May 29, 2018

Trapped by my own magic

For hundereds of years magic had been the controlling factor in the world. Whether it had been out in the open in in ancient times to well past the dark ages or when magic users had to practice in secret, magic ultimately ran the world. Users would usually receive their ability in their early teens and the abilities would manifest well into their adult years, which by magic stanards could last a few hundred years. I was but one of those magic users who was unfortunately one when there were way more magic limitations than ever before. The biggest was technology which, being a recent anomaly in the world, had not been figured out by my fellow users. Imagine our leaders disapproval when I began work for an app development company. They advised me that I may be playing with dangerous matters, but the facts were that outside my magic abilities, I was very technoligally adept. I guess they were right be cautious as I commonly would enter computers and such to use a hands on approach in creating the app. Perhaps i’d be the one to figure out how to use magic against technology. Anyways, one day I was starting work on an avatar based game that was pretty similar to the sims except it had more detailed life choices for the avatar. I always made sure that I would only enter my computer at home, but I desperately needed to break ground on the app so I enetered my work computer, but only once everyone had gone home and after promising my boss I’d work late. I had just finished what I set out to do when the clumsy janitor who was also working late, accidentally unplugged my computer leaving me trapped until someone plugged it back in.

Fortunately for me, the computer was plugged in the next morning, but unfortunately I still couldn’t leave when everyone was at the office. Afterwards the monitor on my screen lit up and i was right in the middle of the screen.... and to make matters worse, and my coworker tommy saw me. He went over to my screen to inspect it.

”oh wow, this must be the new app he’s developing,” said tommy, and the avatar is so realistic, it looks just like him....but let’s make it better.”

With a click of the mouse, I felt something grow out of my scalp. Rather than my previous short brown hair, I now had long blonde hair tied up into a bump hairstyle. 

“Wow the effects are great,” said tommy with enthusiasm, let’s see what else I can do”.

He continued to cllick on the altering side bar and gave me a curvy waist with wider hips and a beautiful feminine face after he clicked on the gender change icon. It was very difficult to remain still as my dick inverted into my body, making me an official female. Now that I was a girl, new icons appeared such as the breast size icon which tommy took advantage of by boosting my breast size to a DD. 

“Well if I jack up the front, then I better jack up the caboose,” tommy laughed.

Before I knew it, my ass was swelling to a big round mass that stretched the limits of the jeans I was wearing as my thighs thickened to eliminate any thigh gap I had. 

“And of course a sexy girl would need better clothes, “ tommy declared

My clothing was soon deleted in the confines of my computer and I was wearing a hot pink dress that pushed up my boobs and hugged my hips and ass perfectly. Suddenly I heard my boss yelling for tommy to stop messing around and come to the office meeting. That meant everyone would be tied up in a meeting. I waited patiently for everyone to leave the room and I exited the computer. “What a relief that’s over,” I said. I tried to cast a spell to change myself back but the spell just bounced off my face, doing nothing. I realized that since I was changed by technology, my magic was useles and I was trapped in this form as a result of being so foolish with my magic. I went to the high council of magic who reprimanded me for my carelessness. Unfortunately there was only one option if I was willing and that would involve unbirthing me and placing me in a magic user until I was born. There was no guarantee I would be returned to a guy and I would have to repeat my life. There was no way in hell I was going through magical puberty again, it was much too awful. I could only live with my consequences. With that the council cast a spell that gave me a more feminine voice and made reality outside our order only remember me as Sabrina. They decided not to punish me for my idiocy, saying that I had punished myself enough. I would however still be required to take part in the mate pairing ceremony in due time. I gulped out of nervousness, knowing that I would be paired by the council with a guy for marriage and worse off....reproduction. This was definitely the mistake of a lifetime.

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  1. Can you put me in the computer and turn me into a sexy girl?