Mar 30, 2018

The Best Day of the Year

It was my least favorite time of the year: Valentine's Day. Sorry, not Valentines Day, Galentines day. I hated this day for so many reasons. I just thought that a day of "Ladies Celebrating Ladies" was a lame excuse for girls to get together and talk about how they don't need men. All the events were "No Boys Allowed", which made me even angrier. One day, my friend Charlie and I decided to try and crash the local galentines party that was being held by some of our female friends. We wanted to pull a prank and get one over them. Right when Charlie and I were in position, we were caught. Some of the girls had found us. We thought that they would be annoyed, but it was quite the opposite. They actually invited us in and asked us to celebrate with them. They said that it made them sad to see us with all the anger and hate about this holiday that they all enjoyed so much. So we decided to give it a chance. It felt weird being the only boys at this party filled with girls. There was a photo corner where some girls were taking pictures to commemorate this day. Some of the girls urged Charlie and I to get a picture taken. We reluctantly agreed, and then they moved us to the corner and gave us a border sign to hold up, which said the word "Galentines" on it. They put me on the right and Charlie on the left. I can't believe that they were making us do this, this might be the punishment, forcing us to take this picture. They counted down "3...2...1...Smile!" The camera went off and there was a really bright flash. Something felt off but I couldn't put my finger on it. The girl taking our photo told us that we looked really cute. Well duh we looked cute, Charlotte and I tried to look best for this Galentine's day party. All the girls here for so nice and kind to each other, it really warmed my heart that there was a holiday just so us ladies can celebrate each other without boys to get in our way. Even though, I'm still waiting for that special someone to sweep me off my feet.  If the other girls let me, maybe I'll try to bring some of my guy friends sometime, so maybe they can understand how wonderful this day really is. Until then, it's all about me and my ladies.

Mar 29, 2018

The magic dildo

Richard had been on vacation in Europe during his summer vacation from college and was loving sights. He was also loving the fine women and had managed fuck a girl in every country he had been to: England, Italy, france, you name it. He was now in spain to see what it had to offer, and he wasnt disappointed when he met Maya a cute spanish who seemed to take an interest in him after he made his advances. " What luck," he thought, " This is the quickest that I've been able to find a girl to fuck." Soon they were back at her place making out on the couch. Soon Richard was in for a surprise when he woke up.

When he awoke, Richard was oddly dressed in a bikini and couldn't move. That was because he was locked to ground by shackles and was positioned on his hands and knees. No matter how much he struggled, it was no use. Soon Maya appeared with a giggle and spoke in her sexy accent, "You americans are all the same! You go to other countries looking to fuck the local women like we're novelties. Unfortunately for you, you met me today." With that she pulled out a long dildo and pushed it deep into Richard's ass. The dildo then started a rhythmic pumping motion that shot liquid with each pump. Maya spoke again. " You see I am a bruja, or witch, as you amercians know me as and this toy has a little potion in it that will make you into something more desireable..... mija."

Richard felt his dick immediately wither away and a pussy form in its place which by means made him a her.  He finally spoke out and yelled " Why did you do th-thhis to me you stup-eeed beetch" Richard had the urge to cover her mouth in shock at her voice changing ad gaining an accent but was of course tied up and unable to do so. " I'm going to leave you here and come back in 10 hours, don't go anywhere okayyyy".  Wait Wait, esperaaaaa" she yelled as Maya left. She realized it was becoming harder to speak english and that soon she would only speak spanish among other many changes.

Maya did not come back after 10 hours as she had fallen asleep, and Richard had ended up trapped for roughly 18 hours. Within that time two B cup breastshad formed on her chest and her body very curvy with a smaller frame. Her skin had become very dark and her face very beautiful and feminine. Her hair had changed to a dark black color and lengthened down the stretch of her back. The most prominent change though was to her ass which had plumped up further than Maya had intended due to Richard, or melina as the chmical balance in her mind told her she was, being left there for a long time.Finally Maya arrived and laughed at how great her creation had turned out. Now unable to form a word in english Melina said "Dios mío, ¿qué vas a hacer conmigo?"
"Oh I think I have a couple of people who would like to meet you little melina, " laughed maya before her on the ass. Some how Melina could still understand english but was more concerned by what Maya meant. As she was led to the pool area on a leash she would face the true horrors that awaited her. Maya pulled down her bikini bottoms before finally giving her ass some release when she removed the dildo.

Suddenly two guys entered the poolsie area. They were both muscular and toned, not unlike the way Melina was before these events occurred. Maya introduced them as her close friend Miguel and his brother Ramon who was looking to get over a recent break up with his girlfriend. Maya told her to make him feel better" and melina knew what she had to do. It may have been the only thing that could change what happened to her. Soon Ramon was naked and laying on his side behind her with his huge dick buried in her ass while Maya sucked Miguel off in the background.Melina couldnt help but cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Eventually Maya stopped and led Miguel over to Melina who placed his dick in her mouth. Many thoughts raced through her mind at that point. She never thought she would be penetrated by one guy as a woman, Maya leaned over and kissed her on the cheek before saying " Tu erres un perfecto nina."
Ramon finally "rewarded Melina by putting his dick in her pussy. She was starting to enjoy the vices of being a woman and yelled "Si mi amor, follarme mas fuerte!!!!!" She got her wish as Ramon pumped harder up and down. She was thrilled when she found out that she would be going home with him as Maya had agreed to give her off to him. It was obvious now that she wouln't ever go back to being a man or speaking english for that matter. Though it wasn't like she minded that much anymore

Delayed Honeymoons are Just as Good (Part 3)

In case you missed it. 
Part 1.
Part 2.
     Hey girls Vicky here. Thought I would update you on how life has been going since the wedding.
It's been about 4 months or so. Mary is starting to sleep though the night most the time now and eating whole lot more. My poor breasts are barely keeping up, but she's healthy. We did have a medical issue a couple months back. She was coughing and gasping while she slept unless someone was holding her. We took her to emergency room first time she started doing it. They recommenced that we monitor her breathing and it might just be something she grows out of in a few months and if it wasn't they would look in to it. So for weeks Alan and I took turns holding her though the night in a rocking chair next to the crib. I have several photos of Alan holding Mary after both of them fell asleep, But Alan asked me not to post them on here and I agreed with his wishes. 
     It was a tiring two months for me. Even when it was Alan's turn to watch Mary I still stayed up most the night worried. She was my daughter I had to worry for her.
     She has since gotten better she stopped gasping for air while she slept about 5 weeks ago and slept quietly though the night. Not to say I still don't check on her every couple nights. Though Alan has made that difficult these next few weeks. He decided I need a break and a honeymoon. You see after the wedding we had planned on going on a road trip. Bring Mary along as we crossed the United states for a week and a half, but the day before we left Alan's old's mobile bit the dust. The spark of mechanical life had left it, and the cost to get it repaired was comparable t getting a new used car. Better yet a new used Mini van. I can't tell you how excited I was when I found that bit of trivia out. Alan argued we only had one kid we wouldn't need all that space. To which I looked him dead in the eye (as I stood on my tip toes I hate how short I got after the spell) and said "We only have one kid for now that won't always be the case now will it." 
He smiled and said. "No I guess it won't be." He picked me up and spun me around in the air. I always get butterflies when he does that and he knows it.
     Now since our honeymoon was cancelled I was resigned to the notion that we wouldn't have one, and I was okay with that. We had each other and that was fine by me. So when Alan told me to load Mary up in the van that his mother invited us over for lunch I found two things suspicious. One I knew he was loading something in the garage for over an hour and no one had called him seeing how his phone was still sitting on the counter where I plugged it in for him. Two Alan's mother hates me. She hated me when I was male and, she hates me now that I'm female. When I was male she said it was because she swore that I was gay and her son shouldn't be seen with people like the old me. When Alan told her the my old self had moved to the UK (The cover story we came up with if anyone asked what happened to me) She told Alan good riddance. I know I was standing next to him at the time. Now that I'm a woman she sees me as the hussy who got knocked up by her son to forcefully tie him down. She told me this during the reception after she had a one to many Gin and tonics. I never had the heart to tell Alan that after all she still is his mother. That all being said and the anger I feel against this woman the only thing she and I have in common is we both adore little Mary, and seeing how she's the only grandparent that Mary has I'm not going to keep her away from her.
     After a 30 minute drive to Alan's mother Lisa house we pulled int o the driveway and stepped out of the car Alan grabbed a large looking diaper bag and the carrier and walked inside. I slowly made my way to the door with next to him eyeing him up suspiciously. I could tell he was holding back excitement by the way he was standing. Trying hard to hold himself together . At the time I had no idea why. 
     Lisa opened the door with a smile and invited us in. After the small talk was over I was told the plan. Alan had been saving up some money so he could go on a cruise back before he met me. He'd never told anyone about it. He deiced that now was a good enough time to use it, but instead of him going on a cruise it would be the two of us going to California for 2 weeks driving out there and back. Lisa had be kind enough to offer to watch Mary for us while we were away. I took Mary out of the carrier and kicked Alan in the shin softly. Telling him he should of at least let me pack myself. After hearing that his told him a woman needs to pack her own thing men have no idea what to pack for a woman. I laughed while holding on to Mary. 
     That was 5 days ago. We made it to the beaches of California in record time. The photo was taken by Alan as I walked to him on the beach. He said I should show off my new figure after I lost all the baby weight. So far I'm loving my honeymoon. I was happy Alan did pack the breast pump so my supply wouldn't take a hit while I was away from Mary I just hope after 2 weeks on a bottle she will want to eat the real thing again. 
     Well girls that's all I've got for now, and Alan is calling me. He wants to go see about renting a sail boat for a day out on the ocean. It's one of they only things he's been able to talk about the entire drive here. That and some bedroom activity, but you girls don't want to hear that now do you. I will talk to you girls later.  - Vicky

Mar 28, 2018

A Race too Far

(A collab cap with Yasmina! :) 

Bradley could hardly count how many sighs he'd emitted during the photo-shoot with Jan.  Try as he might, he could not avoid the reality of his body: he was a girl, a woman now, and newly pregnant, which he'd have to watch for, apparently. 

Jerking off while fantasizing about his next-door neighbor Miyaka had been a bad idea, apparently.  The last time he came as a man, the FOSE interrupted and placed him in the object of his desires.  Bradley was filled with remorse, but he didn't regret the swap.  Now he had Miyaka's cunt and tits and was waiting eagerly for her husband to come home. 

There was no way that he would say "Yes" at the wedding ceremony the next day.  And yet...was he ready to do this?  He wanted it, wanted it so badly that his nipples actually hurt. 

He was getting married.  What happened afterwards will remain a mystery, both to him and to you. 

Okay, Change Me Back..

"Okay I believe you now" Ron said to his best friend Will while covering his bare naked skin.
"You sure? Because a few seconds ago you said that I was delusional."
"Yea! Of course I wouldn't believe you. There are no such thing as a magical remote that can change someone. But I guess its true now.. So, will you change me back please? I don't feel so comfortable in this skin.." Ron said but Will keep on staring at Ron's new mound of flesh on his chest.

"Are you staring at my tits?! Ah! You're such a perv.." Ron contiues, but still get ignored by Will.
"I have to say that you're body is absolutely gorgeous. Don't you want to stay that way a bot longer?" Will asked. Getting irritated, Ron tried to cover himself with the hanging mosquito net. But then he realised that now Will can see his nipples through the non transparent fabric.
"Aww, you're just so cute now" Will teased Ron, and watching Ron blushed even made his new feminine face get even cuter.

"Are you sure you want to be back to your old body?" Will grabbed the remote and asked
"Yes! Change me back!"
"But, come on... Don't you like your new body?"
"I guess I like my

Mar 27, 2018


Ever since I was a kid my parents told me not to eat whipped cream right from the sprayer, its a bad habit and all that. I don't know if listening would have really mattered, you see some wackjob from the plant that makes my favorite brand spiked a batch with a bunch of femenizing chemicals. 

By the the time I learned about it, it was already too late, my dick was all but gone and I was soft in all sorts of places, if I had actually taken all the insults of people saying I had a girly ass I might have been able to catch on before it was irreversible. Ah well I'm stuck with this thing now so I might as well enjoy it.

Mar 26, 2018

Little Brother's New Workout

I felt like I was going crazy. My little brother had always been a dork but recently he started going to the new gym that opened up in town. I don't know what the hell is going on there but something is up. 

He keeps talking about how great his trainer is and all the supplements, power drinks and smoothies he's on but I'm sure something is up with that place because he barely looks like a guy anymore, he looks like a girl, he's growing breasts, his butt his huge his hair is long and he seems...flirty. He doesn't seem to notice but I sure have, and he's getting hard to ignore, next time he goes to the Gym I'm going with him and getting to the bottom of this.

Weird family traditions. Part 4 (Request)

We did it. I finally married my highschool sweetheart. Sure it was quite different than I expected. When I was imagining our wedding I never considered myself to be the bride. Of course I'm not complaining. The ceremony was lovely and I felt so beautiful in my wedding dress. Standing there right next to Linda who was about to become my husband and exchanging vows was the best moment of my life and when she put the wedding ring on my finger my heart was filled with joy. The wedding party was great and everyone were having so much fun. Don't make me mention about our wedding night. The things we did in bed were magicall and I showed my husband how great I'm going to be as a wife. Later we went on a lovely honeymoon where we had many wonderfull moments which we will remember for the rest of our life. I don't care anymore if I am a man or a woman as long as I can be together with Linda. Oh, who am I trying to kidding. I love being a woman and I wouldn't go back to being a man even if someone gave me one milion dollars. It's actually pretty amazing how well I've adapted to my new gender. Maybe I was always a woman at heart but never realized it? Anyway it's not something I should bother myself with. I am happy as I am and that only matters. Linda seems to be happy with our role swap and she is enjoying wearing the pants in our relationship. She often says I'm making a sweet girlfriend and that she's glad she decided to permamently switch places with Nathan.

Time was flowing fast and before I realized it was already summer. Like the tradition says we all gathered again to perform the swap. This time however I didn't take part in it. The reason why is because I'm six months pregnant at the moment. The swap was never performed on a pregnant woman so to avoid putting the baby at risk this year I will remain myself for the summer. While the whole family was getting ready to swap I was at the beach having fun in the water and basking in the sun. As I stood at the seashore I kept thinking how many things changed when suddenly I heard someone aproaching me. I turned around and saw my husband's handsome face smiling at me. "May I know who you are?" I chuckled wondering who it really is. "Well it's me, your husband" He said as he aproached me and leaned over for a kiss. "Not so fast" I moved away avoiding his kiss. "You won't touch those lips until you say who you are" I teased him a bit. "Stubborn aren't you? It's me, Linda's dad" He finally said. "Now we're talking" I said and let him kiss me. "Prepare yourself girl as you are going to expirience the best summer in your life" He smirked. "We'll see about that" I said hoping he will be as adventurous as he was when he swapped with Linda back on our vacation trip to Croatia because the pregnancy was making me so horny I won't be getting off of him.


New life for all three of us (Part 2)

“Mary please settle down. I need you to eat before the ceremony. Last thing I want is a fussy baby and engorged breasts while your daddy and I are trying to get married.” I said in a soft voice to my baby girl and light of life.
Maybe I should explain again. My new name is Victoria. Vicki to my friends. Sometimes mama bear, but only Alan can call me that so don't try. A years ago I was a 22 year old guy with no family few friends and a secret. I wanted to be a woman and a mother. A fact that no one who looked at the old me would never have ever guessed. I would write caption on different sites seldom. That was until I stumbled on a blog called OTGC and I asked to be an author. About a week later I got a email from Rachel about a week of fun as a woman. The same time Jesse another caption writer wrote her blog about the spell and how after a week the transformation reverted her back to normal. I knew if this was a real thing I was going to find a way to make it permanent I needed to find it.
Which lead to a tireless search to find a way stay a woman. That lead me to pregnancy. Which lead me to a bar 11 months ago where I made sure my friend Alan was there waiting on his old friend from school. One weekend filled with passion later now we are here. Well not here exactly but close enough.
I knew the next Friday that I was pregnant. If I wasn't then I would if turned back to my old self that night. The hard part was trying to figure out what to do afterwards. I was a soon to be single mother who had to get papers made and set myself up with a life. I also had to tell Alan, and come up with a good plan in case he said sayonara. That could wait a few weeks. In the meantime we started going out on a regular basis. He told me a lot about himself with a embellishment here. At first I made up a stories about my life. Basic stuff about family and friends. I told him I just moved to the area a month or so before I meet him.
After 2 months of morning sickness I texted him on Saturday and told him that I might be pregnant I was going to the doctor to get checked out. I told him my appointment was on Monday. He didn't say a thing. I didn't get a text from him the rest of the weekend. I was worried. Terrified more like it. It was then I realized that over the last couple months I had fallen in love with him, and his silence was deafening.
Finally Monday evening I got a text. He asked me to come over and talk. I already knew what he was going to say, but I agreed to at least hear him out. I drove over there on the verge of tears the whole way. Finally I got to the door and knocked on it composing myself as quickly as possible. Alan opened his apartment door with a dozen white lilies (My favorite flower) and pulled me into a hug. We walked inside and he explained to me that this child was his responsibility to and he was going to be there for both of us. I broke down after he said that. I cried in his shoulder as he held me tightly. Moving his hand to my the small bulge and rubbing it saying that we were going to be a family.
It took 4 more months before I got him to make it official. He never wanted a wedding. He said our love and child proves our commit to each other. To which I responded that if he ever wanted to get with the mother of his child again she needed a ring on her finger. Saying it wards off would be tempters. He finally agreed with me and saw the errors of his ways.
The night before he proposed I decided to tell him the truth about me I knew I might lose him but I had to tell him who I truly was. I made him dinner and set it with candle light. After we got done eating I told him there was something I needed to tell him. I told him everything from who I was too why I did it and where I got the spell. He was stunned after I finished he got up and left. I cried. I called in work the next day and cried some more. I didn't stop crying even when I got a call from him saying to come outside. I walked outside and he was there with a stern look on his face. I walked over to him and asked if he was going to yell that he would do it inside so no one else would hear. He looked down at me dead in the eye and said no. He would not go inside he wanted everyone to know what he had to say. My eyes started to well up again knowing my life would soon be over. Then he got on one knee and yelled as loud as his lungs would allow. “VICTORIA! WILL YOU BE MY WIFE!”
I was stunned after all I told him he still wanted me to be his wife. I couldn't say anything at. To which he responded to my silence by again at the top of his lungs proclaiming. “VICTORIA! WILL YOU DO ME THE HONOR OF BEING MY WIFE!”
After this I was brought back to reality and I told him yes I would. With tears in my eyes. He stood up and lead me inside and brought me a box of tissues. He told me that he realized he loved me and that who I use to be didn't matter the fact that I was who I am now is what matters and he wanted to be with me forever.
That all leads back to here. With a hungry baby that won't latch on. 20 minutes before my wedding. I guess I just want to say thank you all for being there on OTGC blog and that this is a new life for all of us.

Author Note: Thank you to Jesse who allowed me to use her idea, and to all of you for reading this.

A New Life For Me.

     "I can't believe that this might work." I say hold on to my stomach hoping the last 3 days of unprotected sex might get me pregnant thus sealing me in to my new body forever.
     Maybe I should explain a little you see like Jesse I also got the email from Rachel promising one week of transformation fun. To be honest with you one week was not going to cut it. I wanted a lifetime. So before I opened the spell I did my research. I looked up hundreds of so called mystical books on transformations and body changes. I read every Caption that had to do with magic, and I came to an understanding. Pregnancy has a 8% chance of permanently transforming the man into a woman.
      Now that I knew there was a chance I had to test it out. I prepared myself I went online and brought several outfits for my new self in a range of sizes. Panties, blouse skirts, yoga pants and dresses. No jeans I wore them enough growing up I want to try other things. 
      It took months to do all the research and pay for all my expense and save enough so I could get new documents made if the spell became permanent. That whole time the spell laid unopened. Waiting in my inbox. Every day I would check if it was there always worried that one day I would wake up and it would vanish and all my effort would be for nothing.
     Then finally I was ready. Clothes had arrived and been removed from their hiding place under the bed. The herbal fertility treatment I ordered off the internet that smelled horrible sat next to my PC. Most importantly my friend Alan was at the local bar waiting on the old me to show up and I knew my friend he was alone and looking for someone. I striped down naked and set up a video recording. It was time I took 3 long deep breaths and open the spell and started to read it. The words started to swirl around me as I spoke them being careful to pronounce each word correctly. Once I reached the bottom of the spell the words vanished in a flash of light. I closed my eyes quickly. 
     The whole transformation was over pretty quickly but I enjoyed each moment of it from behind my closed eyes. The first thing was I felt my feet shrink as I stood there then the hairs on my legs started to disappear. My legs felt much more slender. Then I felt my butt start to grow as my hips became wider. Weirdly I still felt my dick hang in the cold air as the magic worked its way up my stomach as it pulled in my stomach giving me a sort of hourglass like shape. Then my chest started to itch I resisted the urge to scratch as the I felt pressure build behind my nipples as the became erect in the cold air. Then the magic moved down my arms thinning them making them more slender and more feminine. then I felt my face change the stubble that once populated my face vanishing as my face became smoother and more lady like. Then just as I was about to open my Eyes a surge of magic hit me between the legs pushing back in the penis and balls that were once there leaving behind only a slit. I moaned as the transformation complected itself. 
     I opened my eyes and took stock of my new body I look amazing I had to brush my new log hair out of my eyes but other then that I was perfect. I went over and stopped the recording and turned off the camera. Then I took a screenshot of the spell before I got dressed in the most feminine thing that would fit my new frame and headed to the bar. 
     The drive to the meet Alan took only 10 minutes but the were the longest 10 minutes of my life. By the time I finally arrived I felt like I was 3 years older. I composed myself in the car touching up my light makeup like I had done in the mirror at home to many time to count. I walked in and saw Alan sitting at the bar I slowly made my way to him doing my best to pretend I didn't know him. I sat down next to him at the bar and ordered a cider and said hello. 
     We talked for hours about different topics all night long the whole time I was planning on how I was going to get back to his place. I started to lay it on gently by doing things such as putting my hand on his knee keeping it there, twirling my long brown hair with my finger. Around closing time I had him. I made it look like I was to drunk to drive home. He kindly offed the use of his home which was just around the block. We left after paying our tab and walked to his place. 
     The 5 Minute walk to his apartment I hung on him the whole time making extremely suggestive conversation the whole time while I hung onto him. I could feel him trying to shift back and forth trying to hide the tent forming in his pants only made worse by the girl after seeing the bugle start to rub her hand over it. Rubbing my friend pants was a surreal experience on some small level I thought I shouldn't do this he is my friend, but on another completely different level I was thinking I needed him if I wanted to ever complete my dream. 
     By the time we got inside my friend couldn't hold back any more he pulled me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. It was a strange feeling being lifted up so easily and tossed I kinda enjoyed it. After a short minute of tearing clothes off we were in the trows of lust. Kissing and touch each other bodies. I grabbed his cock and marveled how big it was in my small hand I then glided it me. 
     By the time he came I was beyond myself. We fell asleep in each others arms. When I woke up the next day it was Saturday. I skillfully convinced him into staying in bed all day was a great idea. He gave up with very little resistance every so often I would run into the kitchen in one of his button up shirts and grab something for him and I to eat as well as taking my fertility supplement. We ended up spending spending Sunday in bed to. by the time I left Monday morning I was sore and raw and tried and most of all hopeful.
      It's Friday now and I'm expecting any moment I will find out if I will ever change back it 5 minutes I will learn if I call Alan and apologize for being sick all week or call and ask if he wants to take me on another date. 
-6 Minutes Later-
"Hey Alan you free tonight I've been missing you all week."

Mar 25, 2018

Best friends forever

Richard and Nick were best friends. They knew each other since they were really young, had went through school, and even high school together. The problem was that they were now going to separate colleges. They had both gotten good grades, but Nick had gotten into the better school since he was able to take the harder classes. The only reason Richard hadn't was that his father made him work at the family business quite a bit, which made it impossible to fit the time the harder classes would have taken. Therefore, Richard was going to a smaller university. Richard and Nick were sitting at a cafe, having lunch on the last day before they would each head off to their respective colleges. " This really sucks bro," said Nick. Richard sighed and said, " you can say that again. I only wish there was a way we could go to the same college." Suddenly a strange old man who had overheard them smiled and said, " I can help you with that for a price." He explained that he was a wizard and confirmed it when he was able to read their thoughts. They were amazed at this and asked what to do. The old man gave them directions to his shop, and they headed over to it. It was an old looking shop called Magical desires ad they were surprised they had never heard of it, as they had driven past this area several times before. They entered the shop and were greeted by the old man upon their arrival. They explained the situation and the old man said, " have just the thing," and he pulled out a cloudy white crystal ball. He sold it to them for 20 bucks, which they thought was cheap for something that could change their lives. He told Richard and Nick to touch the orb with both hands and say what they both want in unison. He warned them, however, that their request may not be granted the exact way they wanted it. They were willing to risk this as they really wanted to keep their friendship intact and followed the directions the old man had given them. The cloudy substance in the white orb started to spin counter clock wise and glow with a white light.

Richard and Nick were caught in a whirlwind, and were transported to what looked like a dorm room, but they were obviously in a girls' dorm since pink things and posters of one direction were on the walls. They were confused because didn't know why the orb had transported them to a girls' room. They figured the best thing to do was leave before the room's occupants came back, but they found they couldn't move. Things really started to get strange from there as they both started to decrease in height. Richard who had been slightly taller than Nick before, shrunk down from 6'1 to a height of 5'6 while Nick went from 5'11 to a height of 5'8. They booth felt their hair start to grow all the way down to the middle of their back. Both guys had blonde hair, but Nick noticed his hair was now a rich dark brown color while Richard remained with blonde hair. Their shoulders started to lose width becoming far less broad and their arms thinned down with their bulk muscle converting to a more toned type of muscle. They both hunched over as they began to feel a great pressure in their chests, and were shocked to see that they each had two growths starting there. The pressure was relieved hen their new breasts stopped growing with Nick being the owner of two D cup breasts and Richard sporting two smaller, but still nice C cup boobs. Their faces started to stiffen up as they changed and became more chiseled until both guys had the faces of two beautiful women. " What's going on bro," asked Nick. " I don't know man I cough*... think we're turning into women," said Richard covering his mouth as Nick looked at him in shock as Richard's voice was now very girly and high pitched. "Bro cough*... your voice...," said Nick covering his voice as he now had a voice which wasn't nearly as high pitched as Richard's, but still was that of a woman's. Their backs and waists cracked after that giving them athletic yet curvy looking bodies. Their torsos also slimmed down, again giving them tone rather than bulk muscle.  Next their hips started to pop out, becoming wider and giving each of them a nice pear shape. Nick's ass started to plump up and Richard's ass followed soon after. Nick ended up with an athletic ass that was tight, but still big and round. Richard's ass on the other hand, was bigger rounder, and far less toned than Nick's. Their thighs started to thicken up soon after, to support their new big asses, with Nick getting the thicker thighs due to the larger amount of muscle he had in his legs. Finally they both started to feel extremely queezy and fell over as they felt like their insides were rearranging. The feeling spread to their groins as their genitals started to shrink, leaving them with tight pussies, and making them officially women capable of reproduction. Their clothes started to alter to their now feminine bodies. Their shirts became more styled, as to what a girl their age would wear. Their jeans changed to tight pink yoga pants that really showed off their....ASSets. Bows appeared in their hair, which styled itself to make them even more appealing, as golden hoop earrings appeared in both their ears. Their undershirts became bras which held up their bountiful breasts. Their boxers, which had become bunched up due to the tight yoga pants, altered to thongs making their asses a lot more comfortable. Richard and Nick stared at each other in shock as they had no idea why the orb had turned them into girls, but their changes were just beginning.

Richard and Nick started to feel strange blankness in their minds as memories began to rewrite themselves in their brains, and reality began to change around them. First they didn't remember each other as best friends, Richard and Nick, but rather best friends Nicole and Renae. They began to remember all the times they played together as children, going to high school together, relationships they had with boyfriends and breakups,etc. They remembered working hard throughout high school to get good grades and how overjoyed the were when the were both accepted to the same high profile university. The new girls didn't know and would never know that reality had to alter for them to be able to attend school together. You see, as a boy, Renae/ Richard wasn't pressured to work as much as when she were a man, and was able to make time for the hard classes. Nicole/Nick also had to become a girl in order to remain Renae's best friend in this reality. The two girls complimented each other on how cute they looked. Tonight was the night they were starting a new adventure together, not only were they attending college together, but they were pledging the same same sorority. The two girls embraced and left to start that adventure.

Magic gym

Mitch was severely out of shape and hated working out with a passion. However, fate would deal him a different card. On his 23rd birthday he would be given a gym membership as part of a gift. Not wanting to be rude and waste the gift, Mitch decided to finally go and try working out at the gym to see if he would actually like it. Mitch couldn't help but think of rude it was his friend had given him a gym membership, I mean who gives that as a gift. The card said, "guaranteed to give you the body you have wished for." Mitch hoped so and made his way to the gym. When he started to work out, he noticed that the gym was full of shirtless muscle bound dudes. Mitch was not happy at this, as he was hoping to at least see some hot chicks working out. Instead he was stuck in this sausage fest and he was not enjoying at all. Sure there were girls there, but they were the ones trying to lose wait, so in other words noone Mitch would look twice at. Mitch made his way to the dummbells to work on biceps and it was an even bigger sausage fest. Mitch muttered under his breath, " I wish there were more girls with nice bodies in here." Immediately Mitch's gym membership card started to glow faintly, unbenknownst to Mitch.

Mitch continued to do dummbell reps, but unaware at how toned with muscle his arms were becoming. His skin gained a caramel tone to it as his face started to become more feminine. His eyes became more slanted and his brown hair changed to a black color, but it quickly gained blonde hair dye throughout it. His race changed as he gained both asian and african american ancestry. His shoulders became more toned, but also became thinner and far less broad. Two lumps started to form on his chest and they kept growing until he had a pair of C cup breasts as his waist caved in and his abs became far more toned as his body fat started to convert to muscle. His back cracked causing his lower body to push outward and make his butt point out. Next his hips started to jutt out some, but not much due to the fact that his body was becoming more muscular than fatty. His ass, soon after that, started to to push out more, and become rounder. It was was soon round, tight, and would make any guy go crazy for it. His legs started to also become toned as his thighs thickened up with muscle and his calves became more toned, showing that his new body obviously did some cardio workouts. Finally his groin started to feel a pinch in it as his dick start to retreat into his body becoming a tight vagina due mainly to the amount of workouts she did. Mitch's black tank top then changed into a black sports bra that pushed up and showed off her new boobs very nicely. Her gym gym shorts shrunk becoming a pair of pink booty shorts that might as well have been a thong. Her shoes changed into a pair of pink and black nike running shoes. Her mentality started to change as she started to remember hersel as Michelle a girl who loved working out and found the muscular guys at the gym very hot. As she continued to lift she began to think about having sex with some of the guys, and without her realizing it, started to moan. This caught the attention of the guys at the gym. Finally a tall black guy approached her, telling that she was an easy lay, due to the thong she was wearing. He told her, " Hey, I'm Jamal I've seen you working out here, and I was thinking maybe we could work out together and maybe go on a date later."  "Sure, sounds like a plan," said Michelle provocatively. "Great, " said Jamal, smacking her on the ass. Michelle giggled, as she couldn't wait to make this Jamal's night after their date

Dad looks good

When Dad was diagnosed with Second Puberty I was less then enthused, I expected that my friends would make fun of me and things would be awkward.

It was even worse than I thought, Dad turned into a really sexy woman, big breasts, wide hips, thick thighs, and everyone in town seemed to take notice. My Friends never failed to let me know that my Dad was a MILF now and Dad didn't help matters by jokingly flirting with them. Why can't life ever just be simple, fortunately Second Puberty isn't hereditary so hopefully I don't get it, cause who knows what my friends will say then.

A Breeze on My Skin

I've been Jessica for a few days now, I was transformed because of a spell Rachel send to me when I joined this site. At first I thought Bianca, my girlfriend would freak out seeing me in another form like this. But to my surpirse she was actually taking it very well. I explained to her about my fantasy of being a girl, and I've been reading and writing TG caption for sometimes now. Lucky for me, she understand it, and she just want to stay together with me, even though that I am a girl now it was fine for her. Because she was also curious about trying a girl-to-girl action tht we already did numerous time since I was transformed.

This past few days I spent as a girl, I realized that not just my body that changed but also my mind. I was able to put on some make up, wear bras with no trouble (but to be honest, I prefer to be naked. Somehow it made me more comfortable than covering up my body), and also I was now becoming more and more obedient to Bianca. Before, I was the dominant role in our relationship, but now she took that role. Something felt right and nice when I obey her command on me. And that even made us even more connected to each other, our bond became stronger.

Yesterday she took me on a picnic at a field away from the city. It was always her favorite thing to do, its relaxing she said. I never really got very into it, but I used to take her anyway just to be able to spend some quality time together. But this time was different, I think my new body share the same interest as her, since the idea of having a picnic suddenly excite me.

We set up our spot, and prepared our meal that we packed from home. I stand on the field feeling t breeze on my skin, which somehow calm me. I really like this. I took a deep breath and smiled at Bianca.
"You like it, don't you? You should've transformed into Jessica since a long time ago!" She said to me
"I would transform if I had the spell back then..." I answered her and give her a big hug "Ohh I love you babe.."
"I love you too.." She said
We sat together on the grass, because I forgot to pack the picnic mats. I was worried that she would be mad at me, but she isn't.
"I like sitting on the grass better" She said while holding my hand
"I never liked it before.. But now I like the way the grass rubs against my skin.."
"Umm, maybe you should take off your dress so you can feel the grass with your whole body." She teased me
"No way babe. As much as I want to, no way I'm getting naked in the middle of this field.."
"Come babe, we're in the middle of nowhere. There are no one around here. Come on, take off your dress, I like you better without them."
I blushed, I took of my dress revealing my bras and panties. Without a word, Bianca pointed to my bra and panties and asked to take them off too. And then here I am, in the middle of the field standing naked. I can feel the breeze on my skin, its kinda cold and it made my nipples hard.

"Well, its better, isn't it?" She asked
"Actually, it is! Ahh! Its so nice being out here" I said as I lay down next to her. And then Bianca followed me, and we both laying on the grass.
I can feel every strand of grass brushed again my skin, it felt so nice, so good, it somehow made me a little bit horny. For a while I just take it all in, enoying the relaxing sensation. While taking a long breath of fresh air. We both lay quiely for a few moments..
"Babe, I need to ask you something. I need you t be honest" I started asking her
"Come on, Jessie you know you can ask me anything."
"Well, honestly are you okay with be being like this forever? I mean, I've became Jessica for a few days now. I don't have a job, not even an ID. I mean, you go to work while I just stay at hoe masturbate, and then please you when you get home. Its troubling me for a while now..." I said
"Oh.. of course I'm okay if you stayed like this.And no, I don't mind if I did all the work, for me its worth it. Me working hard to provide for myself and my 'girl'friend.." She said while reaching for my hand and hold it. Hearing her words made me feel warm inside. I was one a lucky man, or woman now.
"Don't you ever miss the old Jesse back? You know with the dick?"
"Umm... sometimes.." she said in a smaller voice
"What if.. what if I never go back as Jesse?" I said while tears started forming in my eyes.
"Ohhh, don't cry." She said as she cuddle my naked skin "As long as I'm with you I don't care if you're Jesse or Jessica I WILL always beside you... okay? Now stop crying, my little hot chick" She said as she tried to cheer me up.
I didn't know why suddenly I got very emotional, I love Bianca and I am afraid to lose her. But she assured me that we will always be together.
We spent the entire afternoon cuddling and teasing each other. When we talk, Bianca sometimes run her fingers and fidget with my hard nipples, making me really turned on. She really know what to press on my new body.

After a few round of fingering each other, followed by couple of orgasms and a lot of kissing and cuddling we finally decided to get home.
Once I get home, I washed all the dirty dishes from our picnic, clean myself up. And then started to relax on the bed with my phone. When Suddenly, I received a new mail from Rachel:
"Hey Jessica, how was being a girl? I bet you had a blast. Reading your journal on the OTGC blog, really tells me that you enjoy it very much. Not just you, but also Bianca your girlfriend. However, here I send you this email to tell you that the spell will wear off in about a week after he first transformation. And your time is almost up. I forgot to mention this in earlier email, but here I am to remind of it so you won't be alarmed when you change back to your old self. So, be prepare!
Cheers, Rachel"
My heart sank when I read the mail. I gaze to my beasts and can't imagine if losing those precious mounds. I smell my long hair, and the girly scent coming out of it made me knew I'll miss them. But not if I can trnasform back into Jessica, I can use the spell again. I tried to find Rachel's previous email contning the spell, but it was nowhere t be found. I look at the inbox, at the spam folder, at the trash, its gone! I started crying again. Scared of losing my new body thatI just get used to.
When Bianca entered the bedroom an saw me crying, she tried to calm me down. And I started to explain what just happened. She cheered me up, and offered me to have the last one of the great girl-on-girl experience, which she knew I wouldn't reject.


Mar 24, 2018

Spells Inc: Cheer Squad

Mrs Morningstar was driving home from school. It had been a rough day primarily because of a troublemaker in her class, Bryan. She had tried everything, sending them to the principal, detention nothing worked. Honestly he wasn't a bad kid he was just enamored with the cheerleaders in her class, acting out to impress them. If only there was some way to show him how foolish they were being she thought. Just then she noticed a new store on the side of the store and figured she would go up to the drive through to see what they were selling. As she pulled up to the window she was greeted by a perky shop girl. "What do you sell here? Food?" "More like solutions. What seems to be the problem you look stressed?" "You can say that again I hate my job this boy acts out in class and tortures the cheerleaders he likes.""Say no more I have just the thing." The shop girl went into the back and came out a moment with a purple potion. "This is $10 have your student drink it to learn his lesson." "What is it? Is it safe? Can i drug a student?" "Jeez what is it with people and questions! It is $10 give this to the boy and teach him a lesson like you are paid to do." Mrs Morningstar exchanged the money and went home.

Later that night she figured if Bryan didn't end up pushing her too far 1 day and getting her fired she would be quitting soon if things didn't change. She would not have to wait long for a chance to give Bryan the potion, he quickly acted out in class and she gave him detention. After Bryan finished cleaning up the classroom that afternoon she gave him the potion as a reward. Bryan was confused since the 2 had been squabbling all year but took the purple, soda liquid and drank it.

The next day when class started she noticed that Bryan seemed a little shorter, a little more polite to the girls he was attracted too but still a terror in class. She almost lost hope right then and there thinking she had been duped out of $10. The next day however Bryan was shorter still, his hair longer, more demure and he seemed to be developing a tan in the middle of winter. By day 3 Bryan had shrunk considerably, he was never tall but if he was 5' tall now he would be lucky. He was definitely more polite and his tan was darker still. The next few days Mrs Morningstar had a hard time noticing anymore changes and the rest of the class never noticed anything different about Bryan despite his now lack of height, personality shifting and his definitely black skin now. By day 7 she finally understood what was going on when Brianna walked in with long hair and budding breasts she was a young woman now who had caught Kenneth's eye and was now the subject of the bullying he used to inflict. Figuring the cheer squad could use new recruits she planned another trip to Spells Inc to get Kenneth started on his journey.

                                                                               7 days earlier
"Gaah I hate going to Mrs Morningstar's class. She is always such a pain all I want to do is get it on with lucy and she constantly gives me detention or whatever. She did give me that weird soda yesterday so maybe I should cut her some slack" thought Bryan.

                                                                              6 days earlier
"I don't know what it was about yesterday but it seemed like things were going better. Mrs Morningstar laid off a bit and I think Lucy actually smiled at me. Today was weird though when Lucy and I were working on the group project she almost seemed taller than me. It's just like whatever though my tan is coming and once I get another haircut things will be fabulous. Its weird though I swore I just got a haircut the other day."

                                                                             5 days earlier
"When I woke up this morning it was like my entire body ached. I don't know what is causing this but when I walked into Mrs Morningstar's class today I barely came up to Lucy's tits. Thankfully she is such a great girl. I don't know what has changed these last few days but we have talked and become closer than at any point this semester. It is almost like we are girlfriends."

"I wish I knew what happened to me. When the week started I had a dick, white skin, and only wanted to fuck Lucy. Now I look like her sister I'm 5' if I'm lucky, and my skin is black. Plus when I woke up this morning my penis was gone and I was graced with starting my period. Thank God Lucy has become such a good friend because Kenneth has been picking on my all morning. Maybe if I join the cheer squad I can get some safety in numbers and he will layoff. Plus I will get to wear some really cute outfits hehe."

                                                                              1 month later
"Joining the cheer squad was the best thing to happen me. Since I am the shortest member on the team the few guys on the squad always get to grab my ass and heave me into the air. It is exhilarating, the wind in my hair, twisting and turning and finally landing in the arms of a strong man. I love it, I never thought this would be me though. I was a man just a months ago but no one seems to remember that but me. Now all I can think about is how sweet it will be to go to homecoming this year, what I will wear and how good it feels when I masturbate. Like seriously it is so much better as a girl than as a man, my whole body goes limp and I can't wait to get a boyfriend and go all the way."

Mar 23, 2018

Kitty wild

"Would you get down from there? It's bad enough that you're in girl-next-door Chizuko's body, but now you're perched on the ledge like a wildcat in heat! As your girlfriend, I protest!" Alice said, exasperated by Carl's antics. 

Carl looked over sheepishly as he teetered on the windowsill in heels. "Sorry hun, I dunno what came over me. That Role Exchanger thing must've picked up traits from Chizuko's kitty cat and given me some, in addition to this silky body of hers. It's just so fun to hop up and feel my breasts bounce as I swish my hair and *meow*, tee hee!" 

Great, thought Alice, just one more crazy thing to deal with. "Aww, don't be a sourpuss," Carl purred, "Surely the R.E. changed you too? My keen eyes do spot a bulge in your skirt." Alice gasped and blushed as Carl leaped over to peek at her shameful secret. "No no, don't touch it, Carl! I just...I got a passing truck driver's huge hairy private parts, and I think he probably drove off with my womanhood!" Alice sobbed. And who knows what else I've got? Alice thought bitterly as she felt the alien sensation of her rock hard cock straining against her panties. She did her best to press it down, but to no avail. "I've tried to hide it from you, but I can't control this thing! I'm so ashamed, I feel like a freak; how can I be your girlfriend now?" 

"*Mew*?" Carl quietly nuzzled and tickled her, first with hair and then with his tongue, and Alice couldn't help but moan as her unwanted cock sprang free. "Carl, what are you---*nnh* oh no baby wait---" but Carl kept up his ministrations. Soon Alice was panting with a surging male sex drive that was also now hers thanks to the R.E. 

"Mmm, Carl, oh no stop that, bad cat, baaaad, bad kitty!  *Uhnnn*  Mhmm, ohh yes, good cat, good kitty---Carl, ohh Carly kitty, Carrrlllly!!" 

Mar 22, 2018

"Magic" Remote

One day I was at the local mall just walking around when I came across a weird old shop. It almost looked like an antique shop because of all the old stuff in it. As I looked around I found this really cool old remote. While I was inspecting it, an old man snuck up behind me.
"You like it?" He asked
"Yea it's pretty cool I guess. Is there anything special about it? Does it come with an old TV too?"
"Oh, this isn't just a plain old remote. This remote has the ability to alter reality itself" said the old man. "You want a new car? Just point at your old one and change the settings to a new car and BAM! You're rolling in style. Your clothes are good enough? The remote can change them into good ones. Someone getting on your nerves? Change how they act, or change them into someone else entirely."
"This doesn't seem possible. There is no such thing as a magic remote."
"I'll tell you what. I'll sell it to you for 75% off, just to prove it to you. What do you say?"
Only $25? That's not too much, plus I can humor him as well.
"Sure. You've got a deal."
When I got home, I decided to take this "magic" remote out for a spin. I started by pointing it at my crummy old tv, and changed it to 60" 4K TV. All of a sudden, the tv changed before my very eyes. I can't believe it, that old man was right. I had the power to change things as I pleased. I ended up changing everything in my house to fit how I always wanted to live. New car, new clothes, etc. That's when I got an idea. I texted my two friends Carl and Emmett to come over because I had something very important to show them. When they showed up, I told them to sit down across from me.
"So what was this thing you wanted to show us?" said Carl sitting on the left
"Yea what's up" said Emmett on the right.
"This" I pulled out the remote and pointed at both of them freezing them in place. All right, time to experiment. I pulled up the option menu and changed both of their genders from male to female, and hit accept. Right before my eyes, they both changed into the girl versions of themselves, and I gotta say that they both looked very attractive. They were still frozen however. I looked over at any other changes and saw an "adjust to reality" feature. Interested I clicked it. Then I unfroze both of them just to see how they would react.
"So are you gonna show us this thing you called us over for or not? Emily and I have party we are supposed to go to tonight."
"Wait, what did you call Emmett?" I asked
"Emmett? That's very funny dude, but my name's Emily and this is Caroline if you've forgotten."
"Hey Em, I think he's lost it, maybe that's why he called us over!" They both then started to giggle.
This is unreal, they both think that they've always been girls. I need to see what else is changed. 
"So, what's this party that y'all are going to?"
"Oh, it's just a cookie swap some of us girls are going to. Just a nice little get together for a chance for us to become a stronger community." Emily said.
"That sounds like fun, can I come?"
"Sorry Leonard, but it's girls only and the last time I checked, you ain't a girl." Giggled Caroline
Oh yea. I hit pause on the remote and then did something drastic. I pointed the remote at myself after switching the gender to female and fired. I was then turned into a female version of myself. I then hit unpause. 
"So girls, you ready to go to the cookie swap?" I asked
"Yea sure! I'm so glad you came around to going Leah!" Emily said. 
"I wouldn't miss it for the world". 
Before we left I got Emily to take a picture of me just so I could save this moment. Who knows, maybe I'll turn back into Leah in the future, or maybe I'll even keep Caroline and Emily the way they are. They seem pretty happy anyways. 

Alone in the Woods

"His name is Garrett and you love him though yo

u grow apart." The shadow in the distance stood still yet her ethereal voice came from every direction.

"I don't love him! I'm not gay. He's like a brother. I mean he was..." Despite the urban legends the dead woman of the forest was hardly malevolent, much to Chris's relief. He was surprised to find her so welcoming of trespassers. Well maybe not welcoming but definitely not hostile. Just questions.

"Are you lost? Are you meant to be here? What is your name? Why are you here? Why would you do that? What is your friends name?"

"It just feels like Garrett and I are becoming strangers." Chris continued "He has new friends, and interests, and I just can't keep up." He sighed and looked down at the leaf covered ground. "Without him I'll just be left myself. Alone." Chris stood motionless surrounded by trees, the only response be the rustling of dead leafs and the cold autumn breeze. After a few minutes he had made up his mind. He sighed again and began unfurling his rope.

"No." The sudden reply broke the silence, coming from one direction as opposed to all of them. Chris looked up and found the spectral inhabitant of the woods stood right before him. She was a pale and fragile looking thing, appearing no older than a girl of Chris's own age. Her face was completely white and framed by her raven black hair. Her skin appeared unblemished apart from what appeared to be a bruise around her neck. The ghost would had appeared completely otherworldly if not for her deep emerald eyes. Were not for her eyes one would find it hard to believe such a thing had ever been human. Chris thought she was beautiful. She was beautiful.

"No more being alone." The ghost had a small distant voice filled with melancholy. "And no more rope." Chris felt a faint chill as she placed her small hands on his. Without breaking eye contact he dropped the rope.

"I don't... I don't think you're broken. You're not lost." She attempted to smile, but it had been so long since she had, she struggled. "I think you're missing a part. I was... am missing a part." She moved her right hand on Chris's chest. "If you, I, we become combine our parts, we can be whole and leave this forest. But everything will change." Chris knew this was the point of no return, yet he had no fear and grasped the ghosts free hand. "Than let's change." His reply caused her a brief expression of surprise, before becoming a more successful smile. The ghost began to fade as Chris felt a new energy enter him. As soon as she had vanished, he blacked out.

It had been a year since Christine entered these woods, and in truth she wasn't sure why she had come back. The trees had looked so sad and lonely last year, but now she just saw them as dead trees. Strands of black hair blew before her eyes as she observed her surroundings and pondered on why she had returned. Her thoughts were only interrupted when the strong arms of a man wrapped around her.

"Look out for bears!" Garrett shouted as he grabbed his fiancé and lifted her up. "Garrett stop!" Christine laughed as he gently set her back on her feet. "Did you find whatever it is you were looking for out here?" She once again scanned the forest until realization hit and her emerald eyes met his. "Yeah." She grew a sly smile and brought her face closer to his. "I did."

Weird family traditions. Part 3 (Request)

"Embrace it" Those were the words Linda said to me after I got involved in her family's crazy body swapping tradition and ended up as her cousin Anna. Back then it seemed impossible to just simply embrace the fact that I am a woman but after giving it a try I was surprised how easy it was. We were really lucky Linda ended up as Anna's boyfriend. Thanks to it she was able to help me out in this weird situation I found myself in. She was my guide through the whole adapting process and I don't think that whithout her I would be able to confidently look in the mirror seeing Anna's reflection. I'm actually surprised how well I took it. At the begining I felt ridiculous when I had to wear a dress or when every morning Linda was putting makeup on my face. Soon however I begin to feel comfortable in women's clothes and I started to do my makeup by myself. From then it was an easy way to fill into the role of Anna. Linda was actually surprised how feminine I was becoming with each day and how much I started to resemble the real Anna. Of course she liked the change and since she was now my boyfriend we decided to role play a bit. It was funny to be the woman in our relationship but soon I found it quite interesting to see everything from a woman's point of view. Linda played her role perfectly and showed me how a man should treat his woman. I must admit I've learned a lot and when we go back to our bodies I'm going to treat her like she treated me. It didn't take long for both of us to get intimate and the first time I had sex in a woman's body I was absolutely shocked about how good it felt to have a man inside you.

Summer is ending and Today is our last day in those bodies. Yesterday we decided to make the day speciall so we went on our last date as Anna and Nathan. The day was magicall and it ended with us having passionate love to eachother for one last time. Now I am waiting for Linda to come so we can go to the family gathering and swap back to our original bodies. While enjoying the weather I looked down at myself and chuckled. It's funny how well I've adapted to be Anna. The dress I put on was showing off Anna's feminine figure very nicely and I liked how sexy it made me feel. I grew used to those two humps on my chest and I'll be definitelly missing them. Especially how good it felt when Linda was playing with them while the two of us were making love.

"Are you ready" Linda asked as she aproached me. I turned around to face her. We still had some time before heading off so an idea crossed my mind. "Not yet" I grinned at her and guided her back to our room where I kneeled before her, took of her pants and gave her a nice blowjob. After I finished with it I smiled and told we can go now. 

We were the last ones to arrive so we didn't know what's going on but the atmosphere seemed to be tense. Linda's family memberes seemed to be troubled by something. "What's going on?" Linda asked nervously. "Take a seat you two" Uncle Robert said before giving us any explanation. "Can someone tell me what's going on?" I couldn't stand the silence. "It's Anna. She... Ran away with your body" Uncle Robert said. "She did what!" I shouted not beliving what I've just heard. "We were trying to find her but apparently Anna is doing everything to stay hidden. She liked being a guy so much she refused to swap back into her body. I'm sorry but it seems like you are going to be Anna from now" Uncle Robert patted me on the back. "I... I... My God, Linda what are we going to do now" I cried. It wasn't the fact I was stuck in Anna's body that was worrying me. After the summer I became comfortable with it and I didn't actually mind to be her for the rest of my life. It was that me and Linda were supposed to get married and since I was her close cousing now we wouldn't be able to do it. Linda was thinking for a moment before she stood up. "Where are you going?" I asked. "I have a plan" She said and asked Nathan to chat in private. 

I was tapping my fingers nervously as Linda and Nathan were discusing something. The suspense was killing me and I couldn't stand it anymore. Finally Linda came back with news. What I've heard from her shocked me. She told me she didn't want to end our relationship so she asked Nathan to give her his body. Nathan didn't seem to mind being in Linda's body so he agreed. "Linda, you don't have to do it. You don't have to give up your body for this" I said trying to change her mind. "No, I can't imagine my life without you. Even if I have to give up my femininity I want to be with you" She said and kneeled before me. "What are you doing?" I asked when she took a small box in her hand. "Anna, will you marry me?" She opened the box carrying an engagment ring inside. Shocked I gasped and covered my mouth. "Are... You serious?" I asked and linda nodded her head. "Yes. Yes I will!" I said and let her to put the ring on my finger. The whole family begin to cheer for us as we embraced eachother and kissed passionately. 


As impressed as Jack was with the fact that his friend Todd owned a vintage Pac-Man machine he had a deep competitive streak that just couldn’t stand to see Todd’s name filling the high-score board.
He squared up to the cabinate and dropped a quarter in the slot determinded to see his own name at the top of the list.

The bleeps and buzzes of the machine filled Jack’s head. The game consumed all of his focus, his concentration so intense that he didn’t even notice his body changing.
Blazing through the levels he shifted his stance as his sneakers morphed into stiletto heels. 
Power pill!” he grinned as the ghosts attempted to flee.  
Each blue flashing shape adding to his score and accelerating his change.
One; his legs grew long and smooth.  
Two; his jeans faded away as if they had never been.
Three; his hips widened and his back arched pushing his firm round ass out.
Four; his shorts and top merged to form lacy negligee. Each blue flashing shape adding to his score and 
His enemies defeated for the moment Jack switched back to gobbling up the remaining dots.
Slim fingers with manicured nails punch the buttons as his score climbed higher. 
He grabbed a bonus fruit, then another making the twin mounds of his new breasts swell on his chest.
Another power pill, another four ghost captured. His body grew slimmer, more feminine. His facial features grew soft and girlish as long black hair tumbled over his shoulders.
“Almost there...” he growled in a higher softer voice. 
His goal was in sight but it was a struggle to maintain his concentration now. His mind was changing. His memories, his very soul altering to fit his new body. Desperate the new girl evaded the ghost’s relentless pursuit. The last few dots vanished from the screen and then...
“Yes! High score!!” Jacqueline squealed, thrilled at her achievement. “Just wait until I tell Todd. He’s going to be so totally jealous his girlfriend beat his high-score.”
J.A.X she typed on the screen as proof of her accomplishment before walking away in search of Todd. As fun as it had been she was done with kids games now. She was in the mood for some much more adult play and Todd was just the one to press her buttons.