gay bars to find partners rather than my standbys. After about a week of blowing just about any guy who'd have me the government made an announcement.

"In regards to 'The Man Games' as many have come to call it something troubling has recently been brought to our attention. According to observation of many of the contestants it seems that there was a mistake in removing the mental effects used on the defeated players. It appears that for some reason upon finishing the game the experimental mental change resisted the removal procedure resulting in sexual orientation shifts or total gender dysphoria. It is recommended that all contestants make their way to their nearest clinic for further testing."

Upon hearing this everything made sense. My sudden change must have been caused by this mistake. Though, for some reason, I didn't care. I didn't mind what had happened. Regardless I went to the clinic and yes, I had been effected by the failed removal process. Though the researchers at the clinic seemed perplexed and upon questioning they revealed that in my case the procedure was a 99.9% success and as such I should have been mostly unaffected. Due to this oddity they requested I stay for further examination. This line of tests did not provide the answers they wanted. The only thing they found was that the fraction of the mental effects that still impacted me were solely related to sex drive. After many tests they concluded that the sex drive overcharge only served to supercharge dormant homosexual feelings and due to this my experience with cum during this period had made me addicted to the taste. They said that if this was the case they should be able to revert the changes but I may never enjoy sex as much as a result. Now I was left with a choice. Go back to the way things were and risk never enjoying sex as much or stay this way and embrace my new life.

To Be Continued...

Jul 12, 2018

Dark Tower II

A little collab with Yasmy, the genie who haunts all of our dreams and brings out such pleasure. :)

Dark Tower I

Part I of II in a collab with the amazing Karen :)
Paul had a simple goal. He wanted to be the very best like no one ever was at his wizarding school. And there was only one person standing between him and his goal: Yanny, the other one who wanted to be the very best. One day Paul had enough, he couldn’t keep one-upping Yanny, so he decided to break into his tower and steal his potions and spells.
As he entered the first room of the tower a weirdly metallic voice asked him “Identify yourself!”
Quickly he ingested a potion that would change his voice to that of Yanny. “I am Yanny! Let me in!”
“You are not Yanny! Do you think I can only hear your voice?! I am afraid I can’t let you through.”
A bolt of magic shot forward from Paul’s wand. “Let’s agree to disagree.” After he forced his way through the door at the end of the first room Paul gazed at the large area in front of him. The tower actually was bigger on the inside! “I have to study this!” he exclaimed and started making notes on the meta-physical properties of the room. After a couple of minutes he found his eye sight to be rather lacking. “What’s going on?” Paul asked himself as he realized that some sort of trap must have been activated, magic taking his eye sight. “I have to get out of here!” he said as everything around him got blurry. Hurrying to the closest door Paul was lucky that the eye sight taking effect only applied to the main room. Rubbing his eyes he was hoping that the effect was only temporary but no such luck. Unfortunately he didn’t have any counter-spell for that particular issue on hand. Stumbling through the room Paul slowly realized that he was in Yanny’s potion chamber. As he touched one of the potions a weird feeling started to crawl over his skin. Looking down he realized that his clothes started to dematerialize. “Well, I don’t have to worry about that, my penis is magic-enlarged.”
As he continued to walk around the room and check potions he didn’t notice that his clothes weren’t disappearing but rather transforming. As he finally approached the end of the potions desk beautiful woman was standing in front of him. Putting on a smirk he could immediately see her returning it. Damn, she’s hot… I think, Paul thought, still dealing with his loss of eye sight. Moving his hand towards his dick he was surprised to feel clothes on his flesh. Not as surprised however as he was when he looked down and saw ginormous boobs on his chest, in sexy lingerie no less. “Damn!” he said out loud. All of a sudden his felt different. His body plump and thick and heavy and sexy and sensitive. After thinking for a gew few seconds he hypothesized that part of the spell was that the person who got transformed wouldn’t feel the bodily changes until they are seen.

Paul tried his best to ignore his new hot body and classify the potions Yanny had stored as he noticed another door. Approaching it he couldn’t find a door knob, so he just shot his way through it. It was then that he lost all consciousness.

Awaking in a normal looking room within Yanny’s tower, Pearl found her memory to be a little fuzzy. She recalled living as one of the best wizards from Yanny’s wizarding school, but that couldn’t be. After all she was one of Yanny’s non-magical assistants and not a boy at all. Speaking of Yanny, where was he? She didn’t see him in days but she already prepared everything for his next experimental potion.

Jul 7, 2018

Nu-You: Second Chance

After crashing out of the world cup in ignominious defeat the men of the Brazilian football team hardly dared to return to their home country. They knew that they would be ridiculed and hounded wherever they went for the rest of their days. But thanks to Nu-You clinics they no longer have to worry about that, With Nu-You they could get new bodies and new lives. No one will recognise the beautiful young women they have become or connect them with their embarrassing sporting failure. In fact some of them will get to represent their country again albeit in a very different sport.

Jul 2, 2018

Cosplay Corruption

(Soooooooo... This started out as 'I want to write a caption about a crossdressing cosplayer' and it became this. Honestly, I've fallen in love with this slow type of caption where the person changes mentally first. Because of this I think I'll have a few more caps that have this type of storyline. Past that, I really wanted to use the third picture for the caption when it was a concept and though this went waaaaaaaaay longer than I originally thought it would I am actually very happy with the result. As it's now been 24 hours since I last slept and this was a good 5 of those I can't say that I'm not happy it's over lol. Regardless I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. And as always... Have A Nice Day. ^_^)

Image result for supergirl cosplay

This all started out as stupid dare because I was a very feminine man. You see, my friends and I were all nerds and we were proud about it. We didn't discriminate either, we loved Star Wars and Star Trek, we loved Marvel and DC. We loved everything nerd. Comics were of course our favorite form of media, as you can see though this ended up being quite the catalyst for me. When we were planning our costumes for Comic-Con one year my friends joking said that I should go as a female character as it so clearly suited my body more. I brushed it off at first and insisted that I was going to go as my favorite hero The Flash. They all thought the prospect of me going as a girl was too great to pass up though, so they kept bringing it up. After they realized that I was not going to change my mind they switched to calling me a coward or chicken. I assured them that that wasn't the reasoning but in an effort to shut them up I said I'd do it, if and only if they all paid me one hundred dollars each. To my surprise they agreed and I was locked into this now as I was a man of my word.

As that whole process ate up a bunch of my cosplay making time I had to rush to get a new character and ended up settling on Supergirl who is my favorite female hero. I ended up having to buy a costume instead of making one which kinda took all the fun out of it. Regardless, there I was, a man with a woman's costume and quite honestly I couldn't bring myself to go as me in the costume. As such I enlisted the help of a close childhood friend who made me look the part and to be honest, I was a pretty girl. With that problem solved my friends and I headed out to the con which was luckily not too far from home. 

I don't know who was more surprised, my friends about be actually doing it, or me about looking the part. At first the con was more or less uneventful. That is, until my friends and I split up to look at booths and I no longer had an entourage. Once away from my friends I started getting much more attention, not all good either. It started off simply enough. A picture here, a pose with related heros there. Nothing too crazy. Well, not at first at least. After not too much longer, I started having guys go in for hugs or grab my ass. I was a little horrified by this at first but there was something oddly arousing about tricking these horny guys into thinking I was a girl. At one point I had to hide in the bathroom as my dick started getting hard. I don't know why but I was getting off on the attention. 

This only escalated after I dealt with my dick. I started pecking guys on the cheek and grabbing them in inappropriate places. One guy clearly enjoyed that as I felt him get incredibly hard almost instantly. The feel of his cock in my hand was oddly empowering. I enjoyed feeling him stiffen in my grasp. I continued my escapades for the rest of the day and eventually headed home knowing that I had played with all of their emotions and for the life of me I couldn't suppress a smile. Once I met up with my friends and we got ready to head home they insisted that they get a picture of me in costume now that I looked so happy. I agreed without much thought and struck a pose befitting my character.

The next day my friends forked over the money I had earned and said that I had won fair in square. They said that I didn't have to go as Supergirl for another day but I said that I needed a costume and I doubted there'd be any available up to my standard. In truth I just wanted to go as a girl again as the previous day had been so much fun. They accepted my excuse however and we headed out. Today we split up almost immediately and I got back to my adventures. This day though, I went farther than I had the previous day. It started similar to how my previous day had ended but after a while I started kissing guys on the lips. That evolved into making out after a short time and by the end of the day I had to retire to the bathrooms to deal with my erection about seven times. I was having the time of my life as Supergirl and honestly I didn't think what I was doing was wrong or weird. I was kissing men, no, making out with men, and actively being aroused by that action and yet I didn't even think that maybe I was gay or even bi. Nevertheless I met up with my friends once again and we headed home.

That night I was graced with a dream. In this dream I was in a super accurate costume of Supergirl and I felt immensely aroused. I was sooooooo wet. Wait what? Wet? Whatever. I went with it. In this dream I was a woman, an actual woman, and I was ogling male cosplayers. All I could think in this dream was how much I wanted every Superman, Flash, Batman, Quicksilver, Wolverine, and so on to rip my costume off and make me a woman in the way only a man could. I awoke to my boxers covered in cum and my heart racing at the very thought of my dream. 

The next morning I knew I needed to do something that would push me over the edge and make me do something crazy. I then remembered my dream and two things stuck out to me. First the weight on my chest and though I couldn't quite emulate that, the second I could. The second thing was quite simply the feel of my female self's lace panties and how soft and delicate they made me feel. As such I met with my friend that helped with the make up and requested to borrow a pair of panties saying that my boxers were a little too long and hanging under the skirt. Of course she said I should just wear briefs but when I told her that I didn't own any she reluctantly agreed. We were roughly the same size so she wasn't worried about me stretching them out and simply just pointed me to her panty drawer telling me only that she wanted them cleaned before I returned them. I rummaged through her drawer until I found an adorable pair that were just perfect. After acquiring the panties I got all dolled up in my costume and headed to the con hoping for an eventful day.

Before splitting off with my friends they told me about a Supergirl who was apparently making out with whoever wanted a picture and said that I should look for her and get a picture. I told them that I'd try my best knowing good and well that I wasn't going to be able to follow through with that as I was that girl. Regardless we split off and I resumed my endeavors. For most of the day I didn't go much farther than I already had. That being said the panties changed everything. I felt so delicate and girly. I felt like a woman and this was evident as when I was supposed to meat back up with my friends I instead texted them saying that I was going to stay a while longer and that they shouldn't wait up. And just like that I was alone, moreover, I was horny. I was on another level. I wanted to go farther than I had yet. That pretty much left me with one course of action. I started flirting with a guy and eventually he invited me back to his hotel room. You'd think that I'd be nervous but I wasn't. I was desperate for this man. I needed him for some reason. At this point I still saw nothing out of the ordinary about what I was doing but that was about to change.

We got back to his room and we talked for a while. The entire time I had to fight the growing sensation in my panties as I got more and more aroused. Eventually we stopped talking and got to the good stuff. He pulled me in and I was putty in his hands. When his lips touched mine I nearly melted. I felt his tongue dancing around inside my mouth and I lost it. I was fully erect and I knew I had to do something so he didn't discover my secret. I pulled away and dropped to my knees so that I could unbutton his pants and pull his masterful cock out. I started giving him a blowjob and every second only made me harder. I instantly fell in love with the taste and nearly lost myself in pleasure. I bobbed up and down on his delicious cock for what seemed like forever which was fine with me as I never wanted it to end. 

That's when everything crashing down as he wasn't content on being the only one satisfied and pulled me off his cock only to see mine poking out from under my skirt. I knew that I was done. He saw my dick and he know knew that I wasn't a girl and that I had been lying to him. I burst into tears, I was finally getting to that next step that I was so motivated to get to and now he would never want to see me again. My fears were soon blasted away though as he pulled me in for a passionate kiss. This time I really did melt. I was little more than a rag doll after that kiss. I was shocked. He still wanted me? How? Why? I couldn't rationalize it. That's when he simply told me that he didn't mind what was on the outside as he had fallen for my personality. In that moment everything fell into place. I suddenly realized that I too had fallen for him. Everything now came into focus. I had been messing with guys and getting off on it for the past few days and it wasn't just for fun. I liked it. I liked the taste of a man on my tongue. Like it or not, these past few day had changed me. Before I could dwell on that though I was met with another surprise.

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While thinking on what I had been doing this man took the initiative and picked up where he had left off. He brought me to my feet, pulled down my panties, raised my leg, and made me his woman. He made love to me for a long time that night. I had never tried anal nor had I ever wanted to, but in this moment I was at bliss. In the end I had him cum in my mouth so that I wouldn't have to clean the costume and we fell asleep in each-other's arms. The next morning I told him that I wasn't ready to tell my friends about what had happened and so we didn't see each-other much at the con. 

That day though was weirder than all the previous days. I wasn't shoving my tongue down the throats of every man I saw but somehow this day stuck out as special to me for some reason. This came to a head as I strolled past the Justice League Dark booth and felt strangely drawn to it. My suspicions were not unfounded though as the person at the booth greeted me as Alex which surprised me as I hadn't shared me name with anyone other than my suiter from the night before. Weirder still the person said that they knew of my inner struggle and offered me a solution. I had no reason to believe them but I oddly did. I asked what exactly they meant and they simply said that I already knew the answer. I did know the answer, I knew exactly what they meant but how did they? Moreover, how could they do anything about it? I inevitably gave into my curiosity and agreed that I needed to feel comfortable in my own body as over the past few days I had come to feel like a passenger along for the ride. They replied with only that it was done and I would soon get what I desired. 

After whatever happened at the JLD booth I felt uneasy for a while. Eventually I met up with my friends and told them that I crashed in a hotel room to explain why I wasn't at home. They believed me excuse and after a while we split up again. I managed to enjoy the day for the most part despite everything and at the end of the night I returned to my home away from home so to say. When I made it to the room it was like an aura came over me. I needed cock and I needed it right then. My new friend was happy to oblige and we went at it for god knows how long. By the end of it there was no saving the costume. It had been hit by so many loads of cum that I couldn't justify wearing it the next day and a simple run through the wash couldn't save it. I finished the night with a blowjob as I couldn't bring myself to sleep without the taste of cum in my mouth. After that we passed out and I dreamed. 

This dream was quite similar to the dream I had the other night but this time being a woman was no surprise to me. It felt... natural... It felt normal... It felt like this is who I was meant to be. I dreamt of that very same costume and everything felt right. I wasn't overcome with lust this time however. I was just roaming the floor at Comic Con as a normal cosplayer and all felt right in the world. The next morning I was super groggy. I felt almost sick. I couldn't even maintain my balance and my wig was constantly in my face. As I went to pull it off though I felt a sharp tug on my scalp. It was at this moment that I realized that my wig was now brunette. Wait, what? Wait, how does a wig magically change color, and why was it stuck on my head? Moreover when I tugged on it and naturally let out a grunt why did it sound so feminine? I wasn't trying to sound like a girl. I just... did. At that point I rushed to the bathroom only to see something amazing. 

I was the girl from my dreams. Not my dream girl, but rather, the girl that I became in my dreams. How was this possible? While soaking this in my eyes drifted down. First I saw my modest breasts which now occupied my chest. I analyzed every aspect of my new body only to find that yes, I had smooth skin, I had a narrow waist and wide hips, I had a beautiful face, my hair flowed in a way that excited me to no end, and my nipples felt immensely more sensitive. Most critically my dick was gone. I was left with a smooth groin and no reason to believe that I had ever had anything else. That's when I heard my phone from the other room and went to check who was texting me. When I entered that room though I was met with another surprise as the man who had made me feel like a woman was now an Adonis of a man. He was jacked and he surely had gotten an upgrade downstairs since I last saw it. His cock was mesmerizing now, I nearly lost all control and started sucking him dry right then and there, but I refrained and just checked my phone instead. I saw a text from my friends asking if I had crashed with that man again and I had to do a double take. It took a minute, but once I started thinking about it I realized that my entire life had now been rewritten as if I had always been a girl.

In the wake of my new life flooding back to me I heard another chime but this time it wasn't my phone. Curiosity got the best of me and I looked at his phone only to see a text from a girl named Allie asking when he was going to be home because she missed her, and these are her words, "Snuggle Bear."At that point I realized that whoever this was he wasn't the man that I had grown to almost love. I texted her from his phone explaining that he had cheated on her as I didn't feel right leaving her in the dark and I stole some of his clothes to leave as the costume was still very much trashed. After that I left. I went home and got changed into normal clothes, well normal now, and met my friends at the con for our last day. 

We stuck together that day as I didn't want to be alone after the previous night but I made a point to visit the JLD booth again to seek some answers. Surprisingly they greeted me as Alexis, which I suppose makes sense for my new name. and asked if I was happy with the changes. I was truly happy with what had happened to me but part of me knew they also had something to do with my former lover and they confirmed that he deeply desired to be a popular kid and he turned out to be an asshole. With my questions answered I requested one more thing. They of course knew what I was going to ask so before I even finished they said "It is done Kara." After that I went on with my final day at the con and the first day of my new life.

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Oh yeah, and that super realistic suit from my dreams? Well, I had to work on that myself. In the end I did just that though and upon it's completion I was ecstatic. I posted pictures online of me in the suit because I wanted to share what I had made with the world and it wasn't long before people started calling my the new Jessica Nigri. After that I made a career out of modeling and cosplaying. Though as it is my name sake now I still gravitate towards my Supergirl costume more than anything else.