Jan 30, 2019


My whole life I had wished I'd been born a girl, or that by some means, magical or fantastical, that I could become a woman. Over time I developed a fixation on this ide, it became a fetish and an obsession. I knew I'd never transition to transgenderism, not due to disagreeing with it, I just knew it would never fulfil the desires I had.
Today I was doing what I always do, looking through pictures of pornstars and tg captiosn, today's theme being MILFs, and idly wishing I could exchange lives with one of them. The pornstars or the caption character, whichever came first.
It was while looking through pictures of Romi Rain that I found myself drifting off to sleep, fantasizing about trading bodies with her and being fucked as her. During this dream I suddenly found it gain an aspect of realism it hadnt before. Normally dreaming is like floating underwater down a river, unsure and uncontrollable, but suddenly I found myself in a nice suburban home in what appeared to be a living room. There was a nice white couch, with several blue throw-pillows, there was a large TV on the opposite side of the room, and on the walls hung different skyline views of cities and buildings. And in the center of that postmodern home, was the picture perfect body of Romi Rain robustly displayed in baby blue pocka-dotted lingerie.

"Oh my god..." I managed to say "you're Romi Rain!"
The woman looked at me quizically, "How do you know my name? And how did you get in my apartment?" She seemed frightened and started to cover herself up with her hands.
"Well you-you're a pornstar, and I... uh.. like your work a lot." I stuttered, trying to sound like I wasn't just some random creep. Romi continued to eye me suspiciously, and with more than a little concern and confusion painted on her beautiful face. "And I don't know how I got here, I thought I was dreaming a moment ago when I ugh... made a wish." 
Romi seemed to relax a little at my last words, dropping her gaurd a bit she asked "You made a wish? I just made a wish too. And I'm not some pornstar by the way! I happen to be married to a great guy, and though I.... well I never publish anything. I'm not some bimbo!" Romi seemed visably offended by my suggestion, and I too felt confused, but at her last words her face seemed to sink. "But besides that, what did you wish? Because I wished for a new life, I wished not to be a housewife anymore, and I hardly see how some guy like you answers that wish!"
I was momentarily blown away, this wasn't Romi Rain the pornstar, but rather some alternative version of her where she's married to some dude who's never around.
"I wished...." I take a shaky breath, "I wished I was you. Well pornstar you, or maybe any version of you. I just wished... to be in your body."


Romi and I talked in length for some time, talking about how I was starting college and how I'd recently been promoted. About my recent vacations, hiking trips, and romantic escapades.
Romi then went on to explain how cushy her life is, how she had everything taken care of by her rich businessman husband. But she was miserable because though she was in great shape, financially and physically, she had lost her love for her traveling husband. She had turned to nightly visitors to bring excitement back into her life. Months later, after lots of casual, naughty, and adventurous sex, she was caught and her husband proposed an open marraige, since he too was disloyal. She'd considered leaving him, but the prenuptual agreement was pretty ironclad and after divorce she'd end up with nothing. And so here she was, waiting for another boring nightly caller, wishing she were someone else. Wishing she was someone with a more open future. Someone like me.
We both came to an agreement that we would like to be each other. No not just that, we desperatly needed to be each other. She saw in me, a way out of her cushioned yet restricted lifestyle. While I, saw in her everything I'd always wanted from womanhood. A delectable body. A consistant supply of sex and beautiful clothing, not to mention a hot husband who paid for everything I could possinly want.
Once we had voiced this, I was overcome with lust for her subtle form. And by the look on Romi's face she felt the same. We locked lips, and we melted into each other's arms. Her long nailed hands scraped my back with lust, and my hands dug into her thick ass. I felt out of breath, like Romi was sucking the air from my lungs. I continued kissing her, unable to breath but naturally calm besides the lust running through me. I pressed into her, and she pressed back into the couch. I gradually felt less and less, fordt my fingers felt numb, and my feet felt miles away. The feeling crept its way up my body, consuming everything until I couldn't see, couldn't hear, and I was once again being swept along like in a dream.


 I was in a room. On the walls hung my degrees. Hung pictures of treasured memories. I saw desk with trophies on it. And a door. The door was cracked. It was covered in scratches, the door handle especially. I pushed it open, and found a long hallway. I proceeded down. Pass door after door after door, all slightly different, but all tightly shut. I come across another cracked door. This one is somehow feminine. Inside I find a room fit for a woman. Pictures of memories on the walls. Dildos on a lavish pink bed. Makuep on a nightstand, and an expansive closet. I turn back to the door. I see a smile and and hear a voice. "Thank you" it says. The door is slammed shut. The handle is gone. There are scratches on this door too. Long nailed scratches. I look at my hands, and see long nails.


Feeling slowly returns to my body. I feel the lips of my lover, I feel her hands on my ass. I feel my soft chest pressed up against her hard breasts.
My eyes fly open, and I push away my own exact countinense. My hands are dainty and feminine, and long baby blue nails adorn the tips of my fingers. My former face is smiling down at itself, and then back at me. I stare down at my new frame, encased like a liquid in my new skyblue lingerie. I feel me breasts in their cups, the heels on my feet, the nails on my hands, and a wetness between my legs. I run a hand across my flat crotch and an airy gasp escapes my lips. I'm Romi.
"Oh my god." Comes my soft melodic voice, spilling from my new plump lips.
"I know. It's wonderful." Comes my former baritone, the masculinity of my former visage makes me quiver slightly. Romi runs his new hands all across his new body, stopping to grab a handful of his new hard tool. A manly gasp escapes him, and I barely manage not to moan in response.
Seeing his masculine hand groping himself, I make a move toward him. I'm barely thinking when i find my new feminine fingers gripping his cock through my former jeans. I fall to my knees before pushing him onto the couch where I lean over his lap. It isn't long until I have my new lips wrapped around his large pecker and I'm sucking zealously.
I bob up and down, making a orchestra of sucking sounds as I work him over and over and over. He does well, and maintains himself for quite some time, long enough that I'm nearlu soaking down below as he begins to tense. He pours his seed into my mouth, and my momentary hesitation to not withdraw is just long enough for him to grab me by my long  raven hair and force me to finish him. I swallow every last drop and I find the taste was bracing but not entirely unpleasant. He lets me go, and I release his cock in turn, emitting an audible pop, and I take a deep breath, letting out an airy feminine gasp.
"Thank you for the treat." I giggled, uncharacteristically. I must be absorbing her mannerisms and such. Romi's mannerisms. I was Romi now, and I clearly had her desires too.
"No thank you, Romi." He responds standing up and buckling his pants. "I look forward to seeing you getting fucked online." He says with a grin.
I go to respond, but suddenly the man I used to be had vanished. It was like I had blinked and he'd disappeared.
Back to my world. Back to his new world I guess.
I stood up, with great care in my high heels, and looked around my new home. Some part of my brain told me this was one of many of my homes now. I had a beach house, a suburban house, a penthouse. All of which my husband kept stocked with clothes food and a hot staff who could fuck either of us at will.
As if reading my mind there was a knock at the door. My nightly caller, the male escort I'd hired to tie me up and fuck me silly. This was going to be fun.


  1. Mmm, what a delightful dream to have come true. Thanks for sharing Lilly

  2. Thanks Spindizzy :) glad u enjoyed it. By any chance do you know how I can have the main imagr visible from the main blog? I can't seem to find the option >_<
    Thanks again xxoo,

  3. Oh this was a dream come true for sure... :D

  4. Amazing story...
    I wish it could happen to me too