Apr 30, 2018

Teen Body Swap (Seventh annual writer's round)

     I can't believe I got body swapped with a teenager. I never imagined this would happen to me. When I wet all the other writers at the Wreck Room I knew I was in for a surprise. Meeting all the people I had chatted online with for months was what I thought the highlight of the evening was I in for a surprise. 
    I got here kinda early I had driven cross-country to get here and was looking forward to a week in California. Monday night was the party I planned on going and then taking in the sights the rest of the week. What I hadn't planned on was the 16 year old sitting in the corner sipping on a Diet Coke count the people as they walk in. 
     Amanda as I found out her name or my name is now. thanks to her learners permit. Amanda had been sent a cryptic letter a few weeks back continuing a one use body swap spell and a note reading that she was to use it on Monday April 30th on the 6th person that walk though the doors at the Wreck Room and your deepest wish will be granted. Somehow the mysterious sender knew Amanda's desire to be a man and thought even if it's a hoax she couldn't hurt to try. 
     So upon walking in to the Bar I feel disorientated and swapped place with Amanda. The words on the scroll disappearing in my hands as I gain my eyesight again. I look for my old body and I see it walking out the door. I run off to the restroom to get a better look at myself. I walk to the mirror and take a selfie. Now I wonder if one of the other transformed girls is willing to buy me a stiff drink or at least give me a lift home later tonight. 

Alien abduction (Seventh annual writer's round)

Aliens… why did it have to be aliens?! Couldn’t I have caught the TG flu, or suffered from Second Puberty, or something like that?! Did I really have to be caught in some crazy alien abduction and experiment?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty happy overall with what they have done to me. When I greeted all my fellow captioners and left the Wreck Room, I was actually pretty excited and eager to find out what would have happened to me. So many possibilities, so many fates! Imagine my shock when suddenly I was enveloped by some eerie bright light and felt myself being lifted up from the ground, starting floating in the air and getting slowly pulled towards a saucer up in the sky and then inside of it, losing consciousness almost immediately.

I was scared shitless when I woke up and found myself strapped to that medical table, surrounded by strange and disquieting machineries and by small green people messing around with them and emitting those strange unsettling grunts. I had seen enough sci-fi films to know that I was about to be experimented on, and I was so scared that I could not even master the strength to break free. I was their guinea pig, and I was screwed.
Thankfully for me, they were conducting experiments on human anatomyk, and in particular they were curious to learn about our genders (because of course they were). Apparently to a species that reproduces by mitosis, the mere concept of gender sounds alien and nonsensical, and they were quite curious to find out what would have happened if they started to mess around with our genitals and our DNAs.

I have to consider myself lucky. I could have ended up as a pregnant guy, or a chick with a dick, like some of the other abducted people did. Since they limited themselves to change my gender and mess around with my new body a bit, now that I am back on heart I can hope to lead a normal life, even though now that I am a woman I basically will have to start from scratch. The problem is that I’m finding it quite hard to lead a normal life as a woman after having been experimented on. The trauma of being abducted and transformed would distress anybody, but it’s not just that. There’s more.

You see, when I said that I was screwed, I meant that in quite a literal sense. After having acquired a fresh new pussy, the aliens got a little carried away with their… probing. It was quite a traumatic experience, but most of all it was so unbelievably pleasant. During those endless ours I achieved pleasures I didn’t even think were possible, and that was not just thanks to my new sensitive body, but mostly due to the way their highly sophisticated machines would tease and stimulate my new assets. And once I got back to earth I was understandably enough quite eager to find myself a man that would have fucked me senselessly and have me experience that heaven again.

The problem is that I have discovered to my disappointed that no male earthling can compare with those alien machineries. Even the most hung up black man I managed to find was barely capable of making me feel something, let alone make me climax. In the end I had to buy this monstrosity of a dildo in the hope I could have replicated the experience, but so far it is not quite the same thing. Nothing is.

I guess all I can do now is accept the fact that those abysses of absolute pleasure may be forever precluded to me, which means that I will have to settle for the pathetic dicks of my species. I’m booking a vacation to Ohio anyway. I have heard they have found a new crop circle, and even thought that kind of stuff ends up revealing itself as hoaxes almost always, those are the only kind of traces I can follow hoping to one day meet my alien benefactors again. A girl can dream.

To be at home (Seventh annual writer's round)

So far the party was going great and the guys seemed to have fun. Unfortunatelly I couldn't say it about myself. Maybe if the party didn't take place so far away from where I was living I would enjoy it much more. It's not like I was homesick or something. The long travel from Poland to USA had really worn me off and so far the only thing I wanted more than anything was finding myself in a comfy bed. "Man, I wish I was at home" I sighed and took another sip of my beer. Suddenly I begin to feel dizzy and everything went dark for a moment. When I came to I found myself laying on a couch in a living room. I groaned and looked around not recognizing the place. Did I pass out? No that couldn't be it. I didn't feel like I was even drinking. Suddenly I realized something is not right about my body. Some parts of it felt really strange and unfamiliar. I reached towards my chest and felt something round and squishy in my hand. I looked down and saw two mounds under my shirt which looked almost like... "Boobs?" I said outloud and got surprised at how feminine my voice was. I quickly got on my feet and patted all over my body. My mind was slowly realizing what just happened. "I am a woman?" I said to myself in disbelief.

I keep staring at myself for a long time trying to understand how such thing could happen when someone aproached me from behind. "Mommy are you all right?" I heard a child's voice. I turned around and saw a little boy who couldn't be older than four years. "Sure, everything is fine" I said making the best smile I could in this situation. "Ok" The boy said and stood there looking at me before speaking again "I'm hungry mom" He finally said. For a moment I was standing there dumbfounded before the idea kicked into my head. I was the child's mom now so it was my duty. I went to the kitchen and begin to prepare something for my son. In the meantime I learned that apparently I have not one but two kids. The second boy who was about two years younger than his older brother came to the kitchen as well. He wasn't hungry but he deffinitelly demanded some attention. I was having troubles trying to do two things at once but somehow I managed myself.

The rest of the day was pretty complicated as I was playing the role of a mother of two little boys. The hardest part was probably forcing them to take a bath and putting them to bed. However when they finally fell asleep I felt something inside. Something that I could call a maternall love. As I looked at the two boys sleeping peacefully my heart was at peace and I was feeling joy. Smiling to myself I went back to the living room where I could sit down and enjoy all the time I had for myself. I used that time to explore a bit and learn about my new life. First I went to check out myself in the mirror because since I ended up here I didn't have the chance to actually see my face. Standing before the mirror I was quite satisfied with what I saw. The woman in the reflection was gorgeous. Her proportions were perfect, not too big not too small, her face was pretty and the blonde hair was really suiting her cute face. After checking out myself I went back to the living room where I decided to watch some tv. I wasn't alone for long as my husband came home shortly later. When I saw him I immidiatelly aproached him and warping my hands around his neck I gave him a passionate kiss. We spend the rest of the evening cuddling on the couch and talking about the day before he picked me up and carried me all the way to our bedroom where we took off our clothes and made love. After that wonderfull act I was laying on my back, basking in the afterglow of an orgasm and keep thinking about the events. So far this new life this was really promising and I was eager to expirience more of it. By the way I wonder how the other guys are holding up. Did they notice my dissapearence? Or maybe it's like I never existed? Those thoughts keep pooping into my head but as I cuddled onto my husband I was able to relax again and forget about everything. For now I wanted to enjoy this moment.

Apr 29, 2018

She got it frrom her momma

My friends would always give me shit for hot my mom was. Don't get me wrong, I was glad for her that she was able to sill look beautiful at her age but my friends were relentless with their teasing so the fact annoyed me a bit. The main thing they teased me about though was the fact that my mom had a big ass that was very common in the women in my family. My aunts, my grandmother, and even my older sister were "blessed" with large proportions in the hips and rump. Whenever my sister came home from college, it got even worse and they would break out in song, singing, "she got it from her momma". It made me thankful that I was born a guy as they would no doubt tease me about having a big butt if I were a girl. Imagine how mortified I was when I found that I had the rare disorder that transformed a guy into a fully biological woman, second puberty.

The doctors gave me a few weeks before the changes became complete. I of course stayed home while this happened, and with good cause, as my face had become more delicate with a smaller feminine jawline before my eyes and other features started to stick out to give me the face of a beautiful girl. At the end of the first week, my hair took on a rapid growth as it soon reached the middle of my back and was extremely curly. Meanwhile my height had been ever decreasing and I was no longer 6'1 but a mere 5'4. I felt fortunate that my breasts only grew to a mere AA cup as my waist had taken on an hourglass shape. At the end of the second week I could no longer consider myself as a guy as my condition had caused my new vagina to form in place of my disappeared penis. During the third week, the changes that I had been dreading occurred. My hips were slowly but surely expanding and my ass cheeks soon grew so large that none of my clothing would fit over it. I now had the tradewark bottom-heavy body of the women in my family. Much to my dismay, I could only stay away from school for so long and had to face my friends. To my surprise they made no jokes and seemed to be actually pretty protective of me whenever anyone made a snide remark out it.... or my newfound assets. In a strange way I actually found it kind of...sweet, but I quickly tried to fight those feelings. Soon I started to develop feelings for my friend John and was thrilled when he asked me to the senior prom. It turned out he couldn't resist his feelings either. When the day came I made sure to wear a dress that showed off my ample curves. When he arrived to my house his mouth almost dropped. I giggled and teased him, Asking him if he saw something he liked. I knew he couldn't take his eyes off my ass, but what can I say, I got it from my momma.

Apr 27, 2018

Toys 2 life

I had all kinds of collectibles. And I specially enjoyed buying toys to life figurines. One day, I found a new kind of toy, it was labelled ma chérie. At the store they had 6 different figurines. "They are compatible with all your favorite videogames" the store clerk said. They were no doubt bootleg toys. But I just have to have them, "Ok, fine, i'll take them all".

When I arrived home, I took the first toy, a well endowed red headed woman, and scanned it into my console. "Not recognized" appeared on the screen. "That's a bummer" I said. But the figurine's eyes started glowing. Seconds later, I felt a huge electric shock coming from it. "Ouch" I yelled. I realized what it had done right away. I was a living copy of the figurine. I had breasts, and I could see my red hair covering my face. "It turned me into her?" I said with a sexy voice.

I checked my body out, realizing even my clothes had changed. After taking a selfie, and checking my body out, I realized I had to try another figurine. I picked up the naked one covered in some kind of blue butterflies. After scanning it, I was transformed again.

This time, I didn't complain, the electric shock felt orgasmic. "I feel so hot" I said. I tried taking the butterflies off, but they were stuck on my body. Which was a bummer, since I wanted to finger myself, and one butterfly was covering my pussy. So I scanned the next one. The pinked haired bimbo.

I closed my eyes as the transformation happened. When I openned them I yelled "Success". I had a piercing on my nose, and my makeup felt as part of my body, but I didn't care. I went out, looking for some guy to score with. I know I know, I was a straight guy, but somehow, I just want to try my new body out. Thank god I am irresistable, I found a guy in no time, I ended up at his place. And oh my god. It felt great. I was so great riding him. And he knew exactly how to turn me on.

Anyways, I went back home, "Time to turn back" I said. But I realized I didn't know how. "Shit" I said. I thought about going back to the store and ask the seller how to turn back, but it was way too late at night. I kept looking at the other three figurines. "Maybe I shouldn't" I said, trying to convince myself not to try transforming again. But I just had to try them.

In case you are wondering, I never went back to the store. And btw, this is how I look as my other three figurines:


Me and my wife had hit a rough spot. Her friend Amy told us to go see her marriage counselor, "he saved our marriage" she explained. We knew our marriage was not in jeopardy or anything, but we decided to go.

He asked us a few questions, and the subject matter was we don't understand each other. He then instructed us to live each others life for a month. "That's insane, I could do her chores, but how is she supposed to go to work as me" I asked. "That's the easy part. Just drink this, and tomorrow you'll understand" he said after he prepared some kind of bubbly drink.

We went to bed early, we don't know why, but we were extremely tired. And in the morning, everything changed. I had breasts, and an empty crotch, while my wife had a hairy body, and a big thing down there. I had been transformed into her, and she was an exact copy of me. After finding out, we called our councelor. "Now you can experience life as each other. I'll see you in one month" he said. First thing I did was teach my wife how to shave.

Although we were reluctant at first, we eventually got used to our new lives. We refrained from it as much as we could, but we eventually gave in, and tried sex. Oh god, it was amazing, my wife was clumsy as a man. But I was swaying my ass, thrusting back and forth, and moaning so much, I realized I didn't want to go back.

I called our councelor, "is there a way to stay like this?" I asked him. "You should come see me" he said. I went to his office all by myself. "How are you feeling?" he asked. "Sexy" I blushed. "And your partner? she knows you want to stay like this?" he asked me. "Not really, I think she is waiting for the moment she goes back to being a woman. And I don't judge her, life is so much better as a woman" I said.

"You know she was cheating on you before you both came to see me?" he asked. "Wait what?" I asked in an angry tone. "Right before you both came here, she told me that the fact that you sucked in bed, was driving her to another man's bed" he explained. "Who was it? I want to punch his face!" I said with my fist up in the air. "Calm down, I am telling you this, because maybe you should leave her, maybe you should teach her a lesson by leaving her stuck as a man" I knew where he was going. "And what about me?" I asked. "I have other potions, I can transform you into a different woman, and you could marry another man, or you could get to meet the man of your dreams yourself".

After thinking about it a few minutes, I told him that sounded like a great idea. I drank the new potion, and felt myself transform immidiately. "Wow! I look so young!" I said as I looked at my hands. "Wait... why do I feel attracted to you? was there something else on that potion?" I asked him. I could feel my old persona fading away.

"So? what do you think is wrong with me?" I asked him. "Nothing, you are a strong and confident woman" he said. I blushed, and felt my pussy get wet. He stood up and locked the door. "I think I know what you are thinking" he said. "Yes, call your receptionist and tell her to cancel your next appointment, we are about to have sex" I said.

I don't know why sometimes I feel weird, like my life is a lie. But as soon as I look at my hunk of a boyfriend, all my worries fade away.


Just like every teenager Rob was full of raging hormones. He fantasized about sex very often but since he wasn’t very good with girls the only option left was masturbation. Rob had a big collection of porn on his computer which he used to satisfy his needs quite often. One day when he was browsing the web he found an interesting site called “ChoseYourOwnGirl.Com” He clicked the link and a message popped up. “Please confirm your age” Rob typed 25 and went to another section “Describe your perfect girl” Rob looked at the options. He was amazed how detailed it was. Hair and eye colour, body measurements and every other detail of a woman's body. Rob took a can of coke and begin describing his ideal. After everything was done Rob moved to the next section. “Beyond this part there is no turn back. Make sure your description fits your preferences” Rob clicked continue. The site was loading for a minute and then the screen turned black just like Rob’s vision.

When Rob opened his eyes he noticed he was in a diffirent room. His body felt extremely weird. Rob moved around and he nearly screamed when he saw a woman standing in front of him. She looked exactly like the woman he described. It took him a few seconds to realize he is staring at the mirror “Oh my God! I’m a woman!” Rob grabbed his chest. He could feel the soft breasts in his hands. It was a weird feeling, especially that the first breasts he ever touched were his own. Rob stood there fondling his breasts. “It feels nice” He thought and removed the bra. He was playing with his tits for a while, moaning softly when the door opened and a strange man came in. “I see you started without me” He smirked. Surprised Rob looked at him, still holding his breasts. “Let me take care of that” The man said and started to play with Rob’s boobs. Rob started to moan even more as he gently cupped his breasts. He instinctively lay down on the couch as the man started to undress himself. “I can’t belive it. I’m going to have sex as a woman” Rob though as he felt the tip of his penis gently rubbing his pussy. Then the man thrusted inside and Rob let out a loud moan. “This is so good, why I haven’t found this website before”

Apr 26, 2018

Trapped by her

"I have to go" I said trying to escape Amy's grip. "No you wont' girl" she said as she pulled me back to the bathtub. "But I am no girl and you know it" I said. "Soon you won't care" she responded as she started massaging my clit with her fingers. "Please" I said trying to refrain from feeling pleasure. But it was too late, I was enjoying it way to much. "Now, you are going to love being a girl" she said.

I let go everything that made me a man. And embraced womanhood. "Do you have something bigger than can fill me up?" I asked Amy as I bit my lips. "I thought you would never ask" she said as she transformed herself into a man. "This is my first time, be gentle" I said. "I'll try, but I can't promise anything" he responded.


Don't get me wrong, I love this new life of mine. I was walking on the streets of New York, when I got lost. My phone had no signal, so I just kept walking, hoping to find a cab or a familiar landscape. But after a couple of hours, I gave up. On the distance I saw a couple of girls, they were hookers no doubt. But maybe they could give me some directions.

I approached them and ask them for directions. They looked at each other, and then started touching me, and saying things like "Don't worry love", "thank god you found us". One of them kissed me, I kissed her back. They took me to the back Alley, where they took turns giving me a blowjob. For a second, I forgot I was lost, and went on with it. The moment I came, I felt a little dizzy. "What is going on?" I asked, and started to feel a little dizzy.

I fell down, and felt something cushion my fall. I couldn't stop laughing, I felt drunk. One of the girls took off all my clothes, and put a different outfit on me. I noticed something was amiss, and that my chest had swollen up. But I didn't give it much thought. "There, you are one of us now" they said. I broke off the "drunken" spell. I ran my hands up from my hips to my breasts. There was no denying it, they had transformed me into a woman.

A man showed up, "Oh I see with have new merchandise" he said refering to me. "Who are you?" I asked. "I am your pimp. 50% of whatever you make is mine. Now, time to break you" he said. I possed as sexy as I could against the wall. I wanted to be broken. I don't know if the transformation had altered my mind, or I was just curious.

I was a bimbo and a whore while we did it. We did it doggy style. I pulled down my shorts, and he shoved his thing inside of me.

Since then, I have been sharing the street with my sisters Amy and Kat. Or as they call themselves, Starshine and Norway. I love wearing wigs and applying make up, appearing to be a different girl every night. I have several clients that ask for me by name.

John, loves it when I pretend to be a rich bitch with blue hair. He loves it when I play it rough, and pretend to be his wife. I'm usually dominating his every move. Which really turns me on.

Pierre loves it when I pretend to be a red haired french woman named Loraine. And I love pretending to be her. "I am lost, will you help me" I usually say with a thick french accent when we role play. He treats me like a woman. And tells me to leave my current live. But I can't, not because I am forbidden, but because I really love being a hooker.


Sometimes in the morning I forget what had happened to me. Even for a second, I see the reflection of a woman on my bedroom mirror, and I say hello. Usually it takes me about 5 seconds to realize that the woman I am looking at is me. I spend some time oogling at myself. Admiring my perfect round ass.

Other times, I wake up with a hand on my breasts, and another one down on my crotch. Those are the best days. I spend some time exploring myself, finding out what I like, what turns me on.

But what's for sure, since it was part of the curse, it's that by 8 in the morning, I forget I used to be a man, and start acting like a woman. At that moment, I get dressed as provocately as I can, and go out looking for some guy to score with.

My memories usually come back at around 1 a.m. I know the girl who cursed me did so, so that I would get disgusted, but the truth, I remember my day with so much hapiness, that I can't wait to go out and make out with some guy again. And sometimes I do, I live my home at 2 am, and once again I go out to hook up with some guy... or girl...

Apr 25, 2018

His perfect woman

He was unaware I had given him a potion that would reshape him into the person he describes. "So, what's your perfect woman?" I asked him. Of course it was a ruse, I wanted him to transform into what he described.

"Red hair" he said. His hair became a dark red. "But not any red, a bright red" he said, and his hair became lighter and bright. "But how long?" I asked him. "Long enough that it will cover her breasts when naked" he responded. Right then his hair grew long, and the fact that he mentioned breasts, made him grow a small pair. He was unaware of anything that was happening to him.

"What else?" I asked. "Huge knockers" he said. His breast became bigger, they sure looked heavy. He even slouched a little. "Well, no, on second thought, average size, perky breasts" he said. And they reverted back to a more manageable size. "Small waist, big ass" he said. His body transformed as he described. "She has almost no body hair, but a small red slit covering her pussy" I was laughing at his description. And saw how the bulge on his pants disappeared. "Her face is cute, with some freckles and green eyes". He now looked like a woman, but his voice was that of a man.

"What about her voice? her sexual preferences?" I asked, trying to guide him a little. "She has a sexy voice, remember Amy?" he asked. "Yes" I responded, "Just like hers" he said with an exact pitch of Amy's voice. "She loves men, but has had the occasional slip up where she slept with women. You know I love lesbians" he said. Altering his mind in the process. "her name?" I asked. "Kim, just like mine" she said. "Ok ok, just tell me her personality" I insisted. "Funny, sexy, smart, but sometimes clumsy, knows how to please a man, and a girl" she said. I could see her expression change, she was finding me attractive.

"Ok, now repeat after me" I told her. "That is my perfect girl, and I wouldn't change anything about it". After she said so, the effects of the potion stopped. "So Kim, how do you feel?" I asked her. "Perfect, I feel like... kinda horny" she giggled. "Wanna make out?" she asked me.

This was the start of our relationship. I know we will eventually get married. But in the mean time we are having lots of fun. She even insists on having a threesome with some other girl. I love her so much.

The bracelet

I know I tricked my best friend. But Maya is such a hottie. She really thinks she is my girlfriend. I knew that if she ever gets that bracelet off, she would revert back to her former male self. But in the mean time, I were to have some fun. I wanted to get her to sleep with me.

We were walking back to my place, when she said "My head hurts". "I can hear a man's voice trying to tell me something" she said as she sat on a bench at the park. "It's nothing, ignore that voice" I told her. I knew it must have been her former maleself trying to get out. "The bracelet, it burns". "Don't take it off" I said as I tried to stop her. But it was too late, she reverted back. "What the hell dude? you... you transformed me into a woman... and had sex with me" he said. I was scared, but couldn't help but laugh, since he was wearing Maya's clothes.

He took a couple of steps towards me, and placed the bracelet on my arm. "No!" I yelled. Seconds later I was looking at my boyfriend James. "Why are you dressed like a woman? and why am I dressed like a guy? yuk" I said. "It was your idea, lets change clothes" he said.

We made it back to our place, where I changed into something sexier. After a long make out session, we had sex. I just love him so much. And he gave me this wonderfull bracelet. It's so cute, I will never ever take it off.

Once a geek, always a geek

My brother was such a shy geek that he had no luck with the ladies. He was already 24 years old and hadn't even gone out once on a date. I bought some kind of drink that was supposed to make him more outgoing. But I never expected it to alter his body.

He transformed in no time. He used to be a little overweight, and now he was fit, his ass became round, his body hair burnt out of existance, his lips became fuller, his chest grew breasts, his waist became smaller, and his hips wider. In a matter of seconds, my brother looked more like my sister. "What is going on?" he asked mid transformation. "This is not what I intended" I said.

When the transformation was over. He looked like a woman, and from the apparent empty crotch, he was 100% a woman. He started inspecting his body, looking at his hands. "You... turned me into a woman?" he asked with a sexy voice. "Yes... but that wasn't my intention, I am sorry bro... I just wanted you to be less shy" I said. "No... no... I am not complaining. I don't know why this feels right" he said. "But our parents..." I said, "... they will surely understand, they always wanted a daughter" he explained. "And our friends..." I continued talking, "... they will never find out... " he responded.

We started planning out her new life. Where she had been all this time, why we never talked about her. She came up with her new name "Kimberly". We called our parents, and just as predicted, they were understanding.

Anyways, Kim was outgoing, funny, and loved hanging out; everything my brother never was. The only personallity trait that remained, was that she was a geek just like my brother. She even had an annoying laugh. She loved videogames, science, and math. But guys seemed to love that about her. Don't get me wrong, Kim is sexy, and sure knows how to turn a guy on, but she's a geek too.

I find it funny that my best friend started dating her. As a man, Kim used to hate his guts, but now, they are the happiest couple.

Not what they expected

"She looks so happy" James said as I danced around in my new female body. "Maybe the potion altered his mind?" John said trying to make sense of my sudden happiness. "That's impossible, that has never happened before" James responded. "Lighten up, it is just a prank, tomorrow we can turn him back" John said.

The potion hadn't altered my mind at all. But I had always wanted to be a woman, even if it was just for a day. So, when my friends poured a body transformation potion in my drink as a joke, I couldn't be happier. I loved the feeling of my small waist and my round ass moving around. My breasts bouncing, my hair floating with the air.

I stopped dancing and walked towards James and kissed him. He pulled back, "but you are..." I interrupted him, "a woman. I am a woman and I love it". I grabbed his hand, and John's hand and said "I think we should go back to our room".

They didn't hesitate anymore, they were about to score with a hottie like me. And I was about to lose my virginity as a woman. On our way up to our room, I felt myself get wet. As we entered our room, I ripped both their clothes off. "You both are about to have the best day of your lives"

Apr 24, 2018

Another second great shift

I just don't get it, one minute I am at my home, with my family, having some quality time, and the next I am dressed in something tight looking at some kind of futuristic city. Let me explain, I was borned in 1850. I married my beautifull wife in 1874, we were married for years, we even had two baby girls.

Suddenly, and without a warning, I was transported into a different time, the year 2018 as I would later learn. And not only that I appear to be inside the body of a woman. I am so thin and fit, which I find weird, women my time were sexy when they had curves. There was some kind of painting on the wall, with moving pictures and sound that was talking about something called the second great shift. "People all around the globe and around time has swapped places". I knew I was one of them.

A man, that looked ripped, was crying in the corner of the room. "What's going on?" he asked. I walked towards him, he was probably my husband in this life or something. "Hello, what's your name?" I asked. "I am Amy" he responded. He had the same name than my eldest daughter. And after a few more questions I realized she was indeed my daughter. "It's me, I am your dad" I told her. "Somehow we travelled in time" I explained.

It took some time to adjust, but we eventually got used to our new life. Back in our time, she was 5 years old, imagine how hard was to teach her a life of knowledge in just a few months. But she was getting it in no time.

I got used to the perks of being a woman. Make up, shaving, looking pretty, mood swings. In time, we got used to being called by our new names. And we were able to hang out with our friends without them knowing anything was wrong.

We were to contact the goverment, and tell them about us, and where we come from. But we realized they were actually putting people from other time in some kind of concentration camps, so we decided to stay quiet. I became a housewife, and my daughter, became my husband.

One night, out of the blue, my husband kissed me. I tried to resist, thinking it would be weird. But he overpowered me. And thank god he did. We made love that night. Every part of my body was so sensitive. I just wanted more. I guess since that day, any part of my mind that said "you are really a  man" faded away.

The second great shift

I know what you are going to say, I look like such a happy mother. Well, this we'll be hard to explain, but I am not really a mother, I did give birth to this beautifull baby girl, but she isn't my child.

It happened six months ago. Me and my wife were watching tv, when suddenly everything changed. I still don't know how it happened, but one minute I was sitting on our couch, and the next, I was in a whole different place. And not only that, I could hear someone telling me to push. I saw my round belly, and I could feel some increasing pain. I pushed and pushed, until a baby pushed out of my body. It was the best feeling ever, and probably what made me cope with the changes.

"Congratulations, it is a baby girl" the woman, who I assume is a midwife, said. She taught me how to breast feed, and how to tend over my baby. I didn't tell anyone who I really was. I just pretended to actually be this woman. My husband was the manliest man you could imagine, and I was even a little afraid of him.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that I not only wasn't in a different place, but a different time. 1892, I just don't know how, but I travelled through time. "And if I am here, where's my wife? did she stay in our time, or is she here with me? she could be my baby girl" I whispered.

I might never learn where she is, I might find a way back, or not. But for now, I really feel like I have to care for my babygirl. And worst of all, I think I am pregnant again.


I have to act just like his wife. I know my friend James lost his real wife in a car accident, and he almost took his own life because he felt guilty. But I never thought he would do anything in his power to get her back. Even if that meant turning me into her.

He told me he was working in an experiment that would change how we looked at life. "It is the only thing that's keeping me alive" he said, refering that it was his only purpose in life. He asked me to take my clothes off, and rest on a metallic table, being his friend I didn't hesitate. He plugged a bunch of wires on my head. "I am going to have to shave your chest" he said, "do what you must" I said. He placed a few more wires on my chest.

He then walked towards his computer and started punching numbers. I took a peek, and realized he had a 3d model of his wife and a 3d model of myself. I didn't know what he was doing, and I didn't bother to ask. "Close your eyes" he said as he started the experiment. I felt a huge surge of current running through my body. It wasn't painfull or anything like that, if I have to describe it, it was relaxing more than anything else.

When the electricity stopped running through my body, James said "It worked". He snapped a few pictures of me. I tried to talk but I couldn't, my throath was sore. "Don't move" he said. "It might take a few minutes to adjust". I could barely move, I felt so clumsy, he helped me put on some underwear, and he put something on my neck. He then carried me with ease. I felt so light. "I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew he had changed something". He took me to his living room, where he carefully placed me on his couch.

"So? how are you feeling?" he asked. "I'm ok" I said sounding like if I was sick. "I am going to ask you a few questions for the record" he said. I looked around and saw a reflection of myself. "Wait?" I thought, "I look just like his wife". I looked at my hands and they looked feminine. I then took a peek at my breasts. Somehow he had transformed me into a replica of his deceased wife.

"What is your name" James asked his first question. I knew he expected for me to believe I was actually his wife. So I decided to humor him, "I am Kim". He smiled, I hadn't seen him this happy in a long time. "Who are you married to" he asked. "What's with all the question, to you love. We got married 3 years ago" I said. It was a lucky answer, because they actually got married 5 years ago, but it has been 2 years since she passed away. "What year do you think this is?" he asked. I realized I had to pretend I had no memory of the last two years. "It is april 2016" I said.

He stopped writting in his notebook, and walked towards me, where he took me by surprise with a passionate kiss. "I missed you so much" he said. We kissed each other for a few minutes. It felt weird, I am not into men, but I just couldn't find the strength to tell him the truth. He then touched my breasts, which started a feeling of pleasure all around my body. I couldn't believe it, but I wanted it, I wanted to have him inside of me. Thank god he didn't wait any longer, minutes later we were having sex. "Oh god" I moaned. "I love this" I said. I kissed him, and I even bit his ear. As he came inside of me, I realized I were never to tell him the truth, I will pretend I am actually his wife.

Days later, as I was preparing breakfast, I found his notebook with all his notes from the experiment. "Somehow mental changes seemed to have affected the test subject" I read and giggled. "I believe she still knows she used to be a man, but she just wants to please me so much that she's willing to act the part" I couldn't believe he knew. "She is even kinkier than my former wife, and she says she loves me. Today I will let her know I know the truth I see how she reacts. Hopefully she will still love me". That was the last entry of his notebook.

I looked behind me and there he was, James, the love of my life. "I wouldn't change anything. This has been the best thing that has happened to me" I told him. "I was hoping you would say that" he said and kissed me.

Days later he arrived with some papers, "you are officially back from the land of the dead" he said. As he had notified the goverment about their mistake. I felt so sexy and alive realizing I had now the papers to prove I was Kim.


Locked in his small prison, Kevin was praying his parents are going to pay the ransom or else those men are going to do a terrible thing to him. Kevin was from a very rich family. He was about to start college when on his way he was knocked out and kidnapped by two masked men. He woke up in a small cell where he learned their motives. It was either pay them ten million dollars or Kevin will be changed into a woman and sold as an exotic dancer. Kevin was sure his parents are going to pay but after a week he begin to have doubts. His captors were loosing patience so they decided to show they're not joking around. They begin to feed Kevin with hormones and as a result, Kevin started to develop feminine features.

Weeks were passing, his breasts were growing but Kevin's parents didn't even answer the call. Kevin could only watch as his body is becoming more like a woman's and hope the effect could be reversed when he will regain his freedom. Unfortunately his parents didn't take this threat seriously and Kevin begin to think that he may not be the favorite child. Soon his kidnappers had enough. They put him in an operating room and performed a surgery on him. Kevin woke up covered in bandages. He didn't even have to look under them to realize what happened.

A few weeks later after the scares were healed completely, Kevin took off the bandages and took a look in the mirror. Before his eyes was standing a beautiful woman. Kevin sighed looking down at his groin area. His manhood was gone just like his easy life. 

Few months later Kevin now under the name Kristin was slowly getting ready for the upcoming show. While awaiting backstage, wearing some frilly underwear he was wondering how are his parents doing and why they didn't pay the ransom. He still was holding a strong grudge. He was supposed to be at college, working on his future but instead he ended up on stage, sexily moving his body before the eyes of hundreds of horny men. Kevin sighed outloud and headed towards the stage enterence. He had to pull himself together and make a good show or else he might end up in a worse place, like a brothel for example. Here at least nobody could touch him.

Apr 23, 2018

Country Customs

Out of all the government officials, i was was chosen to be the one who broke silence with the african country of Teegees( fictional). For years they had shut themselves off from the world sustaining themselves through unique farming practices and resource production. Finally they had opened the embargo with the U.S and I was sent over to talk to their king. We had a great feast with a delicious meal that was well.... fit for a king.He proposed a toast with a glass of wine to our new found friendship. Sudenly something didnt feel right and the king ordered his guards to bring me to his room once I was finished. What the hell did he mean by that I wondered.

My stomach lurched and suddenly the slacks I was wearing became tighter as my hips expanded. I quickly took off my pants and boxers and was shocked to see my dick and balls disappear into my groin.A pussy formed while my thighs thickened up along with my ass which became a big round booty. My curves in my waist became more pronounced as I lost height, going down to a mere 5'3.  My brown hair lengthened and draped over my shoulder in wavy locks as my arms soon thinned and my face feminized to a beautiful woman's. Finally two massive F cup monster boobs exploded out of my chest to complete my change into a buxom woman. The guards did as they were instructed and took my new naked self to the kings quarters.

" Ah glad you are here. Sorry for the change but its our country's custom to celeberate sexuality with guests. Since I am no gay man, it was necessary for you to become female for that, " he announced. He explained that I could always return to my male self, but for now we would be celebrating  the new relations with sex. I made no objection knowing refusal could make my situation permanent or worse, imprisonment/death. HE guided to me to his bed and placed me on all fours before making his way behind me. Slowly he entered me with his huge member causing me to yell, " oh fuck". The feeling was like no other that I had felt before and it was just getting started
I felt his strong hands grip my waist as he sped up his rhythmic thrustings in and out of my tight pussy. I seemingly lost al control of my body as it shook wildly with pleasure. My massive boobs swayed back and forth like pendulums as I wiped the hair out of my face. Finally he laid on his back and I couldn't help, but  crawl over to suck his dick. After this I knew two things. One, I was never changing back into a man, and two, I would be making several more trips to Teegees on behalf of the embassy.

Our deal

As you finished reading the spell from your book, your body and clothes reshaped, you were now completely a woman. "Wow this feels great" you say. You look at your friend James, and see him reading a spell himself. You both had agreed to transform into women and have a lesbian experience. But you hadn't taken in mind that the spell had transformed you into a straight woman. And as soon as you both transform none of you will want to make out with each other. And that's a bummer; however, you can always cast a love spell at some random guys later tonight.

But your friend had a better idea, after she transformed into a woman herself, she casted a spell to transport both of you into a beach. "This is paradise for girls like us" she said. You agreed, in a matter of minutes, lots of guys were there, asking you both out. "Life couldn't be better" you said.

Becoming his

"I am a man" you said in a sexy high pitched voice. "A man has no breasts" the man sitting in front of you said. "I have no breasts, I have a chiselled chest and a manly six pack" you responded. "Are you sure? look down" he instructed. You look down, to find out you do have breasts, small perky breasts.

"They aren't real, I know I am a man" you keep repeating yourself. "Men don't paint their nails pink" he said. You realize you do, in fact have pink nails. "So, you are saying there is no way back?" you ask, hoping he would tell you, you will eventually revert back. "I don't know what you are talking about Kim, you have always been a woman. And we have been dating for months now" he said. "If you are trying to break up with me, this is the worst way possible" he added.

You took a big and long breath. Trying to make sense of all of this. As you exhaled, you remember some of your life, you do remember your first date with that man. He was such a gentleman, he took you to dinner. And you ended up at his place, having a long and meaningfull conversation.

Then you remember having sex with him, and enjoying the hell out of it. "Wait, I do remember" you say. "I remember being in this room, lying down right there and smiling while you clumsily took off your pants" you couldn't believe what you were saying. "I remember being on top" and moaning like a bimbo. Your mind was being rewritten as you spoke. You took a couple of steps towards him, "I don't know why I felt like I used to be a man, but the imporant thing is I remember who I am, and who you are" you say as you feel your pussy get wet. "Now, lets go to bed and have sex again" you say as you pull him close to you. You wrap your arms around his neck, and kiss him passionately.

The lucky few

This is me. I know I may look like a hottie to you. But it is hard to explain who I am. I am shapeshifter that's for sure, and right now I am a woman. However, my name, my real name used to be the same than yours, but my real name right now is James Johnson. Confusing isn't it? Well, let me start from the beginning.

I live in an alternate universe from you. An universe, where about 0.1% of the population, some lucky few, have superpowers. In that universe I was you, but I was a shapeshifter. I helped people by turning into other people. We were required to register our abilities with the government, but I kept mine a secret.

One day, I was I was posing as a woman at a big company to find out more about their shady business. That's where I met James, the CEO. At the time I didn't know he had powers himself. But I had to pretend I was Kim so I would get some info from him. He invited me to his place, and I had no choice but to agree.

I knew he expected to sleep with me, and that was no big deal, although back then I used to be mainly a guy, I had already slept with guys while pretending to be a woman. While at his place, I posed sexy, and waited for him to make the next move. While we were making out, and right before he stuck his thing inside of me, he whispered something in my ear, "I know who you are. But that won't be important anymore. In a matter of seconds you'll know what it is to be me". I didn't have time to react, as he shoved his equipment inside of me, I let out a slight moan. As he filled me up, I started to feel dizzy, and in a matter of seconds I knew what he meant.

I know I said I used to be you, and that wasn't a lie. But since that day, my mind, my memories, are that of James Johnson. Yes the man I slept with. Let me explain, he was one of the lucky few too. His power? he could make a copy of his consciousness into woman he wanted while having sex. He hit the jackpot with me. As soon as he transfered his memories to me, I came out clean. "Thanks love" I said. "So, tell me more about you" he asked me. "I am you, but I am a shapeshifter. I am the best copy you can have" I said as I transformed into him. "I can be James" I said with his voice, "or I can be a hottie named Angela" I added as I transformed into a redhead beauty.

"Together, I know we can take over the world in no time. A world of us, a world where we are all the same" I said. "And if that isn't enough?" he asked. I smiled, "We can always invade alternate universes" I said. "There isn't anything anybody is going to deny from us" I said.

That brings us to today. I think I do find it fitting the first person I transfer my consciousness to, is my very own alternate self. Don't worry, you are going to love being me.

Apr 21, 2018

"Maid" up plan

I had been a faithfull husband for 6 years. I still love my wife, but when she hired Kat, our new maid, something happened. I couldn't stop thinking about her. She was so god damn sexy. One day, I found Kat wearing almost nothing on our kitchen. "Mister Smith" she said pretending to cover herself. I took a couple of steps back, but before I could escape, she embraced me and started kissing me.

I tried to resist, I really did. But she was just unbelievably strong. We ended up having sex right there in the kitchen. Ever since that day, I started cheating on my wife. Little by little I started falling in love with Kat. "Leave your wife" she said. "I can't" I responded, "this house belongs to her, she's also a stockholder at my office".

She then proposed something that sounded out of a fantasy book, "Well, what if I swap bodies with her? we could still be together, and she will be our maid". "But wouldn't she be mad? she could sue us! or something" I asked. "Who is going to believe her? she is just our maid" she said. I decided to go through with it.

She gave me a potion, and told me to pour it on her coffee tonight. That way in the morning, they would have swapped. I did as instructed, I prepared my wife's coffee, and poured the potion in it. I even prepared dinner that night, I guess it was my way of saying goodbye.

We had sex one last time, and we fell asleep. The following morning I woke up with a pouncing headache. I stood up, and hit myself with something, "I don't remember this being here" I said realizing something was wrong. "Wait? where am I? what is this?" I quickly ran to the closest mirror and saw my reflection. There was no denying it, I was Kat. "How did this happen?" I asked myself.

I picked up the phone and called my formerself. "Oh hello" I heard my familiar voice. "Kat? is that you? What happened? why am I you?" I asked him. "You are so gullible. You think your wife didn't know anything about us? Well, let me tell you that she swapped your coffee. Unexpected huh? well, unexpected to you, because this was our plan all along. I wanted to be with your wife, and she wanted to be with me. But none of us were lesbians, so when the opportunity arose, we decided I should take your place" he explained. "Enjoy your newlife Kat. I left a dildo somewhere in your room. Something to get you more accostumed to your newself. Oh, and I almost forgot, don't come in on monday. If you hadn't actually guessed it, you are fired".

I had no choice, but to assume Kat's life. The big dildo was right there on the edge of my bed. And I refrained a couple of days from using it. But eventually I gave in. I was intrigued on how good it would feel. And thank good I did, I still remember how it pushed my vagina while it slowly made itself in. I got immidiately wet, and I let out a short loud moan. I covered my mouth and giggled. Minutes later I was shoving it in and out, pleasuring myself. Using my right hand to touch and squeeze my nipples, while my left hand felt a firm grip on the dildo.

After doing so, I embraced my new life in no time. I got a new job. This time as a secretary. It did bother me a little when I realized I was oogling guys at my office. But at least I realized I was ready to hook up with one of them.

Apr 20, 2018

The woman and her teddy

"You don't understand me James, why would you?" I asked the teddy bear. I know, it sounds weird for a grown up woman like myself to speak to her stuffed bear. But it wasn't always like that. I used to be a man, and that teddy? well, he used to be a man too. We were tricked not to long ago, into wishing ourselves into our current shapes.

I know I was the lucky one, at least I am still "alive", while James is an inanimate object. I don't know if he is still in there. But I like to talk to him, hoping he can still hear me. I feel so bad for him. That sometimes I let him rest over me, and as weird as it sounds, sometimes I put his furry paws on my breasts, and on my pussy. Something that, if he was still human, would put a smile on his face.

"Don't be jealous, but tonight I have a date James" I said, "yes yes... with a man... that's why I painted my nails red. You like them?" I pretended to be talking with him. "You know you'll always be my favorite guy. But a girl has needs, that only a man... a human man can satisfy. So help me choose what to wear" I said as I stood up and started trying different dresses infront of James.

I know I sound crazy, but it is the truth. I know there is no way back, so I might as well embrace my new life. I will keep James always with me, sooner or latter he will be the perfect gift for my children. "Woah! I am getting ahead of myself" I said, "I don't even have a boyfriend and I already thinking of babies..."


I was at the airport. I needed a place to hide, I was being chased. I know I haven't exactly put my abilities to good use, but I wasn't going to get caught steeling a purse. "Someone stop him" the owner's husband yelled. I ran as fast as I could, and although I had dropped the purse a few steps back, he was still chasing me.

I quickly jumped into an empty lift, and waved the man goodbye as the door closed. I took the time to put my abilities to good use. I quickly transformed into a 22 year old woman wearing a beige dress. As expected the man took the stairs to beat me to the second floor. As the doors openned again, he was surprised to find a woman like me. "Oh, sorry ma'am, have you seen a guy, wearing a green hoodie?" he asked. "No, I took the lift all by myself" I said with a sexy british accent.

I walked out of the lift, and sat down in a waiting area pretending to wait for my flight. I had it all prepared in case I got caught, those bags were actually mine and all. And although I had dropped the purse a long time ago, I did have time to steal that woman's id and credit cards. Hopefully she won't find out she's missing them for a couple of hours, since I intend to buy a few new clothes for myself.

I put my loot inside my purse, and waited until the man left. I pretended to fall asleep. Afterwards I entered the first dutty free shop I could find, transfomed into a copy of the woman I had stolen from, and bought a few sexy clothes. I know I am really a man. But I like posing for the mirror, plus I don't intend to keep the clothes, I will sell them for some extra cash.

Like I said, I know I haven't put my abilities to good use. Maybe one day.

Mind conditioning

Every time I would say I was not a woman, my captor would spank me. I know, it sounds like a such a stupid way to punish me. But the truth is that everytime he would spank me, I would become a bimbo for 3 hours, willing to do anything he wanted me too.

"That feels good" I said. "So? do you still think you are a man?" he asked. "Spank me one more time and I will tell you" I told him. I was already dripping wet, hopefully we will get to fuck just like last time.

The not so complex curse

How was I supposed to know? I knew I had been cursed. But the events that needed to take place the curse to activate were so complex, that I never thought I would eventually find myself like this.

I had just met Kim two nights ago, and we hit it off. We were making out, when she took off her bra, revealing her breasts. I didn't hesitate, I started kissing and licking them. She seemed to enjoy that. As I sucked on one of her nipples, I felt something warm come out of it. It tasted really good. But I stopped for a second, "is this milk? are you breastfeeding?" I asked. She blushed. I bet she didn't understand how bad that was. "No no... this can't be happening" I said as I looked out the window, realizing I was doomed.

I just realized I haven't said how the curse works. Although the events were complex to actually happen, it is quite simple to explain. The curse would activate at night, during a full moon, when I drink at least a drop of breast milk. When all that happens, I will take the place of the woman whose milk I just drank.

"This is bad" I said, with a voice that sounded like both, a man's and a girl's voice. "Lighten up, its just breast milk" she said. I looked back at her, and noticed some milk was still dripping off her breasts. I quickly continued sucking it. It tasted really good, and I knew I shouldn't drink it, but I just couldn't stop. She moaned, "I thought you didn't like it". I didn't respond, I continued sucking. A few minutes later, I had transformed into an exact copy of her. My own new breasts were dripping milk. She wasn't scared or anything, but she went straight for my breasts, and started drinking from my milk. As she drank, she started changing herself, becoming younger and younger. Until she became a baby herself.

"My beautiful girl" I said after she fell asleep. I knew exactly what had happened. I was now Kim. And instead of having just one baby boy, that's staying with his grandma, I also had a girl named Kat. I called my mom, and told her my date didn't show up. She brought my baby home, and although she didn't seem to remember Kat, the moment she saw her, she remember I had twin babies. I thanked her for her help. And went to bed. "Maybe one day I can find a man that will marry me" I thought as I fell asleep.