Mar 18, 2018

Jesse to Jessica

I was excited when I found out that there was a new blog about OTGC after the site was shut down. I immediately contacted Rachel to add me to the blog and a few days later, she finally sent me the invite link.
I was ready to write my first caption but then I received another email from her asking me about my TG fantasies that I would write to the blog. Well, I said that I wanted to be turned to a busty girl name Jessica, with long black hair,and just simply pretty facial feature. She then replied, "So Jesse to be Jessica? I can help you making it a reality. That way you can write even better story in the blog. About your experience being Jessica."
Of course I didn't believe her. She then sent me another email with a link to a spell site. In the site there are directions to achieve your dream body, I need to go to a big water such as lake, wearing nothing while reciting the spell. I didn't understant in what language the spell is, so i just print the spell out and quickly rushed to a nearby lake. Luckily there aren't any people around, I took off my clothes and walk towards the waters with the spell in my hand.
At first I was feeling like I was being trolled by Rachel, doing this spell and everything. But I think I'll just go with it. I put my body underwater, and recite the spell...
The paper then suddenly turn into flames, and I can feel like I was pulled down to the lake. I was completely submerged.
I tried my best to swim up, but I was helpless since the power that pulled me down was very strong. I panicked, and i was feeling vary afraid of drowning. I keep on struggling swimming up, as i felt my body weakened. I didn't notice any change to my body, I just thought that I was just getting tired.

I finally give up. I can't move any of my limbs. I was also out of breath. I am looking up to the surface, I can see the ray of sun coming in. Then suddenly I realize there's long hair floating and blocking my vision. I tried to push it away, but it seems like it was my hair? And my finger was different too? What I saw was a girl's fingers on my hand. I tried to swim up now, and now I ca move freely. There's no more force pulling me down. I swim to surface and gasped for air.
I swam to the shallow part of the lake, feeling my entire body is now different. When I reached the side of the lake, and I can stand up. Now I can see my entire body is now female. I am a girl!
I inspected my soft skin, my arm, my hair, I also notice two mounds of flesh on my chest while giving them a firm squeeze. I was overfilled with enjoyment, with excitement. I can't believe that the spell really works.

Realzing that I am still naked, I tried to find my old clothes. I was shocked to find out that my clothes was also transformed. From a black tshirt with a short jeans, into a pink tank top with white skirt, and to my surprise there was even a pair of bras and panties. I quickly put them on, before anyone notice me. And my new body responded like I am a real girl, and put on the bra automayically. I immediately rushed back home and send an email to Rachel saying that her spell does really work, and she wished me good luck with my new life as Jessica. So, what should I do next in my new body?



  1. If people knew what awaited them, I bet they would join us by the dozen ;)

    1. That gives even more reason to join, I was planning on joining any way :)

  2. Can i get the spell too? I want to be a sexy girl like that