Jun 2, 2018

I Found a Genie (Part 4)

It has been a few magical weeks. I never imagined my life would turned out to be like this, I found a genie a few weeks ago. The genie offered me to swap bodies with her, and here I am. Being Kisha the Genie, serving my master. I even posed as his girlfriend when his parents came to visit. But we have settled in our new bodies,we agreed not to swap back anymore. We were even dating now, and I guess there's nothing could be better now.
My master and I were in such a loving relationship. Every second I spend together with him made me fell more and more in love with him.

One afternoon, I greeted him home after work. Using my magic power, I changed his clothes and even cleaned his body in an instance. But I noticed something was troubling him, usually he was very excited to see me when he get home.
"What's the matter Master? Something's troubling you? You can talk to me." I sat next to him on the couch.
"I kinda missed being a girl.." He said
"Oh, I see. Well you know that we could swap back anytime right? It will be fine Master. Just wish for it, and I'll swap us back right away!" I said in a happy voice, trying to cheer him up.
"No, not like that. You can keep that body now, I like that body better with you inside it." he smiled and caressed my cheeks making me blush, "I saw a teen girl on the bus on my home, she looked so lovely. She remind me of my childhood, before I was bounded to be a genie. I was just wondering wouldn't it be nice to be a lovely teen girl for sometimes?"
"Ahem, you know you have me right? All you have to do is to make a wish for it!"
"I'm afraid you'll get mad, that you'll think I don't appreciate your old body."
"Of course not Master, I will be happy if you're happy."
"Okay then, I wish I was the girl I saw on the bus!" He made a wish, and I instantly raised my arms and nod my head. A puff of smokes formed twirling around his body, until fully covered his body, and when the smokes cleared revealing a beautiful teen girl sitting on the couch wearing a sexy blue lingerie and heels. While I also changed my outfit into a matching red lingerie.
"Oh my gosh! This is soooo amazing!" he said in his new high pitched voice.
"I even talked like her! I love this! And wow Kisha, you look hot too!"
"Thanks, Master. I can see why you like her, I like her too." I said
"No, don't call me Master. Ewh, that sounds so gross, why not call me Little Miss. Since I see you are such a big girl now compared to me." She said while looking up at me since I am now towering over her smaller frame.
"As you wish, Little Miss."
"What do you think my name will be as this lovely girl?" She asked
"Hmm, I can see Julie fit you. Do you like it Little Miss?"
"Julie? Well, I like it! Its cute, just like my new body! Thank your for giving me this body, Kisha. You even add the lingerie, made me feel even more comfortable in here."
"I'm just doing my job, Little Miss." I replied with a smile on my face. Seeing her being so excited in her feminine little body, is really cute. I just stood there silently watching my Little Miss, inspecting her new features. She stroked her long dark hair, touched her new smooth and sensitive skin, and even pushing her bra up, and watching her boobs fall back jiggling.
Ever since I was a guy, I always loved boobs. Even now that I have them on my own chest, they never seems to bore me. I got excited watching my Little Miss, that I crossed the line. I put my hand inside her bra, and started feeling her nipples.
"KISHA!!" She squeaked! With a very shocked expression on her face. My inner genie immediately kicks in, I knew I crossed the line ad I shouldn't interrupt my Little Miss. My body feel onto my knees with my face turned down. I was expecting to be punished my Little Miss.
For a solid minute I didn't know what happened. I just stared to the ground, and there were no sound at all. Until finally a soft voice said to me,
"What were you thinking, Genie?!" she asked me
"I am very sorry Little Miss,I shouldn't have done that." I replied while still keeping my head down
"So you think, because you're the big girl now you can touch me??" She said.I just remain silent, and I can see her standing up,and now she was standing in front of me.
"Look at me." She command, which I comply and look up. Her small figure now towering over me. An angry expression formed on her face, it was clear she wasn't happy with what I did. If only I wasn't her genie, and wasn't bound to comply to her, even her angry face still looks kinda cute.

And all of a sudden, that angry face turned into a big warm smile, and she laughed.
"Are you really scared of me? Oh my gosh! Look at your face!" she said while still laughing at me.
"Come on, get up. You know I won't get mad at you,you're my lover.." She said. I stood on my feet, and now I was back being taller than her.
"Well, I am your Genie. I am your servant, and you own me. Anything you said goes, and I was bound to serve you. Of course I was scared." I said to her.
"No, don't be. How could you be scared to this cute girl? Come here babe, give me a hug." We hugged, and sense of warmth filled my body as our skin meets.
When she used to be the man, I could feel safe inside her arms. But now that I have the bigger frame than her, I somehow feel I was giving he safety when I hugged her.
"Well, you've grabbed my boob, I think its better to finish what you started. That magic touch of yours kinda turned me on." She said whispering to my ears. I reached behind her back, and unhooked her bras. Letting her boobs hang free, and revealing her pierced nipples.
"Woah! Did you put the piercings?" She asked me when she saw that she had piercings on her nipples. "No wonder I feel them even more sensitive!"
"No, Little Miss. I didn't put it there. You want her body, and I give it to you. It seems like she always had that piercings."
"Hmm, I see. Well, what are you waiting for? I haven't been a girl for a while, since you took my place. So why don't you remind me how good is it being a girl?" She said to me with a playful smile
"With pleasure Little Miss. But, do I have your permission to touch?" I said
"You are free to lay your hands on every inch of this body."  And with that I started groping her boobs.
I lowered myself, making myself more comfortable. I grabbed her boobs, fully in my hand, feeling how big it was. She was smiling and moaning from it. She clearly enjoyed it.
I flick my fingers on her nipples, which I know will send a blast of sensations to her entire body. She even enjoyed it more and more.
I continued sliding my hand into her panties, and taking it off. Leaving her completely naked. I snapped my fingers, and in an instance, I was standing naked with her.

I put my fingers in her pussy, slowly working its way finding her g-spot. I must admit, I was getting good at this, all those masturbation in my new body really helped. When I found her gspot, she was filled with lust. She moans softly,as I continue fingering. She also put her finger into my exposed pussy, and tried her best fingering me too. I could feel the rush of pleasure flowing inside me. We were fingering each other, it felt so sexy and soon we were able to cum at almost the same time. Before we were kissing passionately. The scent of her youthful teenage body and her smaller figure, really turned me on.
"Thank you Kisha, for your assistance." She said softly.
"Don't mention it, Little Miss. It was my pleasure to serve you."
"I think I'll stay in this body for a while. If you don't mind." She said
"No, not at all. In fact, I think I like you better like this. We could be a lovely lesbian couple together." I said expressing what I truly feel
"I was actually thinking about it too! Oh my gosh this so great! I want to stay as Julia forever!!" She giggled.
"As you wish, Little Miss." I said as I return to her lips for another round of passionate kiss.