Jan 30, 2020


Hi, this isn't a story. This is me announcing my retirement so to speak. I've enjoyed writing these stories for a long time but as of late I just have no drive to write them. Whenever I get that drive to write it's never for erotica anymore. Now it's more fantasy based around D&D campaigns. I get really into the stories and I just don't get that anymore with writing my captions. I appreciate all the nice things that everyone has commented and I'm glad that I was able to entertain you with my stories. All that said, this is goodbye. I don't want to say that there's a chance that I'll come back but knowing myself I can't say that I never will. Maybe one day I'll get that drive back and I'll post again. Until then, or perhaps forever, goodbye. Knowing myself, I'll probably check the comments on this for better or worse, if anyone's interested I may end up making another blog to post those other stories. There wont be any erotic themes as nobody that knows about my D&D stories knows about this side of my writing and I'd like the keep that as it is. I'm not ashamed of having written any of these stories but I know that many of my friends would be taken aback by them if they found out. Who knows, maybe on of you is one of them and you've known for a while but just haven't said anything. Either way, this is indeed goodbye for now. I've enjoyed the ride and I'll probably still read other people's stories, I just wont be writing anything new. Thank you all for reading my stories and helping me grow as a writer. And as always, Have a great day! ^_^

Jan 29, 2020

Newfound Ability

Excited when Kevin discovered his newfound ability to shift into anybody only by wearing a piece of clothing, he sneaked to one of his neighbour lawn. His neighbour was a hot asian girl, name Alyssa. Lucky for Kevin, he found Alyssa's laundry.
He grabbed one of the bra hanging, take off his tshirt and tried to put the bra on. Once he get it clipped and the bra fitted perfectly on his chest, Kevin could see his body starting to shift. He could feel he was losing height, as his body became more and more slender. The bra on his chest was slowly filled with his expanding breasts until the bra hugged his new formed breasts perfectly. He was so amazed with the new weight on his chest thathe didn't notice that his hair has grow longer and his face has completely changed. Then he felt a weid tingling on his crotch as he could see his cock slowly shrink and finally replaced with a vagina. At that point he knew the transformation has completed and he has became an exact copy of Alyssa. And now its the time to have fun in his new form

Jan 27, 2020

One More Day Please

"No No No, babe... One more day please..." I begged my girlfriend not to swap our body back just yet.
"Really?" She sighed
"Just one more day.. Please babe...I really enjoy our swap, don't you?" I begged and I posed sexily on the bed.
"Fine!" She said finally giving up.
"Thank you so much babe! I love you so much!" I jumped from the bed gleefully and kissed her on her cheeks.
"So, what do you want to do with your girlfriend today?" I teased her. She then picked me up so easily and put me back on the bed.
"A morning sex would be nice.." She said. I knew she would love to hve another sex as each other. So I undressed myself, pulled her pants down and began sucking her erected cock.