Mar 16, 2018

A different life as a wife

Richard was at a crossroads in his life. He was a 21 year old college student in san diego who was completely bored with his life. He was single and his lifelacked any sort of excitement. Although he tried to get ahead and be more outgoing, he always ended up in the same boring routine that he had before. He was walking down the street when he said to himself," I wish I had a life full of more excitement." "So you want more excitement eh," said a voice, " I think I can help you with that." Richard turned around to see a man wearing a black trench coat in an alley. "Oh really..." replied Richard with some sarcasm, "and how will you do that." "With this," said the man pulling out a shiny blue orb from one of his pockets. "What in the the world is that?" asked Richard. "This orb has magical powers that can give someone their heart's desires. Don't worry it won't drastically change anyone else's life, just your own. All you have to do is agree to do it, it won't cost you a thing. Let me warn you though, you may be a completely different person, and you will have no memory of your old life. However, a more exciting life will be guaranteed." "You know what, sure, said Richard with doubt in his voice, " I have nothing to lose, whatever." "Excellent," said the man, "Just grab the orb, say what you desire, and the changes will take place. Richard grabbed the the orb and proceeded to do so, and the orb began to glow an even brighter blue. "Enjoy your new life, " said the man before he and the orb vanished into thin air.

When the flashing light cleared Richard was in the same alley but the man and the orb were nowhere to be seen. He started to get a very quesy feeling in his stomach, as if the organs in his body were rearranging, but this sudden pain quickly subsided. However, began to quickly becoem dizzy as his brown hair began to lengthen down to the middle of his back. The now long hair shifted in color as blonde hair dye appeared in his hair. His face became more round and gained very feminine features. If it weren't for his body anyone would think that he were a beautiful woman. His skin began to slightly darken as he gained hispanic descent. His height decreased drastically going from 6 foot to 5 foot. He also aged about 10 years At this point Richard knew something was definitely wrong, but there was nothin he could do about it. The muscle in his arms converted to fat and his arms became even more slender when the fat moved from his arms to his chest, becoming two perky C cup breasts. His stomach flattened out as well and became more toned when the fat from his stomach and back travelled down to his rear, creating a huge bubble butt. His hips widened to accommodate his huge new ass, and his thighs thickened, fully creating his new pear-shaped body. He finally felt himself get a massive boner, bigger than any other before, but this did not last long at all. His dick began to feel a pulling sensation and it began shrink rapidly until it popped into his body creating a wet pussy in the process. The changes were to her clothing. Her shirt changed into a designer white cutoff t-shirt which exposed her toned midriff. Her jeans, which were stretched to the maximum of which they capable, became more comfortable when they changed to a cloth material, creating sweatpants that hugged her large ass perfectly. Her undershirt began to shrink and change color becoming a pink push-up bra that made her breasts look amazing. Her boxers, which were starting to become bunched up and uncomfortable started to shrink until they became a leopard print g-string smoothly wedging itself in between her large ass cheeks which was suprisingly comfortable to her. A stylish black leather jacket appeared out of nowhere on her, making her look very fancy. Her tennis shoes started turned black and growing up her legs, becoming stylish designer boots. Accessories then began to applied to her. Her backpack changed into a black leather purse. Earrings appeared and pierced both her ers and a belly button ring pierced her toned tummy. She also gained clear designer sunglasses, and a tramp stamp appeared above her large ass. The final thing to alter was her mentality as she remembered herself as Maricela Cortez the mother of two children and the wife of the most powerful drug lord in San Diego. While he was a ruthless drug lord, he treated her very nicely and she was deeply in love with him. Today they were celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary, and she loved the new leather accessories he had gotten for her. She had called the family nanny to take care of her kids while she spent time with her husband. Tonight she would show him just how much she appreciated all that he gave her.

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  1. I really liked the story. I was also fascinated that he aged a little n///n