May 31, 2018

Involuntary transformations part 2

As I stepped out of my room in my mom’s body, my sister saw me. “Mom? I thought you had just left” she asked. “I came back, have you seen your brother?” I asked pretending I was looking for him. “If he wasn’t in his room, I don’t know where he is” she responded. I was so excited that I was fooling my sister. “mom?” She asked, “Yes dear” I responded. “Why are you wearing my brother’s clothes?”.

“Shit” I thought. I only transform myself. But my clothing always remain the same. I stood still for a few seconds, I didn’t know what to say. “What should I tell me sister?” I was thinking as I sneezed again. Seconds later I was an exact copy of her. “Who are you? I am calling the cops” she said. “No wait! It’s me! I am your brother!” I stopped her and explained the whole deal. How I had found a genie lamp, and how my wish ended up becoming true only when I sneeze.

She believed me. “So, until you sneeze again, I have a twin sister?” She asked. “Yes” I responded. “So, you can go to college for me, or do my chores, or take a test...” she was coming up with new ideas.  “Hell no!” I responded. “Come on! I know you want to” she said. I don’t know why, but after she said so, I really felt the need to do what she said.

I spent the next few days doing everything my sister asked me. She took the time to go out to the beach, while I did all the boring stuff she had to do. My parents didn’t miss the real me, since I was studying out of town. So they believed I had already left. It was really weird posing as her, but it felt good somehow.

It wasn’t until I was cleaning my sisters room, that I found the lamp. She had a made a wish herself. I didn’t know what it was. I rubbed the lamp, and the genie came out. “Oh hello master” she said. “What will be your wish today?” She asked. But immediately after, she corrected herself, “you’re not Jennifer”.

I realized Jennifer had unlimited wishes, while I had only one. “Wait? Why does she have unlimited wishes?” I asked. “Women get one wish per day, men get one wish per life” she said. “But since I am a woman right now, I get unlimited wishes?” I asked. “Don’t be silly, your body might be female, but you soul is male, so no can do” the genie said. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized why I was willingly doing all of Jennifer’s chores. “Genie... did my sister wish me to obey her?” I asked her. “She wished to be able to have men do whatever she ordered” she said. “Is there anything I can do?” I asked. “Not really, unless you wish your soul to be female, you are stuck” she said. “But you said I don’t have any wishes left” i responded. “Well, there is a way I will grant you one wish” she said and explained what I must do.

I couldn’t believe I was about to do what she asked me to. I visualized the man she just described, and she caused me to sneeze. Seconds later I was the genie’s own wet dream. “Now fuck me handsome” she said. I ripped her clothes off, and we ended up having sex. This body was so strong, and so well endowed. I held it for as long as I could, but eventually came.

“Thank you” She said. “Now for your wish” she said. I took a moment to try to sneeze again. Tranforming myself into My sister’s best friend Karen. And as her I made my wish “I wish my soul matched my body gender”. “Wish granted” she said. I felt weird, suddenly attracted to men. “I have one more question, now I have unlimited wishes?” I asked. “As long as you have a girl’s soul, One per day love” she said.

I had to stay as a girl for the rest of the day. So that my sister didn’t think anything was wrong. She still had today’s wish after all. And tomorrow, I will plan my escape.

May 30, 2018

Involuntary transformations

I couldn’t believe it. My very own genie. “How many wishes do I get?” Was the first question I asked her. “Just one” she responded, “and you can’t wish for more wishes”. I had many options, wealth, love, I could have even ended world hunger. But no, I wanted to be able to shape shift. “Ok... I want I could alter my body at will, transforming into somebody else” I told the genie. “That seems like a fun wish. But you must be careful, you could end up transforming into somebody else just by thinking about him or her. Or you could lose your memories and become that other person in body and mind” she explained. 

I couldn’t believe I had gotten the only good genie out there. She want even trying to fool me. “And you must start your wish with I wish”. I thought about it for a couple of seconds and stated my wish: “I wish that I could transform my body into any person while keeping my own mind, all I have to do is think of that person and say...” as I was about to say the word “transform” i felt the need to let out a big sneeze , “achoo!!!”  “Wish granted” the genie responded and left. 

At first I didn’t notice what I had done wrong. But I decided to try my new found power. I concentrated, thinking on my good friend James, and said “transform”, nothing happened. I tried different thing, but no luck. Then, as I was about to give up, I saw a picture of my high school sweetheart, and felt the need to sneeze again. “Must be catching a cold” I said. “Wait.. my voice” I said out loud. I walked towards my bedroom mirror, and saw my reflection. “Amy? What the hell?” I said. Long brunette hair, rocking body, sexy eyes, I was her alright. At first I felt the need to cry, but this wasn’t so bad. I still had my powers, but they were bound to an involuntary sneeze. 

I dropped on the floor and decided to experiment a little with Amy’s body. I started by posing sexy. Holding my hair like I was flirting with some guy. I sent kisses to an imaginary guy. I ran my hand down my shorts, and started fingering myself. I refrained from moaning. But I came in no time. “Oh wow!” I said. “She’s so sensitive. I hope nobody heard me. My mom would be so upset” I said as I sneezed again. 

“Oh shit... I am my own mother... aren’t I?” I asked myself as I looked at myself in the mirror. And there she was, looking at me from the mirror. “I have to turn back” i said. I heard my mom exit our home, and get on her car. Carefully I looked out the window and saw her leave. “Well, maybe I can stay as her for a little longer” I said as I stepped out of my room, pretending to be my own mom.

- to be continued

May 29, 2018

Trapped by my own magic

For hundereds of years magic had been the controlling factor in the world. Whether it had been out in the open in in ancient times to well past the dark ages or when magic users had to practice in secret, magic ultimately ran the world. Users would usually receive their ability in their early teens and the abilities would manifest well into their adult years, which by magic stanards could last a few hundred years. I was but one of those magic users who was unfortunately one when there were way more magic limitations than ever before. The biggest was technology which, being a recent anomaly in the world, had not been figured out by my fellow users. Imagine our leaders disapproval when I began work for an app development company. They advised me that I may be playing with dangerous matters, but the facts were that outside my magic abilities, I was very technoligally adept. I guess they were right be cautious as I commonly would enter computers and such to use a hands on approach in creating the app. Perhaps i’d be the one to figure out how to use magic against technology. Anyways, one day I was starting work on an avatar based game that was pretty similar to the sims except it had more detailed life choices for the avatar. I always made sure that I would only enter my computer at home, but I desperately needed to break ground on the app so I enetered my work computer, but only once everyone had gone home and after promising my boss I’d work late. I had just finished what I set out to do when the clumsy janitor who was also working late, accidentally unplugged my computer leaving me trapped until someone plugged it back in.

Fortunately for me, the computer was plugged in the next morning, but unfortunately I still couldn’t leave when everyone was at the office. Afterwards the monitor on my screen lit up and i was right in the middle of the screen.... and to make matters worse, and my coworker tommy saw me. He went over to my screen to inspect it.

”oh wow, this must be the new app he’s developing,” said tommy, and the avatar is so realistic, it looks just like him....but let’s make it better.”

With a click of the mouse, I felt something grow out of my scalp. Rather than my previous short brown hair, I now had long blonde hair tied up into a bump hairstyle. 

“Wow the effects are great,” said tommy with enthusiasm, let’s see what else I can do”.

He continued to cllick on the altering side bar and gave me a curvy waist with wider hips and a beautiful feminine face after he clicked on the gender change icon. It was very difficult to remain still as my dick inverted into my body, making me an official female. Now that I was a girl, new icons appeared such as the breast size icon which tommy took advantage of by boosting my breast size to a DD. 

“Well if I jack up the front, then I better jack up the caboose,” tommy laughed.

Before I knew it, my ass was swelling to a big round mass that stretched the limits of the jeans I was wearing as my thighs thickened to eliminate any thigh gap I had. 

“And of course a sexy girl would need better clothes, “ tommy declared

My clothing was soon deleted in the confines of my computer and I was wearing a hot pink dress that pushed up my boobs and hugged my hips and ass perfectly. Suddenly I heard my boss yelling for tommy to stop messing around and come to the office meeting. That meant everyone would be tied up in a meeting. I waited patiently for everyone to leave the room and I exited the computer. “What a relief that’s over,” I said. I tried to cast a spell to change myself back but the spell just bounced off my face, doing nothing. I realized that since I was changed by technology, my magic was useles and I was trapped in this form as a result of being so foolish with my magic. I went to the high council of magic who reprimanded me for my carelessness. Unfortunately there was only one option if I was willing and that would involve unbirthing me and placing me in a magic user until I was born. There was no guarantee I would be returned to a guy and I would have to repeat my life. There was no way in hell I was going through magical puberty again, it was much too awful. I could only live with my consequences. With that the council cast a spell that gave me a more feminine voice and made reality outside our order only remember me as Sabrina. They decided not to punish me for my idiocy, saying that I had punished myself enough. I would however still be required to take part in the mate pairing ceremony in due time. I gulped out of nervousness, knowing that I would be paired by the council with a guy for marriage and worse off....reproduction. This was definitely the mistake of a lifetime.

May 28, 2018

Seventh Annual Writer's Round - bottom’s up

I have been writing about men turning into women for a long long time. I never thought it would actually happen to me. I had been invited to the annual writers round. When I got there I expected to see a few of my fellow writers, but the bar was full of women. “They’ll probably show up latter” I thought.

While I waited I decided to have a drink. I asked for a shot of tequila. But the bar tender gave me something that looked kind of girly. “This isn’t what i ordered” I said. “Oops, sorry, i’ll Tell you what... that’s on the house” she said. I couldn’t say no to a free drink, plus, she was kinda hot, maybe she was flirting with me. “Bottoms up” y said as I drank the whole glass. “Easy there love” she said.

I burped. My stomach started to feel kind of weird, like if I had eaten something way to spicy. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Just a few adjustments” the hot bartender said,”here, have another drink”. I drank it again, but this time slowly. I hadn’t noticed any changes, until my lips touched the glass. They felt full, and somehow covered in lipstick. I got an erection from the whole ordeal. It was my last, I tried to hold it, but the whole thing was aroussing. As I jazzed my own pants, I felt my equipment retract. “Are you ok girl?” The bartender asked. “Not really” I said as I ran to the bathroom. On my way, I felt two breasts explode from my chest.

In the bathroom, I looked at my reflection. I was a girl all right. But my belly seemed weird. “Am I pregnant?” I asked myself. “I don’t remember having sex” I said. The bartender knocked on the door. “Are you ok?” She asked, “I am coming in” she said as she entered the bathroom and locked the door. “Wow! You look pregnant” she said. “About 5 or 6 months pregnant” I said. “How can this be?” I asked. I wasn’t worried that I had been turned into a woman, but the fact that I was to be a mother filled all of my thoughts. “This has happened before...” she said “well... unless... did you come during the transformation?” She asked. I knew where this was going. “Yes” I responded. “Congratulations then! You are going to be a mother, and your former self is the father!” She said and hugged me.

That was two weeks ago. Now I am at home admiring my pregnant belly, rubbing it, and liking the feeling of my baby kicking back. I know I have to go to the doctor, and tell my parents, but one step at a time.

May 25, 2018

Bikini Model

Danny found the download link for the Swapify app after a lot of digging in some online forums. I wasn't easy to find. Being a perv teenage boy he was eagerly looking for the app to get his hand on it and change his body into one of the busty bikini model, Abigail. And to be finally able to touch those boobs by his own hands.

After installing the app, he quickly find his favorite Abigail's pic. The one where she wore a silver pair of string bikini. Pressing swap, in a blink of an eye he could feel the weigh on his chest as Abigail's massive chest appeared on Danny's chest. Running to the mirror with thebouncing of his new chest, he was greeted by Abigail's face. Opening his phone, and matching the face he saw in the mirror with the girl in the picture it was really her!

Running his pervy hands all around his body, feels so good. He was finally able to touch the body of his idol. Heck, he even became his idol. He slid his hands against his bikini to feel his now erected nipple and playing a bit with it. Danny really wanted to take off his bikini, but he worried if he can't put them on back, since he had to tie the strings. Then an idea came to his head, he was now busty bikini model, wearing a bikini, then why just stay in his room. Why not enjoy the pool in this new body.

He grabbed his phone, and his towel and head to his backyard pool. Submerging his body into the water did feel different. But he enjoyed it. He spent the entire afternoon in the pool, admiring his new body, and even started to masturbate in the pool. It was fantastic.

Suddenly he heard a sound of the car entering and stopping in the carport, it must be his parents he thought. Didn't want his parents to find  busty bikini model chilling in their pool, Danny quicky grabbed his phone and tried to swap back. But because he was panicking, he accidently dropped his phone into the pool.
"Oh no what should I do.." He said and started thinking what to say to his parents. And at that moment, his mother walked into the backyard trying to find her son, and was surprised when she found a busty girl in a bikini in her pool. Danny immediately calmed his mom and tried to explain what just happen. Of course his mother find that silly that a phone app turned her son into a busty girl. Which then she called her husband and they kicked Danny in his new body out of the house.

Alone on the street he finally asked to the local strip club if he could work and stay there. He walked in still in the silver bikini, since it was the only thing he had to cover his body. The manager agreed to let Danny work in the strip club, and even letting him stay at the manager's house as long as he can keep satisfying the manager's needs at home.

I Found a Genie (part 3)

Previous part (Here)

"This?" I asked my master while posing in a new outfit I wore.
"Um, no. We're about to meet my parents here, come on. I mean thats cute, but I don't think its appropriate." My master shook his head when he saw me.
A few days ago, I found a genie named Kisha, and we swapped bodies using her magic spell. Instead of swapping back, we decide to stay in each other's boy for a while. And as long as I'm in her body, that means I am the genie and she is my master. But its okay for me to serve her as a genie, I kinda liked it. We've spent a few days in each other's body, and we grew comfortable in it. We even grew comfortable to each other company. Me as this gorgeous genie, definitely made my master fell in love with my body. And me as a genie, was by default to feel attached to the master.

We were about to meet 'my' parents that was now his, since he is in my old body. And as his genie, he wanted me to appear as his girlfriend in front of his parents. And I agreed. He also wanted me to wear something more modern than my own genie outfit. By using my magic I turned my outfit into a tank top and light blue lingerie together with blue slippers. Well, he did say she want me to wear something cute. And as his genie I know, his taste. Even when he said I need to change my oufit, I can see it in his eyes that he liked what he saw.
"Okay master." I complied with his demand. I raised my arms to the side and nod my head. In an instance I now wear a red dress.
"That's better!" He said and smile at me, "Gosh, I don't realize that you are so damn cute wearing different clothes!" He continued as I sat on the couch blushed.
His parents will come any moment now, everything is ready thanks to my genie power. Even a cute girlfriend for my master is ready to meet his parents. I did give him my old memory about his parents so he could interact with them and could take on my role.
A cab stopped in front of our house, as a lovely couple exit from the cab. Their faces was familiar to me, they used to be my parents but somehow I felt disconnected from them, I guess because now I am taking the role of Kisha the Genie. My master ran outside to meet his parents, and welcome them in. I greeted them in the doorway and taking them into the living room, while my master handled the baggage. His parents were so excited to meet me, and we talked a lot. I felt a bit awkward at first, I used to be their son but now I was a woman, not onl a regular woman but a genie!

But I was able to manage everything, and keep my calm. Plus, my master was sitting by my side the whole time, somehow made me feel so comfortable. And I notice that he wasn't feeling awkward or anything, he had interaction with his parents like he had knew them his whole life. Which also made me feel warm, and welcomed in a family. I am feeling what Kisha felt all this years, alone in the lamp without anyone loving her, and without a family. Just keep on serving a master one after another. I can feel it all, it felt like I was the one who experienced it in the first hand. And being in the middle of this wonderful family made my heart warm.

My Master did invite his parents to stay with us but they refuse, saying they don't want t bother us a new couple at home. And his dad already book a hotel anyway, he said he wanted to try the buffet there so he book the room. My master also offered to drive them to the hotel but they also refuse saying its fine, they'll just take a cab. After all we are all will be going out for a family lunch tomorrow. So they just want to head to the hotel and rest.

After his parents left. It was just the two of us. Usually we will go straight to the sex, I even had seduced my master by pressing my boobs together.

"Hey Master, my babies really missed you. They want to come out and play.. All you have to do is just make a wish.." I said in a seductive voice, usually he will get excited and directly wish me to fuck with him. I don't even need to use my magic for that, I am more than willing to that for him anytime. I must admit, I was addicted having sex with him. But this time was different. He just smiled at me and sit next to me. I noticed something was wrong, so I hugged him and asked.
"Whats wrong Master?" He sighed, and pushed my arms away from his body.
"Look, we've been in each others bodies for a few days now. And we started to settle in and more comfy in our new form. Being you, I started feeling more and more as you. And I know you feel the same." he said, reaching my hand and held them.
"Um, yes I am feeling it too Master." I told him. I then told him about what I just feel. The feeling of loneliness, without family. And what a great opportunity to be with his parents that were just so welcoming and really warmth my heart. My tear started dropping.
"Oh noo... Don't cry Kisha. I'm so sorry you have to feel that. It should have been me feeling it that way, if we don't swap like this. No.. Do you want us to swap back? I can wish us to swap back right now" He pulled me closer, wiped my tears, and then caressed my cheeks.
"No Master. Please don't be sorry, and please don't swap us back. Its okay. I am Kisha now, and you are my master. Swapping with you might be the best thing ever happened to me." I said trying to hide my tears from him. "But just being with you here, do made me feel much better." I continued. He then pulled my body with his strong arm, and hugged me tight.

"I Love you, Master." I whispered slowly from his warm hug. He stopped hugging me, and pushed me a little.
"What? You 'love' me? Are you saying that because of my wish you appear as my girlfriend in front of my parents or its really you saying it?" He asked with a mixed emotions. I stay quiet a few seconds, while tried to read his facial expression. I don't know will he accept my love or rejects it, I was just his servant after all.
"Um.. I guess your wish no longer has effect on me, since you wished it to happen in front of your parents. And its only two of us here, Master." I said. He just sat silently, so I continued, "I just felt so great whenever I am with you, Master. As far as I can remember, being a genie I never had such a loving and caring Master like you. Also the way you treated me, even that I used to be your master, and the table had turned, you treated me very nice. And I wish we could be together, like a real couple. But only if you also wish for the same thing." I said.
"... wow... I didn't think that you would fall for me. I was actually going to say the same thing. I was afraid that you will feel weird, and feel like I am using you as my genie. But I also do fall for you. Ever since you.. well, it was me actually. But ever since your body popped out of that lamp for the first time, I knew that you'll make a great girlfriend for me." He said.
I Smiled at him, and asked, "So, what will be your next wish, Master?" and he replied "I wish that you are willing to be my lovely girlfriend." I giggled and said, "Wish granted." and then we kissed. Even though that we both know that there are no way a genie could grant a wish to change anyone's heart to love other person as a couple. But we just did it, and we thought that it was cute.

When we kissed, he started to get handsy with me. He ran his right hand to my butt, and his left hand was feeling my right chest.
"Let me help you with that." I said, and snap my finger. In a blink of an eye, my dress vanished. Leaving my body completely naked and exposed ready to be enjoyed by my master. Which he responded with a big smile, and a small pinch on my nip. That rush of female orgasm was coming back, everything felt so magical. I will never get sick of this sensation. It soon lead to him, undressing his clothes. And when I wanted to snap my finger to made his clothes disappeared he stopped me, and he slowly stripped in front of me.

He let me sit on the couch naked and let me watch him. It was a treat for me he said. And I do really enjoy watching my master stripped his shirt and exposing his masculine abs, followed by unzipping his pants and taking off his underwear to let his friend down there greet me with excitement. It made me feel more and more horny.
My body started to work its own magic. Grabbing my master's dick, and start stroking it. Every touch to his dick, made my vagina wet. And before we know it, I was giving him a titty job.

And everything end with a blowjob and several blow on my face. We both cuddled on the couch, panting from our little session. With a big smile on our faces, we both know we love each other and wishes to stay together.

It was now have been more than a week since I met his parents, and we did had an amazing time. I enjoy being with the company with my Master/Boyfriend. He allowed me to call him with 'Babe' whenever we were with somebody else, just not to made other people suspicious if I called him master. We've been together not for a very long time yet, but it felt like the best time of our life. We were both kinda liked being in this body now, and we probably will keep it this way. We do tried to swap for a day to our old bodies, but it was such a funny day. My master and I was laughing all day long, about us acting weird returning to our old body since we bot are now accustomed to the new body we have. My master was even forget how to use his genie power when he was in my body, we almost couldn't swap back. But fortunately he manage to use his genie power and swapped us back.

People said, genie might tricked you when you make a wish to them. But not this time. Wishing to swap bodies with her was the best thing ever happened to us.

my perfect little plan

I hated school, I considered it a waste of time. It wasn’t that i wasn’t smart or anything, I just didn’t care. When i received my grades, full of D’s and F’s, my teacher told me that she wanted to talk to my parents. “Next Tuesday, at the principal’s office” she said. I couldn’t take my mom, nor dad, they would be upset at me, and ground me for months. So I came up with the best solution I could think of. 

Months ago, I had spent my allowance on a potion online. It was labeled “Body transformation”. I didn’t actually believe in magic, but I wanted to. My plan was simple, drink the potion, transform into my dad, go speak to my teacher and principal as him, afterwards, drink the potion again to transform back. 

The instructions were simple, “visualize who you want to be, drink the potion, wait for the change to take place. Transformation time vary from 1minute to 1 hour. Side effects: dizziness, numbness, mild memory loss”. 

I concentrated on my dad, but as I was drinking the potion, I caught a glimpse of my phone wallpaper. And the image of the girl in the picture popped up into my mind. As I awaited for the transformation to take place, I started to feel a little dizzy. My chest started to swell, my hair grew longer. I looked at my reflection, and noticed I looked feminine. “Shit” I said with a high pitched voice. I felt my equipment retract into my own body. I wasnt transforming into my dad, but the girl on my wallpaper. After 20 minutes or so, my former male self was gone, replaced by a copy of Kim. 

Before anything else happened, I did what any other teenage guy in a hot girls body would do, I got naked and inspected my body. 

I meant to take the potion again, but a new plan came into my mind. “Maybe this isn’t so bad” i said, “Some makeup, and I could certainly pass as my mom”. I sneaked into my parents room and got dressed, and applied make up, which came to me with ease. I wore a sexy pink dress, and took a cab to school and talked to my teacher and to the school principal. 

“I didn’t know his grades were so bad”, I said, “i will talk to my husband and work on a plan to get him to study more. He’s a smart kid you know?”. They seemed convinced, I was so glad my plan worked. 

Once I got home, I sneaked into my room, and while looking at a picture of my former self, I drank some of the potion again. But nothing happened. “What’s wrong?” I asked out loud. I drank a little more, but had no success. I then continued reading the label on the potion flask. “Potion will only work once per person” I couldn’t believe I missed that the first time. I was stuck, and I had no choice but to tell my parents what had happened. 

I don’t know why, but I really needed some coffee, I walked to the kitchen and prepared a cup. As I looked outside, my mom walked in, “who are you? Why are you wearing my clothes?” She asked. I had tears in my eyes. I explained to her what had happened, but she didn’t believe me. “Where’s my son?” She asked. “I am your son!” I replied. I showed her the potion. She looked at it, “You mean to tell me this transformed you?”. She uncorked the bottle and smelt it. “No wait” I said as she drank from it. In a matter of seconds I saw her transform, she must have been thinking about me, because when the transformation was over, she had tranfor,ed into my teenage self. “What the hell?” My mom said with a tween voice.

When my dad got home, we had lots of explaining to do. He did believe us. We decided to act as if nothing happened. I pretended to be my mom after plastic surgery, my mom, pretended to be me. I knew she hated being a teenage boy, but on the flip side, he was getting better grades. My dad couldn’t stop oogling my sexy new body. 

And it was a matter of time until we made out. I tried to refrain from it, but we eventually had sex. I expected it to be weird, but it actually felt right. My mom, now my son, didn’t care, he was now dating a girl his age. I guess life turned out for the better. I’m fact, as I learned later on, my mom and dad were actually thinking about getting a divorce, this whole ordeal saved our family. 

May 24, 2018

A connection like no other

This is Amy. Hot, isn’t her? Well she is my best friend. Well I’m that picture, I am her. Let me explain.

Amy and I have been friends since preschool. Funny enough, we have the same birthday. Back then, we were neighbors. Our parents allowed us to spend our afternoons together since they considered we made such a cute couple. It wasn’t until we turned 11 years old that our connection went farther ahead than our shared birthday.

We were talking about some bully at school, when something happened. We swapped bodies. We didn’t know how we did it, but one second I was looking at Amy, and the next I was her. We didn’t tell anybody, and we pretended to be each other for a week. Amy, while in my body, stopped my bully problem by kicking his ass. And I got Amy to pass Math with a perfect grade. Then, after 11 days we went back to our bodies.

It took us sometime to get to learn the details of our bodyswap routine. But once we learned how to do it at will, we were exchanging lives all the time. I know what you are thinking, “they must be a couple now”, no, we aren’t. I have been Amy so many times, that it would be weird dating her, or dating me as her.

In high school, I got to go out with her boyfriend several times. I am glad I did, because he was about to take advantage of Amy, so I kicked him in the nuts.

Anyways, when we turned 21, she got to travel abroad. “I don’t want you to go” I told her. “Fine, I’ll stay” she said. “Really?” I asked. “Yes, you’ll go in my place” she proposed. I spent a whole year as Amy. It was weird as hell. Periods, hormones, dating guys. I did exactly what Amy would have done in my place. After all, we have spent so much time as each other that we thought a like.

I even met the guy that would eventually become her husband. Although we did make out several times, I didn’t have sex with him. That is something that I left for Amy to enjoy for the first time. While on my trip, I kept calling Amy, and she kept on calling me. She had also met a great girl named Kim. “You are going to love her” she said. “She’s our type of girl”.

Eventually we went back to each other’s body. I dated Kim for years, until I eventually proposed. Same thing happened with Amy and her boyfriend. We continued to swap bodies on a daily basis. Sometimes, when I am in her body, I do forget I used to be a man, and think of myself as Amy. And I know the same is truth for her.

“I have an idea” Amy said, “I think, that since you are the one that met my fiancé, and I am the one that met yours, I think it would be fitting I marry Kim, and you marry James”. I agreed in no time. And oh god, it was the best idea ever. I enjoyed my honeymoon with James in a way I wouldn’t have as a man. I loved wearing nothing but a see through dress. Every single day we spent it having sex.

After both our honeymoons were over. We kept on swapping. Sometimes I was a man, others a woman. I enjoyed both lives the same. And i never felt out of place in any of our bodies. I even got pregnant, and got Kim pregnant too. And as fate would have it, both our babies were due on the same day. Maybe they will have the same experiences we have been having.

May 23, 2018

The misunderstanding genie

The news came on the television one day! A man had released a real life genie and upon receiving his three wishes, she was immediately freed in the the land of mortal humans. She became an instant celebrity and was invited onto several networks for interviews and such. It turned out that genies we’re mortals that were cursed for entering sacred temples that once stood in the Middle East. After having fifty masters one was freed from the curse to live a permanently immortal life while keeping their magic powers. Since she was so happy to be freed, she said that she would one wish each to a lucky 100 people. Richard was excited at this prospect and immediately called to be thrown in a raffle and paid the amount ( which would go to a charity). After a few days, he was informed that he had won

Richard stood in line for a long time waiting to get to the genie, and after over an hour, he finally was able to see the genie. Just as she seemed on TV, she was very friendly and seemed very eager to give Richard whatever he wanted. He wasted no time in declaring just what he wanted

" You see I'm in love with my best friend, " Richard explained, " so I wish to be more appealling to my best friend Billie."

"You've got it sweetheart," replied the genie, and with a snap of her fingers, Richard was enveloped in pink smoke.

Richard's auburn hair quickl grew out as a burning feeling swept across his face that rendered it that of a beautiful woman's. Soon his height was diminished to a mere 5'4 as his shoulder and arms became far more delicate and his fingernails adorned with french tips. His body had also taken on a more curvy form with a sunken in waist and much wider hips perfect for childbearing. Two C cup breasts slowly grew out of his chest and served as a new source of weight to carry around. His thighs lost all trace of hair and thickened up to match his widened hips before his ass swelled into a voluptuous round booty. Finally his gender was changed to female once his dick inverted into a vagina. Meanwhile all of his, or rather her clothes had been altering with her jeans changing to accommodate her new ASSets and her shirt altering to display her cleavage and a great portion of her back. A bra soon supported her breasts and a pair of lace panties cupped her booty

"There you go, sweetheart!" said the genie cheerfully, " Billy will be sure to have all eyes for you now. I even gave you a cute sexy new name....Daphne "

Wait a minute," said richard/Daphne in her new alarmed female voice,"why am I a woman, Billie isn't a lesbian!!!!"

"Hold on," aid the genie now confused, " Billie is a girl and weren't a gay guy in love with his best friend."

" Uh yeah, she's a girl, " replied Daphne, " and no I'm not gay."

" You'll have to forgive me, " the genie laughed, " I'm still learning today's trends and  had no idea names could be used for both genders. I gues you learn something new every day."

"It isn't funny," yelled Daphne in despair, " I need you to change me back and make everything right."

Well...." said the genie, " historically I couldn't reverse wishes but since I'm free from the lamp, I  should be able....." The genie was interrupted when the door swung open and a guy walked into the room. 

The guy spoke almost immediately upon entering the room saying, "Whoa, the genie herself and..... hoooly shit!! You know I was gonna ask to be super buff....but that girl is gorgeous. I wish she was my slutty but loyal girlfriend back with me at my place."

The genie had a sad look on her face as she seemed reluctant to grant the guy's wish as he disappeared into thin air. She then turned to Daphne

" Wait can't you turn me back," she said in a panic

"Im truly sorry," said the genie, "but you're locked in your form by his wish that I'm obligated to grant."

Before Daphne could protest any further, she disappeared and found herself in an unfamiliar room. The shirt and jeans she was once wearing were strewn on the floor and she was standing in only her bra and her underwear which had now morphed into a skimpy thong that ran right up her plump ass. 

Before too long the guy( who's name turned out to be Kyle) from before entered the room, in what was presumably his apartment, wearing only a pair of boxers. He released his diick which was extremely big. Daphne tried to look away but couldn't resist staring at it with newfound lust. She knew it was the portion of the wish that made her Kyle's slutty girlfriend that was doing this her, but she was helpless to stop her new feelings. Daphne crawled over to her man and started sucking his dick. As she bobbed her head back and forth, she regretted not being more specific with that genie.

My best friend

I met James at school about 6 years ago. We have been friends ever since. And while I knew he and his family were a little bit weird, I would never imagine what he was capable of. When we went out to college, we decided to rent a place together.

The first couple of months we spent it playing video games. But suddenly he started having lots of different girls invited to his room. They were all pretty hot and loved to moan out loud like no one could hear them.

One day a girl got out of James room while being completely topless. “Hey handsome” she said while leaning on the door frame. “Do you want to join us?” She asked. I knew it would be weird, but she was a hottie I could not say no to. “Sure” I said as I took my shirt off.

Once inside James room, I realized James wasn’t there. “Hey, where is my flatmate?” I asked the girl. I didn’t notice immediately, but she looked different somehow. “Oh, he’ll be back, but we should get started, she said with a sexy voice. She kissed me, and i kissed her back. “No.. this is weird” she said, “No matter how much I touch myself, I can’t get used to being a girl”. I didn’t know what she was talking about, until she transformed into James right in front of my eyes. “I’ve never told you the truth. I am a shape shifter” he said. “And right before we met, I used to be a girl, but no matter how much I try it, i can’t go back” he said. I was still in a state of disbelief.

“All those girls you brought home?” I asked. “All me,  trying to have fun and be sexy again” he responded. “I still can’t believe it, I mean, even if I saw you transform yourself, it seems impossible” I said. “Well there is something else I can do. If you allow me of course” He proposed. I asked him what he meant, and he explained he could shape shift me too. “Into a girl?” I asked. “Yes, into any kind of living being. Man, woman, dog, cat” he responded. He then asked me if he could try it. “But it would be weird” I responded. He transformed into another girl “please, pretty please. We could experiment, you know how much college girls love experimenting” she proposed. I didn’t answer, but the big bulge in my pants was enough to say yes.

In a matter of milliseconds I seize to be a man, and I was my very own wet dream. “How do you feel” she asked. “Weird” I responded while I touched my breasts. She surprised me with a kiss. I kissed her back. We made out for hours. We ended up in my room fingering each other. Then, I was on top, having my wet pussy over hers. I could feel both throbbing, and our juices mixing. Which made me come.

We started doing that every single afternoon, and that was until James proposed something different. Something I couldn’t say no. Straight sex, where I were to be the woman, and he the man. And that was the best decision I ever took. After sex, he was getting ready to turn me back “Don’t!” I yelled. “I want to be your hot girlfriend forever” I responded. With a wicked smile he responded “what ever you want love”.

May 22, 2018

Moving on

"And yet another rejection. I'm bored to always be right..." sigh Julian after reading the message of your crush on Facebook. Leaning on his bed, he stayed right there, absentmindedly for a few minutes. His life was so in a dead end concerning his love life, he was way beyond sadness. All was left was a big void and he just wait here to forget and move on, again.
But fate had something else in mind for him.
A small voice came from near here. He jump up and look around him, he was alone. The voice talked again. It was in his end, a feminine voice, just saying "hello". "Anyone there?" the voice said again. Julian answered, hesitantly. The voice was saying she couldn't see nothing. Julian suddenly had the feeling that the voice was coming from his pants. Removing it, the voice told him she could see. That's when Julian understand what was going on.
He had heard of stories about strange phenomenons happening to people where their genitalia awake, taking over their body and the original owner turning into the new genitalia. And, judging by the fact his dick was now talking with a feminine voice and beginning to change into a face, it was sure he was about to be the next victim of this phenomenon. The voice was lost on what's happening to her. Julian explain her everything, what was to come. He remain his calm voice, even if he began to feel the fear rising. If the voice was feminine, it was sure he will become  her new vagina in a few minutes. He wanted to do something about but couldn't think of anything, he already have heard there was no cure and no turning back from this thing. His nerves break when he finally lose the control of his body. The head of the girl had finish forming between his legs. Well it wasn't barely legs anymore, more slender and soft feminine arms. His testicles have grown to become her new breasts. His head began to sink between her new forming legs. The girl looked at Julian with a sad face, she doesn't wanted that but they had no choice in that matter. Julian's head spin on itself and sank even more. "i'm sorry" said the girl. Julian manage to say " don't be, be just a better person than me" before his mouth distort in a vertical slit forming the new vagina. His eyes closed forever and Julian was no more, leaving just the new lost girl on his bed. Not knowing what to do with her new body and life.
It took time, but the new girl adapted quickly to being human and manage to have a fulfilling life and, even if he was just a vagina now, Julian was feeling the happiness of the girl.

Never to go back

Our parents might miss us. But somehow, I don’t miss my old life. And from the looks of it, my best friend doesn’t either. It all happened 18 months ago. My sister won a trip to Paris. She invited my best friend James with her. But one day before leaving she got ill, something she ate I bet. So she gave me her ticket and told me to go in her place.

It was weird going with my best friend to Paris. But who cares? It’s a free trip. As we arrived, we took a cab to our hotel. The driver did speak a few words of broken English. But he told us of the best bars to meet girls.

While I was taking a shower, I swear I heard James talking to someone. As I got out of the shower and covered my privates with a towel, I saw a girl sitting on my bed. “Oh hello” I said. But the girl didn’t answer. “James?” I said out loud, hoping to hear from him. I didn’t speak any French, so I just say hi. Suddenly the girl with tears in her eyes jumped on my arms and kissed me.  I kissed her back.

I didn’t expect her to do so, but she whispered in my ear “run, get out of here while you still can” she said. I dropped her on the bed and took a couple of steps back. “Are you ok?” I asked. “Never better” she replied. “Now fuck me” she said with a thick French accent. I didn’t understand what was happening, but I wasn’t going to say no to such a beauty. Minutes later we were having sex. And when I was about to come I felt something prick me on the neck.

Minutes later a man showed up. He instructed us to stand up, and we did so without hesitation. “I know you used to be a couple of males” he said, “But as you can see that’s no longer a problem”. I looked down and realized I had breats, and my equipment was gone. I looked at the other girl, and realized she used to be James. “Actually we prefer men, that way we can mold their bodies and personalities” he said.

He continued talking, and i wanted to pay attention, but all i could think of was sex. I turned around and kissed my friend. She kissed me back. “Not without me” the man said. That day I lost my virginity to our very own captor.

We became high class whores. “Don’t worry, you’ll love working for me.  And it ain’t all that bad, after two years you are free to get on with your lives, or to work for me a little longer”.

Like I said, that was 18 months ago. I don’t know what I am going to do once the time is up. I surely enjoy having sex for money. And my friend, sure loves threesomes.

It ain’t milk

I know what you are thinking. How can’t it be milk? Well it is a potion, one that my grandma thought me to brew. Actually, the first time I drank it she tricked me. Just like you, i thought it was milk. But once the changes happened, I knew what she had done. “You turned me into a girl!” I yelled at her. “The potion doesn’t do that love. It released the real you, the body where you will achieve your full potential” she explained.

It took some adjusting, but I was a woman for a week. I enjoyed walking sexy, getting oogled by guys, touching my own new body. You can guess it was a bummer when one morning I woke up as a man again.  That’s when my grandma thought me how to brew the potion. “As long as you take one glass a week, you’ll be fine” she said.

That was years ago. However, just last week one of the ingredients was nowhere to be found. I was desperate. After all I am a supermodel right now, and I have a presentation tomorrow. I could feel my breasts deflating. And something on my crotch trying to get out.

Thank good minutes later the delivery guy showed up. I was the happiest girl. I quickly brew the potion and drank it. I was so clumsy, I got all wet.  Anyways that’s something I don’t want to go through again. Hopefully, I can find a more permanent solution.

May 21, 2018

Totally awesome club

I was a sophomore in college and worked a job as a pizza boy to make  ends meet. For my last delivery of the day I was set to make a delivery to a place called the Totally awesome club which I had never heard of before. It was a large fancy looking building that seemed to oddly have no front desk area or lobby for that matter. In fact there was only the designating sign at the front as well as windows which I was of course not going to try to enter. I figured that this was a design of some sort, meant to give it a possible speakeasy sort of feel, especially when there was a door on the side of the building.It was open, so I figured i could just walk in and make my delivery. However, I expected the desk to be right there, but it was not. Rather there was a map that showed where to find the main desk As I made my way through the coridoors, I must have taken a wrong turn because when i opened a door I saw something totally unexpected.

The room was nicely furnished with expensive couches and other furniture pieces, but i was not alone. I first saw a beautiful naked redheaded girl on one of the couches, laying on a furry white blanket on her stomach as a large muscular man rested his torso on her backed as he thrusted in and out of her. Elsewhere in the room a black guy held a petite blonde girl suspended in the air as he fucked her like a jackhammer. Finally a saw a latina on her knees deepthroating a guy like a champ. This had me aroused like I had never been before. The three couples contiued on with their orgy not even noticing me looking on throught the barely opened door. Suddenly i felt a tap on my shoulder and as i turned around the slightly opened door closed behind me.

What I saw was an extremely beautiful girl with pink highlighted blonde hair that was tied up in pigtails. " Getting a little nosy are we, " she giggled, " Don't worry i sneak a peak sometimes myself, I won't say anything" She led me to where I was supposed to be and paid for the pizza. Since it was my last delivery and I had nothing better to do I decided to make small talk with the girl, who's name was Kellie, and also the secretary for this club" I found out that this club was actually a safe haven of sorts for people who took the new x-change pills at a much cheaper price than the market offered.. I had always wondered about these pills but the cost for them was very expensive and I was worried of what my friends and family would think if they knew I had willingly transformed myself into a girl, even if it were a temporary thing. We talked for a while since it was the last delivery of my shift before she finally asked if I'd like to give x-change a try for free. I was taken offf guard, especially at the offer for free as the fee was usually roughly 45 bucks ( which was still cheap in itself). She claimed she got one freebie per year and wasn't interested in changing anymore so I could have hers. I decided that this may be my only chance to partake in this sortr of thing so I agreed to it.

I was required to sign some contracts that said things like "they can't guarantee I'll like my female form" or "that my experience may be different than advertised". Sfter one page I grew bored with reading it and signed my name before finally popping the pill. My blonde hair immediately extended well past my shoulders, tickling the side of my face which had quickly morphed into that of a very cute girl's. As my arms became far more delicate, I fell my shift of balance shifted when my height decreased from six foot to a mere 5'2. Two B cup sized boobs formed on my chest as my body developed perfect curves with a thin waist and epicly wide hips. Soon my thighs and ass were following suit and before I knew it, my ass was a huge bubble butt. The final change came with my dick and balls shrinking into the void that became my new vagina causing me to moan in my new high pitched voice. Kellie laughed, complimenting how cute I turned out and led me to a room with white furniture and also gave me a supply of clothes to choose from. It was impossible to find an outfit that adequately fit my my body so I settled on a sky blue leotard which was thin at the back to where the fabric ran smoothly in between my booty cheeks, and also a pink little sweater. They even had replacement glasses for she to make me look more feminine. It was hard to deny as I looked in the mirror at myself....I looked good. I layed on my stomach on the bed, looking forward to relaxing and enjoying my body to my own devices. However it seemed I was was wrong as a guy in a business suit entered my room. 

I protested saying that there must be some kind of mistake and Kellie soon came into the room. She showed me a part of the contract I had signed and it it read that this was basically a contract of sex and by taking the pill I was agreeing to have sex with at least one person, doing whatever they wanted. It was then that I realized why taking the pills was such a cheap thing at the club. They were charging way more for the guys who had a fetish of fucking x-change changed men. I sighed knowing that was obligated to go through with what I signed lest i risk a lawsuit, or worse, not being changed back. The man quickly stripped away my clothing and promised that he wouldn't make me give any blowjobs given my ignorance to the contract. However, he got straight to work on pounding my pussy. I was laying on my back with my legs up in the air as I was fucked missionary style. I couldn't help but scream in pleasure as this was like nothing I had ever felt before. He flipped me over with an agression that I liked for some reason. He then pulled the rear half of my body off the bed to where my chin and perky breasts were resting on the mattress before impaling my vagina once again with his flaccid dick. If I had liked the simple missionary position, then I really loved being fucked from behind with thrust slapping my huge ass against his groin. He then pulled out and patted my ass a few times before saying, " I know you might hate me for this...but this ass is just too nice not to fuck." With that he placed me back on the bed and quivkly moved behind me. The feeling of him entering my ass was painful but soon pleasureable as he forcefully thrusted inside me as he slapped my ass with ferocity. I couldn't believe I was enjoying it! As a guy I never would have dreamed of letting this happen but as a girl, I was screaming like a common whore. Soon the guy was done and my side of the contract fulfilled. He left, after giving me a kiss on the cheek, thanking me for a good fuck.

Soon after he left, Kellie walked in once again, but this time with a worried look on her face. " Oh my god, Im so sorry, I made a terrible mistake, " she cried out out with tears in her eyes. " whha--a-at are you talking about, " I replied in a confused tone. It turned out that she had accidentally had me sign a work contract that some guys sign up for to be constant fixtures at the club. According to the contract, I was obligated to work for five years as one of their girls. While the company understood that it was a mistake.....I turned out to be extremely hot and would therefore would be a huge moneymaker for them. They therefore were not letting me out of it. I would get a room in the club to live in where my customers would come in as well. The club would pay for all my remaining education once I changed back and would also give me 250K. Until then it was going to be a long five years

May 18, 2018

Going back home

I was back at m parents place from college. They were so happy to see me. “You know, at your age everything changed for me” my mom said. “And it will certainly will for you” she added. I knew she was about my age when she met dad, but I didn’t want to hear that story again, and I am too young to get married.

I entered my room, all my stuff was gone, replaced by girly stuff. Mahogany naked guys posters on the wall, make up, teddy bears, and even a girly dresser. “Mom? What’s this. What happened to my room?” I asked. “Did my cousin Amy stayed here?” I followed with a second question. “No dear, it’s all yours” she answered.  “Ha ha very funny” I responded. “I’ll explain tomorrow, just get some sleep” she said. It wasn’t that late, but I did feel a little drowsy. So I did go to sleep. It was weird sleeping in a girly bed. And those guys on the posters were disturbing.

The next morning was my birthday. I woke up at about 9 am. I stood up and took my clothes off.  Without thinking about it I took a blue bra and put it on. It covered my breats wonderfully. I got a matching dress out of the closet. It wasn’t until I started applying make up that I noticed something was wrong. “Shit! I am a girl!” I yelled.

My mom entered my room, “how’s my girl feeling?” She asked. “You turned me into a girl” I said angrily. “Oh no dear, I didn’t do that, it was all you” she said. “Bullshit! You first got rid of all my things, and replaced them with girly stuff, and then you... you did this to me” I said while pointing at my own body. “The same thing happened to me when I turned your age, I was just trying to help you with the transition” she explained. Somehow I did believe her.

My dad seemed unaware of the changes, he even called me Kim. My mom explained that’s normal. Only us, were to be aware of the changes. Mom, me, and my grandma. “She went through the same thing too” she explained. “The sooner you accept the changes, the easier it will be. To help you out, I called your friend John. He is picking you up at 11” she said. I hugged my mom. And continued getting ready. I applied make up with ease. And dressed a little slutty, somehow thinking about John was turning me on. “Maybe this isn’t so bad, i do feel like a woman” i said out loud.

As simple as it sounds

It took me a full decade to find the right magic spell+potion combination. But once I did. The transformation was fast, safe and painless.

I had been preparing for this moment for a long time. I got dressed in a white jumper. I even wore some jewelry. I sat on my living room couch, and started drinking the potion. My friend James was documenting everything. I continued the transformation by reading the spell. I took another sip of the recently brewed potion. My lips were the first to change, they felt fuller. Then my chin and nose. My hair grew longer and thicker.

“It’s working!” James said as I started growing breasts. It was weird feeling my equipment become smaller until it became an erect clit. My ... balls ... retracted into my own body, forming a new functional vagina, and leaving nothing but a slit outside.

My hips became wider, and my waist smaller. I hadn’t noticed, but my hands looked feminine and so did my feet. “This feels great” I said hearing my new voice for the first time. I changed my pose, I felt so light and sexy. Holding the cup in a more feminine way I drank all that was left from the potion.

I looked at James. He was looking hotter than before. I looked at him with lust in my eyes. But he just smiled back. I was feeling wet. “What does a girl have to do to get her best friend to fuck her brains off?” I asked him directly. He didn’t answer, he stood up and walked towards me. Kissing me passionately. I kissed him back. I wrapped my legs around him, and he took me to my bedroom. Where we made out for a while. He took his pants off, and I ripped my clothes off.

I pulled him into my bed bed, and jumped over him. I got even wetter in anticipation. I slid his thing inside my newly formed pussy. As it touched my vaginal lips, and pushed inside myself, I let out a loud moan. I started pushing back and forth. I was loving the feeling. His left hand was holding and pressing on my right breast and nipple. I just loved how great it felt. I was so good at sex as a woman, that we both came in no time. I felt the warm cum feel me up.

Afterwards we cuddled for a while. And he told me he loved me. “I love you too” I said. And since that day we have been a couple. It might have taken me a whole decade, but I finally was who I always wanted to be.

May 17, 2018

Inside her head

“Please! Go away! Before it is too late” the sexy girl told me. “I can’t control my body, and something in my mind is changing, she’s telling me to fuck you” she said as she stroke a sexy pose.

She was a brunette, with a rocking body. I could tell she was either an exotic dancer, or a hooker by the way she dressed and walked. “Spank me!” She said, but just after i did so, she quickly responded “what are you doing? I told you to go away! To leave me alone”. I was getting all these mixed messages from her, I thought she was role playing, so I kissed her. She kissed me back. And we ended up having sex in my bed.

“Thank you handsome” she said, “that’s exactly what I needed”. Afterwards, she left my flat. The following days were weird. I started hearing her voice inside my head. She asked me to buy some sexy clothes. And although I thought I was imagining things, I bought them without hesitation. I intended to give them to the brunette I met a few days ago.

Once I got home, the voice asked me to try the clothes on. “No way, this are women’s clothes” I said out loud. “But they will fit you perfectly, they will make you feel sexy, I promise” the voice said. I tried not to do as she commanded, but I eventually gave in. She was right, I did look sexy. I even looked like a woman. “Wait? Are those breasts?” I asked myself. “Yes! Your very own breats! You should squeeze them, try them out” the voice instructed me. I was powerless to resist I started touching them, massaging them, and I moaned in pleasure. “This feels so good” I said.

I changed my clothes into something less revealing. And I drove to my best friend’s home. I was ready, I wanted him inside of me. I realized that the girl I had slept with used to be a man too. But she was fighting the changes. Not me, I had accepted the new me without hesitation. “That’s my girl, I promise you will enjoy this” the voice told me. I bit my lips in anticipation.

As I got to his place, I adjusted my dress. “Time for sex” I said out loud. I knocked on his door, and waited for him to open. I knew he loved redheads just like myself. As he opened the door I kissed him passionately. We ended up having sex in his living room. As I came, i realized I was probably marking him to become a girl too. “Don’t worry, he won’t change. I’lol let you keep him” the voice said. I smiled, and came one more time knowing that I were to spend the rest of my life with this hunk of a man.

May 16, 2018

Study in Japan

Andy really wished he could have his study in a college in Japan. He was obsessed with anime and manga, and wanted to study arts so he could create his own anime or manga. However, due to his family's economic condition his parents couldn't support his ambition to study in Japan. It just cost too much for them.

One night, Andy sat down by his bedroom window. Just thinking what else could he do, he tried to apply for scholarship, but unfortunately for him the college he wanted to join had reached the quota of scholarship student for that year. And he think he couldn't wait for another year, he want to enroll this year And at that moment, he saw a shooting star in te night sky. He just thought to himself, "I wish I could go study in Japan. I'll do no matter what it takes." The night was getting late, so he prepared to go to bed.

Andy was surprised when the next morning, he woke up in an apartment. Very different from what his room looks like. Around the room he could see some boxes and a pink luggage, that seems like whoever live in this room was just moved it. And not only he woke up in a different room but in a different body! he was a japanese girl!
"何?! (Nani?! means What?!)" He said when noticing he was wearing a red top wih two mounds on his chest?
"私は女の子ですか?(Am I a girl?)" He said, and quickly covering his mouth with his feminine hand when he heard his new voice. But he didn't realize that he was now fluent in Japanese and with basic understanding of English.
He looked outside the window and walked slowly to the balcony, he knew the sight he was looking at. It was Tokyo. He was finally in Japan. He marveled the view of the city and just stood in silence. Then he shifted his focus to his chest area to see his new attribute. A soft touch to his now exposed nipples sent a rush of pleasure to his entire body. He liked it. He covered himself, worried if somebody would saw him touching himself on the balcony.

He heard a notification coming from the laptop on the desk. He went back inside to check out the laptop. It was an email from her parents, asking if she had a good night sleep and if she had settled in her new place. They also wanted to remind her not to be late for her first day at college. Andy was excited, could this be his wish to a shooting star becoming real? He closed the mail, and checked the inbox, and then he saw it. There was the mail sent by the college congratulating Aiko that she was accepted at arts major. It was a dream come true, with a price to pay. But Andy ddn't mind being Aiko in order for him to study in Japan. And for Aiko in Andy's body, it was also a dream come true for her. She wished to a shooting star that sh didn't want to study arts as it was her parents forcing her to do..

May 15, 2018

Inside out

It all started when I met Amy. She was the one that gave me a pill that would keep me fit for the rest of my life. The first days it’s worked like a charm. I was losing weight, I was gaining some muscles. But on the eight day I started feeling some pain inside my stomach. “That’s normal” Amy told me, “I went through the same thing. I guess it’s better if you stay with me for a couple of days” she proposed.

The next day my skin looked all wrinkled, “I am becoming old” I said. “Don’t worry, it is your skin getting ready to shed” she explained. “Wait what?” I asked. But she just smiled.

In the afternoon we were watching tv, some singing and dancing reality show. It took me some time to realize I was actually oogling  the guys instead of the girls. “What’s wrong with me?” I asked. I looked at my hands, they looked like an old man’s.

“Time for a bath” Amy said as she took me to her bathroom. She handed me a soap and told me not to be afraid. As I washed myself, I noticed my skin was falling apart, I was peeling it with ease. As I ripped apart the skin on my chest, two breasts emerged from underneath. I wished I was mad, but in a way I was excited, thinking how a guy would like and squeeze them. I pulled my equipment off my body, and it just desintegrated like a foam with water. “I have a pussy” I said. “Yes, you are a woman. Just like me” I had forgotten Amy was there watching my whole transformation.

I was still covered in soap.  “Tell me more about the new me” I said as I finished cleaning myself. She told me my name was Kim and that I was her sister. “We always go on double dates, and although you are smarter than me, you like to pretend you are a dumb bimbo” she said. I giggled in response, “that sure sounds like me”.

Don’t get me wrong, I know who I was. And that is my burden. However, apart from my body, something changed inside of me, my mind, my feelings changed. And they felt great.