Jun 15, 2018

Single parent

John was a single father. His exwife one day left Him for a life in show business. After getting a divorce, he gained full custody of his children. Although he loved both of them, he didn’t spend much time with them. He spent most of his time at work.

One morning, his eldest son, in a sudden and unexplained change of attitude, told him he really missed mommy. “I wish she didn’t have to leave us. I wish you had left us instead” he said. With a calm voice John answered “sometimes I wish that myself”.

They didn’t give it much thought, but as days passed by, John started to notice some changes in his body. It started with his voice, becoming a little bit higher. No matter how hard he cleared his throaty, his voice didn’t sound the same. One day he noticed he was getting thinner and fit. His hair was growing faster than usual. “This is weird” he said out loud when he noticed everything looked bigger than usual. His height had dropped a few inches.

He decided to go to the doctor when his chest started swelling. “My bald spot is gone” he told the doctor, “while my body hair is getting thinner”. “Look at my hips! They seem wide, and my waist smaller” he told the doctor. The doctor checked him through and through, but everything seemed fine. “We should run a couple of blood tests, but you seem healthy” he explained.

That afternoon, when the results were ready, just as he expected, it said everything was right. But what made him chuckle a little, was the fact the report listed female as his gender. On his way home, he bought a man bra, to hide his smaller chest. He noticed his nipples were bigger and more sensitive. While on the store, he decided to buy new clothes for himself. “Something less baggy” he said, as all his clothes were now to big for him. While on the dressing room, he noticed he didn’t have his usual five o’clock shadow. And his lips and eyes seemed a little bit feminine. “What is going on?” He asked himself. He posed and saw his round ass on the reflection. “If it wasn’t for my equipment I would look like a woman” he said.

It was time to pick up his son’s from soccer practice. So, after paying for his new clothes, he left. On a stop sign, on the way to pick up his sons, a man couldn’t stop looking at him. The man even smiled at him. “This is getting weird” John said as he raised his window and turned on the air conditioner.

He picked up his sons, and both eagerly said “hi mom” which caught him off guard. “How did you call me?” He asked them. “Is there something wrong mommy?” His youngest kid asked him. John started hyperventilating. “Just a sec” he said as he jumped out of the car. “What is going on?” He yelled with tears in his eyes. He quickly ran to the coffee shop across the street and threw up in the bathroom. As he cleaned himself, he saw his reflection. He looked like a female version of himself. Scared, he touched his groin, just to find an empty space where his equipment used to be. “I’d better find out, what is going on? But in the meantime I will pretend to be my children’s mom. I don’t want to confuse them” he whispered. He got back on the car. “Are you ok mom?” His eldest son asked. “Yes. It’s just been a tiring day love” he responded.

After getting home, John prepared dinner and sent his kids to bed. He spent hours looking online for his condition, but found nothing. “For the time being I will have to pretend being a woman. I don’t know why my kids mind was altered, while I still remember I am a man” he said. On his bed he started exploring his new body. He were to soon find out how sensible a woman’s body is.

Johnny and Tim, john’s children, were talking right before they fell asleep. “I can’t believe it worked” johnny said. “I know! Just a simple potion, and we have a mother again” Tim responded. “And our obnoxious dad is gone for good” johnny chuckled.

They never found out their new mom actually had her male memories intact. But all the estrogen in her body was making it easier for her to accept her new life. It was a matter of time until she started dating. Her children were soon to have a father again, a step father that is. And with that, a new half sister will come.

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