Jul 29, 2018

Measure Up Part 2

(This took longer than expected. I thought I'd give it a day or two then get to writing without much of a pause. That's... not exactly what happened though as you can clearly tell. To be honest I just didn't feel like writing at first and once I was finally ready to write I started feeling immense tooth pain. When I say immense I don't mean "Ow that kinda hurts" I mean "Wow I took a tramadol and my pain hasn't subsided one bit." As such I didn't quite feel up to captioning. After all of that though I did manage to write it so... Do I get points for effort? No? Ok then... Regardless here is the promised part 2 to Measure Up. Be warned, the first paragraph is a little weird... I wrote it as if I was Deadpool writing in my style... Like I said, weird. Either way I hope you enjoy and Have a Nice Day! ^_^)

My choice was fairly obvious as this is a TG caption. Wait a sec. Let's rebuild that 4th wall real quick. My choice was fairly obvious as society was obsessed with sex ever since we were given Measure Up. The games were televised and though children were strictly disallowed from watching they all knew what the games were about. Due to this sexuality was something that everyone spoke about. With the main event of everyone's year being based solely on sex that was an inevitability. All that said, of course I decided to embrace femininity. It wasn't because I was uncomfortable in my skin or anything like that. No, I just wanted to hop the gender fence seeing as though I now vastly preferred cock to pussy. Sure, I could have stayed a man and lived as myself except gay but in the end I felt I'd be widening my pool of potential partners as a woman rather than a man. With the exposition out of the way let's get into the real story: My New Life.

After the fallout of this year's Measure Up support groups started springing up for those affected by the game. I thought it was silly but went to a meeting regardless and, I have to say... it was miserable. Everyone there was just bitching and moaning about how their lives had been destroyed. Once it came time for me to share all I could say was that I didn't really mind the change. I mean sure, I missed my cock a bit but honestly I'd much rather be the one giving the blowjob than receiving it now. This seemed to shock the members of this group. This shouldn't have surprised me though as it was a 'support group' after all. Most of them were still guys and though I'd have no way of telling how they were affected I felt like they were just being too whiney. Needless to say, I didn't go back after that and instead focused on more important things, namely sex.

Once I transitioned I knew that my life was no longer going to be normal. I was now a sex crazed woman who desired nothing more and nothing less than a big cock in my mouth or my pussy. As such I found myself on a constant hunt for just that, cock. This was never a hard task as given current technology I made myself into the perfect specimen of femininity, well, at least as a man would see it. I made myself a blonde with a cute face, decent tits, and a wonderfully plump ass. I was a wet dream by my own standards and it would seem that many men I encountered would agree as I was the cause of many pitched tents. I had sex daily, if not hourly sometimes. I can't speak to what it was like for a nymphomaniac before this tech was invented but I feel it's safe to say that it wasn't this good. Every cock I encountered was huge and whether I felt used or in control I always left satisfied.

Life continued like this for a while and I was wholly content with it. That is, until Measure Up returned. It happened way sooner than I had anticipated, or at least it felt that way, y'know what they say "time flies."Regardless Measure Up was back and though I was happily living as a woman I still wanted to take part. In the end I would either get paid or enjoy an extra cock for the day, it was a Win-Win really. That said I entered the games and was immediately thrown off by the sight of a cock on my own body. It had been so long it just felt foreign. Regardless I went through the game and allocated one more point to size than last year thinking I'd win for sure now. I wasn't wrong per se, but I definitely wasn't right either. When I encountered the last man standing I was met with a delicious looking cock that happened to be the exact same size as my own. At this point we heard over the speakers that only one could win. We looked at each other and questioned what exactly that meant as size was the determining factor for these games and neither one of us had the edge. That's when it hit us. We were split into two parts of ourselves. One male and one female. Each of our male sides then took the other's female side and waited.

It was odd to say the least. Normally in the games the loser was put on auto pilot and forced to either blow the winner or fuck him. This time though it was clear that we were both in control. My opponent's female body looked terrified as she thought my male side was going to have his way with her. He didn't though, and neither did my opponent's male side. At that point I said fuck it and decided that I may as well enjoy myself and started sucking the masterful cock before me. I had my way with this guy all while he watched from a female body held in place by my male side. After he came we both became whole again and the games were complete. I had won? It was later explained to me that taking the initiative and ending the games was the very thing required to break the size tie. That was it. I had won and gotten all of my money.

After returning to my life as a nympho I realized something. I wasn't cock crazy. I didn't hate cock, but for whatever reason I was... back to normal? I mean... was this normal? Was this who I would have been if I had been born female? I went to the clinic to check and as I suspected the mental effect from last year's games was removed. I then put two and two together and realized that playing the games again and then subsequently having those mental effects removed rid my mind of the latent effect from last year. This meant that my mind was normal again. I couldn't tell a difference in my enjoyment of sex though. That meant one of two things. The hypothesized outcome of removing them was incorrect or the removal process had been altered after last year's travesty. Either way, I was no longer obsessed with cock.

You'd think that knowing this I'd go back to being a man. I didn't though. I didn't see much of a point after my previous year. I loved being a girl despite the circumstances. Alongside that, there wasn't much of a reason to change back as the catalyst for the whole situation was hidden feelings for men that I had likely been denying my whole life. Together those served to lead me to stay a woman and in the end, I couldn't be happier.

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