Jan 27, 2020

One More Day Please

"No No No, babe... One more day please..." I begged my girlfriend not to swap our body back just yet.
"Really?" She sighed
"Just one more day.. Please babe...I really enjoy our swap, don't you?" I begged and I posed sexily on the bed.
"Fine!" She said finally giving up.
"Thank you so much babe! I love you so much!" I jumped from the bed gleefully and kissed her on her cheeks.
"So, what do you want to do with your girlfriend today?" I teased her. She then picked me up so easily and put me back on the bed.
"A morning sex would be nice.." She said. I knew she would love to hve another sex as each other. So I undressed myself, pulled her pants down and began sucking her erected cock.


  1. Those lips look perfect for sucking. Much practice will ensue.

  2. Seems he likes being a girl more than being himself

  3. "One more day" becomes one more week, becomes one more.... ^^ Good!