Oct 21, 2018

Need to Consume

"Thanks bro *gulp* ahhhh..." I said when I swallow my best friend's cum.
"Sorry for the trouble.. you know ever since that witch cursed me and turned me into this chick, I need male cum to survive on daily basis. I could stand not eating food for a week straight, but I won't make it a day without your cum."
"No trouble at all, I'm glad I could help." He said while zipping his pants and continued "Um, Chris-"
"Its Kristie now.." I interrupt
"Oh yeah.. uh- Kristie, I've been giving you my sperm everyday for a month now, and can I ask for a little favor?"
"Sure, what is it?"
"Well, you're a hot woman now. And I know that we used to be friend, but I was wondering do you want to be my girlfriend?"
"Oh my God! I was hoping you to say that like ages ago! Of course I want to be your girlfriend." I said excited as I jumped into his hug.

Oct 20, 2018

Angel's B-Day

For Angel, on the occasion of her birthday, which I missed!  Angel, I am sorry to be late, but better late than never, dearie! :)

Oct 16, 2018


I heard rumors about my girlfriend was a lesbian, but I chose not to believe that rumor until I became her lesbian partner.

One day, she approached me and put a necklace around my neck. When I was about to ask her, whats going on, I can start to feel my body changing. I no longer a man, but a naked woman with short hair.
"Sorry I had to do this, I love you so much, but I also missed her so much." She said, I stare in the mirror to inspect my new body and I was quite turned on by what I see.
"So, is it true? She was your girlfriend?" I asked and she nodded.
"Okay... What's her name?"
"Wendy." She anwered short. I know she was anticipating me to get mad at her for suddenly transforming body into her ex, but how can I get mad when 'm inside this gorgeous body.
"Um- What am I thinking? Let me take it off you, you'll change to your old body in not time." She reached for the necklace, with a tear started to form in her eyes. I quickly hugged her, and I could feel my bare chest rubbing her shirt which even turned me on even more. And she hugged  back.
"No... I know you missed ME. I'm now here, back in your arms..." I said as i decided just to assume Wendy's role. Its kinda kinky to be role playing as your GF lesbian ex.
"I missed you so much!" She said, as tears started to come down her cheeks.
"I'm in deep love with my boyfriend, but I just can't get your body out of my head..." She continue.
"Hey, calm down babe... Tell you what, I will be your boyfriend and/or your girlfriend anytime you want. Honestly I like being inside Wendy's skin!" I said trying to cheer her up.
"Really?! Thats so nice of you.." She said as she stripped he clothes, and now we are two naked girls in my bedroom.

Ever since that day, every second we spend time at home I will put on the necklace and become Wendy. I can't roam around outside as Wendy. And we had so much fun doing this aternate boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Sometimes I even go out shopping with my girlfriend to find some lingerie for me to wear as Wendy, which I rarely put on because sh like me better naked.

Trade Lifes

A random email came into my inbox a few weeks ago. It was an unusual email, sent from a lady name Amanda Price, the wife of a billionaire business man Gayle Price. What's interesting that Amanda offered o trade life with her. I have no idea how she found out my personal email, since I stay anonymous online whenever I wrote on TG forum, or even posting these TG Caption. But somehow she was able to find my personal email and even find out about my background.

She said she was tired of being the trophy wife of wealthy billionaire, she did had an amazing lifestyle but she felt bored with it she wanted something challenging and even a new star, like what I'm going through right now, as I am still in College. She invited me to her mansion to have a discussion about it, and tell me not to worry about her husband as he was out country for some business.
At her mansion I was given a very warm welcome by all the staffs, the mansion was very big and luxurious. The staff escorted me to the living room where Amanda was expecting me there. She was very beautiful, wrapped in a tight dress. She invited me to sit down and asked her staffs leave the room.
"Well? What do you think? Do you like the Mansion?"
"Yeah, Its so big... Mrs. Price."
"Oh, come on boy, don't call me Mrs. Price, YOU are the one that will be called Mrs. Price. And all of this could also be yours if you agree to swap life with me." I just sat in silence as she continue to explain her reason why she wanted to swap life with me. And I also watched her curves closely, I imagined myself inside her skin, what a dream come true.

"So, what do you say? Ready to be the new Amanda Price?" She said with a pretty smile on her face
"Huh? You mean now?"
"Of course darling, I can't wait to start new in life. Ihope you can't wait to be me too!"
"Um- okay" I said.She then called one of her maid, name Maria. Maria entered the room, and bring two flasks of liquid.
"Well, this is the body swapping potion i bought from Asia. How it works is you drink one, and I drink the other. You may feel dizzy and passed out, but when you wake up, our body will be changed." Maria served one flask to Amanda and handed another one to me. Amanda took a big chug of he potion and I followed her action. A great headache rushed in my head as i feel everything was spinning. And then everything went black.

I was awaken with a thick spanish accent, and a tap on my shoulder. "Ma'am, Ma'am wake up Ma'am" I opened my eyes and I can see Maria was in front of me. Behind her I can see my former body standing up with a big smile on his face.
"Did it work?" I asked
"Hello Mrs. Price." My former body greeted me, he then handed me a mirror and in the reflection I can see Amanda's face looking back at me. It did work! I am Amanda Price
"Welcome to your new life, I'm sure you'll love it!" He said to me
"Thank you so much Mrs. Price, I can't believe that I'm really you!"
"No, No, I'm Jesse now." He smiled, and I smiled back.
"Relax, you don't need to worry about anything. The potion will work its magic, it will fit you into the body you are now, filling you in with my memory and also how I act. It will take about 24 hours for full effect." He continued. "Well, I think we're done now, I should get back to my dorm. I should get to study, I have exam next week. Oh and please keep this a secret to everybody, only you, me, and Maria know about our swap. And Maria will also take care of all of your needs." He said as he leave the room. I tried my best to catch up to him, as i find it hard to even walk in this tight dress
I finally catch him outside, to say my goodbye, and ordered one of the staff to take one of the Rolls Royce my husband own to take Jesse back safely to his dorm. I waved goodbye to him. I turned around looking at the Mansion i live in now. I corrected my dress, asI walked back inside and ready to live my life as Amanda Price