May 15, 2018

In liquid form

I poured the blue liquid all over my body. My logic was simple, if pink transformed me into a woman, blue must turn me back into a man. I should have known better... that’s not how things work. As my new sexy body started absorbing the liquid, I became aroused. My clit got erect, but not before my pussy started throbbing. “Shit” I said out loud as I realized I needed something inside of me to calm my urges down.

I tried fingering myself, but had no luck. It just turned me on even more. Nos my nipples were erect. I dropped  floor, and squeezed both breats. I needed sex. And I needed it ASAP.

I crawled to the door of my next door neighbor. He was kinda geeky. And I knew he hadn’t  hooked up with a girl in ages. As he opened the door he looked at me, and I noticed a big bulge on his pants. I quickly ripped his pants off, and pushed him back inside. We had sex for hours. Finally I could rest.

He introduced himself. “I am James”. “Nice to meet you, I am...” I was about to say My male name, but quickly corrected myself. “I am Kim.... Kimberly”

I wish I could say that our relationship lasted... but sadly, he wasn’t that good in bed. In a week or so, I left him for some jock named Hank. And I have been dating him ever since.

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