May 3, 2018

Just keeps getting weirder

My Dad had Second Puberty, as if that wasn't already weird enough for a high school girl he didn't seem to mind that much. I mean he cared but it wasn't like the worst thing ever for him. I was making sure to do my best and be supportive of him, mostly for my own sanity at how weird it was, suddenly I was shopping for bras with my dad, and not like when I was a kid where it was super awkward, it was doubly awkward cause he was asking for advice on what he should get.

Dad ended up looking so pretty too, even I was a little jealous, though if he looked that good maybe when I was older I'd be that hot too. But then a few weeks ago things got stranger, Dad seemed rather down, he was moody, sick and just all around off. At first I brushed it off as just nothing but then he called me out of the blue and told me what was wrong, he was pregnant.

I couldn't believe what I was hear, now not only was my Dad a woman, but pregnant too. I barely even had to think to figure out who the father was, probably our neighbor's son Jack who's been helping with the yard work all spring.

As the months passed I kept hoping it was all just a bad dream, but sure enough Dad really was pregnant, his belly growing, his breasts pushing the limits of his bra he was even acting more motherly not just to the baby but me too. I ended up coming to grips with it after a while and dealing with a moody pregnant father, but...I just want a normal life and now my Dad's pregnant, I'm gonna be a big sister and it just gets weirder by the day, thank god I'm going away to college in the fall.

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