Mar 18, 2018

College Life

When I first came to college I couldn't wait to join a fraternity. I heard all the stories about greek life and couldn't wait for the next four years of my life to be filled with getting drunk and partying with my new frat bros. After I had joined Sigma Nu, the biggest and most popular fraternity on campus, I thought that I was set. I even met one of my best friends there, Mack. After one night of intense partying, I woke up to find all of my brothers gathered around the TV. According to the news, there was a huge wave of light called the Gender Wave that was sweeping across the Earth changing everybody's genders. Mack and I, along with the entire fraternity house were terrified with this news. We didn't want to become chicks. According to the news, the wave would hit us tomorrow around noon, so that gave us one last night to party and use our dicks. That night, Mack and I were fortunate to get laid one last time, and with two hot girls as well. Once it was around noon, we all gathered in the living room one last time to look at each other as brothers. Then it it. I didn't feel much, but I did feel different. I was definitely a lot shorter and lost a lot of muscle mass. When I looked down, I saw that instead of my normal t-shirt, chubbies, and flip-flops, I was wearing an over sized sorority shirt, nike shorts, and chacos. I could see my breasts bulging out from my shirt and my manicured nails and toenails. I could also see and feel the blonde hair caressing down my shoulders down my chest. I locked over at Mack, or Mackenzie as she was called now and she had the same reaction that I and the rest of the new girls did. I checked my purse, I know I have a purse now, to find my walled and I found that instead of Carl, my new name was Caroline. My entire name and family history had changed. I didn't think that I could adapt to this new life. Over the next couple of weeks, I noticed that the new girls in our house were starting to act more and more feminine as time went by. They started to compliment each other on their appearance, go out shopping together for clothes, and even started having "girls nights out". I even heard some of the girls giggling a couple of times too. It's like I was living in a sorority house! I caught myself making sure I looked cute too and even giggling at some things Mackenzie had told me. Tomorrow we were going to have our first sorority house party and I gotta say, I was pretty nervous. Once the party had started, my nervousness had completely gone away. Mackenzie and I picked out some incredibly cute outfits to wear for it and we felt very sexy. I even found some of the guys at the party hot. In the end, Mackenzie and I ended up getting laid again, by those same girls, who were now two insanely attractive frat bros. They were even hotter than before, and their dicks were huge which we enjoyed. Sex as a girl is sooooo much better than as a guy. I can't even imagine how I lived with that little thing dangling between my legs. Here is a pic of me and Mackenzie from the party. Don't we look cute! I came to college ready to party it up with my frat bros, but ended up getting to party it up and build an amazing relationship with my new sisters. If you are reading this and you are a new girl, join a sorority! You will not be disappointed! 

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