Sep 17, 2018

Can you handle it?

"Can you handle it?" Vicky asked me when I tied to slide in the dildo. Vicky and I were childhood friend, and recently something happened to her that she gained this ability to switch body with other at will. And since she knew about my fantasy of becoming a girl and experiencing orgasm asone she kindly offered me to use her power on me, switching both of our bodies.

"You don't have to watch. You can just like, leave me alone. Or maybe you- you can go jerk off with your dick or something." I said in return.
"Nope, I just want to sit here and watch how you play with that dildo." She said and let out a chuckle

I tried getting best position to slide the dildo in and out f my pussy, but with my small hand I couldn't get a good grip on the dildo. Thats when she approached me, took away the dildo.
"How bout if I just give you the real experience?" She said tossing the dildo aside, and began unzipping her pants.