Oct 17, 2019

Is That Really You?

I received a text from an unknown number to come to an adress. When I get there, there was a mansion on the adress, so I rang the bell. And this beautiful woman greeted me and welcome me in her living room.

"Nice house Ma'am. By the way, I got this text asking me tocome here." I asked
"Yes, Jim. Its me who sent it. I'm glad you come!" The woman said to me
"Wait, how can you know my name? I don't recall we ever met before."
"Well, we never met before actually. Not like this." The woman said and she continued "I'm sure you can't tell who am I, and so did the police."
"Police? What are you talking Ma'am?"
"It's me Robert!" She said and the burst into laughter
"Like my new skin?" she said as she cupped her breasts.

"No Way! Robert?! How can you be like... this?" I said in disbelief.
"Well, after I took the money I have to get rid of the cops. So luckily I have a friend who happen to know somebody from the underground body market. So I asked him to find me a new body that the police couldn't track. And here I am!" He explained

I stared at the beutiful woman in front of me, and thinking it was my friend Robert inside it.
"Oh Jim, see that duffle bag behind you? On the counter.. Its your cut from our robbery. Oh an if I may suggest you could find another body, just to cover our track."