May 18, 2018

As simple as it sounds

It took me a full decade to find the right magic spell+potion combination. But once I did. The transformation was fast, safe and painless.

I had been preparing for this moment for a long time. I got dressed in a white jumper. I even wore some jewelry. I sat on my living room couch, and started drinking the potion. My friend James was documenting everything. I continued the transformation by reading the spell. I took another sip of the recently brewed potion. My lips were the first to change, they felt fuller. Then my chin and nose. My hair grew longer and thicker.

“It’s working!” James said as I started growing breasts. It was weird feeling my equipment become smaller until it became an erect clit. My ... balls ... retracted into my own body, forming a new functional vagina, and leaving nothing but a slit outside.

My hips became wider, and my waist smaller. I hadn’t noticed, but my hands looked feminine and so did my feet. “This feels great” I said hearing my new voice for the first time. I changed my pose, I felt so light and sexy. Holding the cup in a more feminine way I drank all that was left from the potion.

I looked at James. He was looking hotter than before. I looked at him with lust in my eyes. But he just smiled back. I was feeling wet. “What does a girl have to do to get her best friend to fuck her brains off?” I asked him directly. He didn’t answer, he stood up and walked towards me. Kissing me passionately. I kissed him back. I wrapped my legs around him, and he took me to my bedroom. Where we made out for a while. He took his pants off, and I ripped my clothes off.

I pulled him into my bed bed, and jumped over him. I got even wetter in anticipation. I slid his thing inside my newly formed pussy. As it touched my vaginal lips, and pushed inside myself, I let out a loud moan. I started pushing back and forth. I was loving the feeling. His left hand was holding and pressing on my right breast and nipple. I just loved how great it felt. I was so good at sex as a woman, that we both came in no time. I felt the warm cum feel me up.

Afterwards we cuddled for a while. And he told me he loved me. “I love you too” I said. And since that day we have been a couple. It might have taken me a whole decade, but I finally was who I always wanted to be.

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