May 10, 2018

Bickering to Brotherly

Raising two young boys was difficult, especially as a single mother and when they're at that age when all they do it fight and argue just for the sake of it. So when the Great Shift happened out of nowhere and we all got new bodies I thought it was only going to get worse.

For me it was fortunate, I only ended up in the body of a young mother from a few blocks over, so aside from getting a few years back not much changed for me. But for my sons they ended up in twin teenage sisters. I was not ready to deal with all the hormones in addition to their attitudes of their true ages...but that didn't happen. Somehow the two were bonding on a new level as sister, I don't know maybe it's that weird connection twins have or something. 

Now the only problem is that since they look like girls now they're asking a lot of questions and I wasn't anticipating a talk about stuff like that for another ten years.

1 comment:

  1. I guess they ask, why do they feel that way when they see the boys? .

    or fight over things like clothes and makeup. in front of his mother n///n