Apr 11, 2018

Our wishes

It is so cliché, but my friend and I found an old oil lamp. I usual, we didn't think it was a genie lamp, put as a joke we pretended it was. To much of our surprise a genie came out of it. "I am Majin. Thank you for setting me free. I will grant you one wish each" he said. James and I looked at each other. "I want money" I said outloud. "I want a girlfriend that would fullfill my every fantasy" James said. What James was about to wish made me change my mind, I could wish for anything, and I was about to just wish for money?

"Very well, just start your wishes with I wish" Majin said. James went first "I wish I would find the perfect girlfriend. One that would fullfill my every fantasy" he said. "Wish granted" Majin responded, "Today you will meet a girl. Just give her a kiss on the cheek, and she will become your perfect girlfriend".

While James made his wish, I was thinking about what I would wish myself. I could wish for superpowers, intelligence, good looks. And that's when it hit me, I could be whoever I want, I could actually wish to be a shapeshifter. "Are you ready master?" Majin asked. "Yes, I wish I could alter my body any way I like, I could transform into any person, always keeping my own memories" I said. "I really like your wish master. Wish granted"

"I don't feel any different" I said. "Just concentrate" Majin said. Since I just had found out magic was real, I couldn't think about anybody else, but Harry Potter. I concentrated, and in a matter of seconds, I was an exact copy of him, I even had his voice and accent. "That's great! Now I feel like I wasted my wish" James said. "I have to go now, I hope you both enjoy your wishes", Majin grabbed his lamp. "Have fun, you really hit the jackpot" the genie told me, then Majin looked at James "And you, love always comes from unexpected places. Keep that in mind". Afterwards, Majin disappeared.

I quickly transformed into Tony Stark. "This is so much fun" I said. I continued all day transforming into different men. James looked bummed down. "We should go out, where am I going to meet my perfect girlfriend if we stay home" he said. Just to humor him, I tried transforming into a girl.

"Ha, ha very funny" he said. "Hey, I wanted to go out with you. Meet some new people. The girl of your dreams" I said. "But if you're going to be so difficult, I'll stay home" I stood up, and walked towards James sister's room. "I bet she has something hot I could wear" I said. I transformed again, into an even hotter girl.

I sat on the stairs, and joked "Oh, James, you are so sexy, I don't know why we are going out to meet your perfect girl, if you have a shapeshifting girl here". I could see him getting upset. "Stop fooling around, lets go out" he said as he extended his arms to help me up. "Such a gentleman" I said still joking.

Anyways, we got to the bar. But appart from me, no other girl showed up. "This sucks" he said, "you got your perfect wish, and here I am all lonely again". "Maybe tomorrow dude" I said as I drank from my beer. "But the genie said today" he replied. "But he also said that love comes from unexpected places, maybe you shouldn't try so hard" I replied. James smiled after what I had said. "I have an idea... let me tell you a secret" James said. He got close to my ear, and without much hesitation, he kissed me on the cheek.

I felt my mind melt. And somehow I felt like if someone had thrown a bucket of water on my face, everything was about to change. I even felt a little bit aroussed.

"What just happened?" I asked. "Did you... just kiss me?". I wanted to be mad at James, but I was finding him attractive. "Did... you just mark me as your perfect girlfriend?" I asked him. "I think so. Sorry, I don't know why I did it... but..." he was talking when I interrupted him. "but... it was the perfect idea handsome. I am the perfect girlfriend. I can be whoever you want me to be" I said as I transformed once again.

"I can be thin and fit. With some hugh knockers" I couldn't believe what I was saying, but I sure wanted to be James girlfriend. "Or I could be your favorite actress" I said and transformed once again.

"Stop it! someone might see you transforming" he said. He was right, I just giggled. I transformed one last time, I was James highschool crush. "Ok love, lets go back to your place. I bet just like me, you are eager to find out how much of a woman I really am". On our way back we bought some condoms, I might be a new woman, but I am not stupid.

Anyways, that day I realized I am indeed all woman. And just like James wished, his perfect girlfriend.


  1. Love the idea, love the story, love the execution and love the pictures, but you stopped right where it got good!

    1. Although I didn't meant to write a sequel, I left it open on purpose. But after reading some of the comments, I will write a follow up soon.

  2. Mmm please keep it going. Please pretty please.

    1. I would love to, as soon as I can think of a follow up, I will.

  3. Would love to see this continue .

  4. Wow Kim this is the best cap am I reading. U great darling. Please post like this type captions

  5. I am requesting u please make one caption for me please please.