Jan 29, 2020

Newfound Ability

Excited when Kevin discovered his newfound ability to shift into anybody only by wearing a piece of clothing, he sneaked to one of his neighbour lawn. His neighbour was a hot asian girl, name Alyssa. Lucky for Kevin, he found Alyssa's laundry.
He grabbed one of the bra hanging, take off his tshirt and tried to put the bra on. Once he get it clipped and the bra fitted perfectly on his chest, Kevin could see his body starting to shift. He could feel he was losing height, as his body became more and more slender. The bra on his chest was slowly filled with his expanding breasts until the bra hugged his new formed breasts perfectly. He was so amazed with the new weight on his chest thathe didn't notice that his hair has grow longer and his face has completely changed. Then he felt a weid tingling on his crotch as he could see his cock slowly shrink and finally replaced with a vagina. At that point he knew the transformation has completed and he has became an exact copy of Alyssa. And now its the time to have fun in his new form

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