Jul 7, 2019

Costume Gun

James found a weird gun laying in front of his driveway when he get back from school. Eager to find out what it is, he brough it to his neigbors house, Alysssa.

While they were discussing what kinda of gun it is, James accidentally pulledthe trigger, and it shot a beam to Alyssa's body, instantly deflated her body, leaving only her skin on the ground.

James eager to find out, lift up the skin and notice it had an opening at the back, he slid his body inside and its slowly adapt to James's body, making him not standing tall as the 25 years old Alyssa. All complete with her female feature.

Now James sitting down at Alyssa's bed trying to figure out how to get outfrom her skin, or should he just enjoy being in it,

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