Jan 30, 2020


Hi, this isn't a story. This is me announcing my retirement so to speak. I've enjoyed writing these stories for a long time but as of late I just have no drive to write them. Whenever I get that drive to write it's never for erotica anymore. Now it's more fantasy based around D&D campaigns. I get really into the stories and I just don't get that anymore with writing my captions. I appreciate all the nice things that everyone has commented and I'm glad that I was able to entertain you with my stories. All that said, this is goodbye. I don't want to say that there's a chance that I'll come back but knowing myself I can't say that I never will. Maybe one day I'll get that drive back and I'll post again. Until then, or perhaps forever, goodbye. Knowing myself, I'll probably check the comments on this for better or worse, if anyone's interested I may end up making another blog to post those other stories. There wont be any erotic themes as nobody that knows about my D&D stories knows about this side of my writing and I'd like the keep that as it is. I'm not ashamed of having written any of these stories but I know that many of my friends would be taken aback by them if they found out. Who knows, maybe on of you is one of them and you've known for a while but just haven't said anything. Either way, this is indeed goodbye for now. I've enjoyed the ride and I'll probably still read other people's stories, I just wont be writing anything new. Thank you all for reading my stories and helping me grow as a writer. And as always, Have a great day! ^_^


  1. Dear Lexy,

    Alexis my sister, I am very sad to see you go, how could I not be? However, I also am an avid D&D gamer (both tabletop and video gamer), so I understand that role-playing can be a powerful tool to find out who is who and what makes people tick. You are a wonderful writer, and I hope that you will continue to develop your talent, no matter in what setting. You know what? I bet the D&D crowd would not really be aghast at learning of your TG caption writing, because the essence of role-play is embodiment, the idea of learning to possess what you are and who you will be. That is a human quality, a real struggle that we all face each day.

    I will always see you as a fellow sister, and a very erotically sensitive person, even if you no longer regard yourself as such. While you have said Goodbye, it is not Farewell, and I know that you will keep on creating worlds of imagination that are truly your own. Be well, sister. In my mind's eye, you will always be a brilliant redhead girl, shy but sultry, with green eyes and freckles. Love ya, Lexy. ^^

    With best wishes,


  2. Hello Friend
    Its sad to see you go,your stories were excellent and there will now be a void in the medium of body swap stories.
    Thank you for everthing you have done.
    That being said are you open to giving your blog to someone else to continue it and keep it alive?

    1. First things first, I do not own this blog in any capacity, I simply contribute to it as a writer. Secondly, s open to the idea of letting someone take the reins and continue my personal blog as I may or not be is kind of irrelevant to me. I wouldn't necessarily mind having someone taking my place but in the end I just think that that wouldn't be to best choice.

      This mainly comes down to one thing. I have a certain style to my stories. There are themes and ideas that show up commonly throughout my stories. In addition to that my wording and vocabulary are unique to me. I'm not sitting here thinking that someone couldn'y replicate any of that but I am thinking that it wouldn't be good for any involved parties. If for example the person is not comfortable emulating my style then the stories wouldn't be as good. If the new writer is better at my style than myself then, readers interested in those stories may be disappointed to find that the writing is not as good before a certain point. Lastly if the person is perfect at writing my style to the point that it's indistinguishable from my own stories then it's a shame that they are wasting their talent trying to be someone else. They'd likely write even better if they did so in their own style rather than trying to resurrect something from the past.

      To a lesser extent though it kind of all comes down to the type of blog I have. I'm not running a community blog. Giving control of my personal blog to someone else doesn't really make sense because all the stories written on my blog were either written by me or part of a series that I started in which case I linked to other blogs.

      All of this together makes me say that I'd rather just let my blog rest, some day it may breathe again but for now, it's earned a break.

  3. First, new captions/captioned stories from you will certainly be missed.

    Second, when you say your drive for writing is "more fantasy based around D&D campaigns", did you mean D&D 5th Ed? Pathfinder? A different edition/rule system? Or more generic magic fantasy as a genre? I'm not trying to be too nosy, but there are many freelance writing (and editing) opportunities for D&D5e and Pathfinder, even if you're not quite comfortable designing the mechanical "crunch." I find that new creative ideas are often harder to come by than bashing out the balanced mechanics, so please don't let that discourage you.

    1. Right now I generally only write the story and help write the back story for some characters in the campaign that I am personally a part of at the time. My google drive has multiple documents just dedicated to stories from the campaign I'm currently working on.

    2. I have played D&D before, and I did not know that you were also a creator in the campaign world, Lexy. If only I had known! But kicking myself doesn't do any good. All I wish for you now is to find happiness in the things that matter to you most. Live your joy. ^^

  4. I'm replying rather late & still sadden by your leaving... That being said, hopefully you'll see this. You'll forever be our sister & I will continue to make mention of you in my blog as I post for the holiday gatherings. Be safe Lexi. I'll miss you as well as Karen & our other sisters. 😘