Nov 20, 2019

Like What You See?

 Jake admired his new reflection in the mirror. It was bizzare that the beutiful girl he was in the mirror mimics every move that he made. It was unbelievable to him that he was now inhabiting this body.

A footssteps came cloder to jake as the man behind him asked,
"Like what you see, Mr White? Or would you prefer me to adress you as Ms White?"
"This body is amazing doc! Thanks! I love it so much. Oh and maybe you should star calling me Ms White."
"I'm glad that you liked it Miss. All the procedure are a success and also we have made your body's new ID as you requested. Josephine White, I like the name really suit your new body miss."
Jake turned to see the doctor, he let out a soft smile.
"Have my lawyer contacted you about my money?" he asked
"Yes, Mr Davis has told me that he has sorted everything out. You have adopted Josephine as your daughter and all of you inheritance is now yours."
"Wonderful.." The 70 years old billionaire turned back to the mirror admiring his new 25 years old body.

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