May 17, 2018

Inside her head

“Please! Go away! Before it is too late” the sexy girl told me. “I can’t control my body, and something in my mind is changing, she’s telling me to fuck you” she said as she stroke a sexy pose.

She was a brunette, with a rocking body. I could tell she was either an exotic dancer, or a hooker by the way she dressed and walked. “Spank me!” She said, but just after i did so, she quickly responded “what are you doing? I told you to go away! To leave me alone”. I was getting all these mixed messages from her, I thought she was role playing, so I kissed her. She kissed me back. And we ended up having sex in my bed.

“Thank you handsome” she said, “that’s exactly what I needed”. Afterwards, she left my flat. The following days were weird. I started hearing her voice inside my head. She asked me to buy some sexy clothes. And although I thought I was imagining things, I bought them without hesitation. I intended to give them to the brunette I met a few days ago.

Once I got home, the voice asked me to try the clothes on. “No way, this are women’s clothes” I said out loud. “But they will fit you perfectly, they will make you feel sexy, I promise” the voice said. I tried not to do as she commanded, but I eventually gave in. She was right, I did look sexy. I even looked like a woman. “Wait? Are those breasts?” I asked myself. “Yes! Your very own breats! You should squeeze them, try them out” the voice instructed me. I was powerless to resist I started touching them, massaging them, and I moaned in pleasure. “This feels so good” I said.

I changed my clothes into something less revealing. And I drove to my best friend’s home. I was ready, I wanted him inside of me. I realized that the girl I had slept with used to be a man too. But she was fighting the changes. Not me, I had accepted the new me without hesitation. “That’s my girl, I promise you will enjoy this” the voice told me. I bit my lips in anticipation.

As I got to his place, I adjusted my dress. “Time for sex” I said out loud. I knocked on his door, and waited for him to open. I knew he loved redheads just like myself. As he opened the door I kissed him passionately. We ended up having sex in his living room. As I came, i realized I was probably marking him to become a girl too. “Don’t worry, he won’t change. I’lol let you keep him” the voice said. I smiled, and came one more time knowing that I were to spend the rest of my life with this hunk of a man.


  1. Your story set me on fire. I really liked him. If that happened to me it would be like the best gift anyone'd ever give me. so that the gift will condemn me to be a hot redhead for the rest of my life. I would gladly accept it n////n

  2. I really love this one!
    But who is the 'voice'?