May 5, 2018

Meeting Their Expectations... (Seventh annual writer's round)

When I arrived at the bar for the writers meetup i didn’t really know what to expect and that was
making me nervous. Sure, I’d met most of these writers online, read their captions and heard their
tips and tricks that gave them each their distinct writing style, but what would they think of me?
I’m a lot more confident behind my computer screen, and I had no idea how they would react upon
seeing me, a girl constantly writing about confident ultra-sexualised women, who was actually
fairly plain in reality. In reality, I needn’t have worried…
Turns out the other girls had a plan for just this eventuality. If i didn’t meet their expectations,
rather than dropping them, they’d just change me to meet them instead. And upon my first step
into the bar I found out how, when I felt a needle plunge deep into my neck, injecting the
thousands of tiny nanobots into my bloodstream.

They set about at once, taking my short childish figure and molding it to their own interests,
completely out of my control. I gasped as I felt myself grow taller, but my fear soon turned to
elation as I watched my flat chest begin to expand, forming the proper womanly curves that I’d
dreamed of since puberty...
While i admired my new parcels of soft squishy flesh that now adorned my chest the changes
continued at an ever increasing pace. My hair turned platinum blonde in an instant while my hips
widened and my ass flared out, knocking me off balance. Nipples grew firm and perky while
my face began to rearrange, my conservative makeup replaced with the thick lips and stunning
eyes of the slutty young woman the writers required.
“Come on ladies!” I said with a grin, strolling over to the pool table as I unzipped my dress,
throwing the ill-fitting garment across the bar. “First person to beat me gets to take this piece
of ass home for the night…”
I was finally the personification of female sexual beauty I’d written about so many times.
Years of worrying about my flat chest and tiny stature were washed away in an instant and
somehow it gave me a confidence I wasn’t expecting...
While it wasn’t hard to find someone to play with looking like this, the other writers themselves
seemed distracted, some looking at new bodies of their own, while others giggled at the mischief
they’d caused. I sighed, starting my match with a man struggling to hide the (large) bulge in his
pants. I guess this is what you get when you mix the tg caption community with an open bar...

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