Jun 10, 2020

Honeymoon at SwapResort

Caleb and Becky decided to go to SwapResort for their honeymoon. However upon arriving at the resort and undergo the swapping process, Caleb found himself in a busty woman's body and Becky in a teenage boy's body.
"I'm going to the manager to complain! They're not putting in this little boy's body!"
"Come on Becky, let's just try and enjoy it.. After all, in the agreement form we signed upon checking in do stated that the swap will be random." tying to calm his wife, then he pulled her to the beach.
"No! I'm going to the reception to talk with the manager! And why are you wearing her bikini?"
"Well, they gave us their suitcase too right.. so we can have outfit to match our body. Come on honey, lets just have a great time..." Becky tried her best to avoid looking at Caleb's new breasts, she could feel herself getting aroused by the sight of Caleb voluptuous breasts. Plus he's wearing such a sexy bikini, made him look even hotter.
"You know what, I've been a teenage boy before. But I know what will change your mind." Caleb grabbed Becky's hand and put it on his breast, while his other hand slowly rubbing Becky's new dick.
"Oooohh... Someone's getting excited.." Caleb teased
"Okay, fine... Let's get to the beach.." Becky said defeated.

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