Mar 26, 2018

A New Life For Me.

     "I can't believe that this might work." I say hold on to my stomach hoping the last 3 days of unprotected sex might get me pregnant thus sealing me in to my new body forever.
     Maybe I should explain a little you see like Jesse I also got the email from Rachel promising one week of transformation fun. To be honest with you one week was not going to cut it. I wanted a lifetime. So before I opened the spell I did my research. I looked up hundreds of so called mystical books on transformations and body changes. I read every Caption that had to do with magic, and I came to an understanding. Pregnancy has a 8% chance of permanently transforming the man into a woman.
      Now that I knew there was a chance I had to test it out. I prepared myself I went online and brought several outfits for my new self in a range of sizes. Panties, blouse skirts, yoga pants and dresses. No jeans I wore them enough growing up I want to try other things. 
      It took months to do all the research and pay for all my expense and save enough so I could get new documents made if the spell became permanent. That whole time the spell laid unopened. Waiting in my inbox. Every day I would check if it was there always worried that one day I would wake up and it would vanish and all my effort would be for nothing.
     Then finally I was ready. Clothes had arrived and been removed from their hiding place under the bed. The herbal fertility treatment I ordered off the internet that smelled horrible sat next to my PC. Most importantly my friend Alan was at the local bar waiting on the old me to show up and I knew my friend he was alone and looking for someone. I striped down naked and set up a video recording. It was time I took 3 long deep breaths and open the spell and started to read it. The words started to swirl around me as I spoke them being careful to pronounce each word correctly. Once I reached the bottom of the spell the words vanished in a flash of light. I closed my eyes quickly. 
     The whole transformation was over pretty quickly but I enjoyed each moment of it from behind my closed eyes. The first thing was I felt my feet shrink as I stood there then the hairs on my legs started to disappear. My legs felt much more slender. Then I felt my butt start to grow as my hips became wider. Weirdly I still felt my dick hang in the cold air as the magic worked its way up my stomach as it pulled in my stomach giving me a sort of hourglass like shape. Then my chest started to itch I resisted the urge to scratch as the I felt pressure build behind my nipples as the became erect in the cold air. Then the magic moved down my arms thinning them making them more slender and more feminine. then I felt my face change the stubble that once populated my face vanishing as my face became smoother and more lady like. Then just as I was about to open my Eyes a surge of magic hit me between the legs pushing back in the penis and balls that were once there leaving behind only a slit. I moaned as the transformation complected itself. 
     I opened my eyes and took stock of my new body I look amazing I had to brush my new log hair out of my eyes but other then that I was perfect. I went over and stopped the recording and turned off the camera. Then I took a screenshot of the spell before I got dressed in the most feminine thing that would fit my new frame and headed to the bar. 
     The drive to the meet Alan took only 10 minutes but the were the longest 10 minutes of my life. By the time I finally arrived I felt like I was 3 years older. I composed myself in the car touching up my light makeup like I had done in the mirror at home to many time to count. I walked in and saw Alan sitting at the bar I slowly made my way to him doing my best to pretend I didn't know him. I sat down next to him at the bar and ordered a cider and said hello. 
     We talked for hours about different topics all night long the whole time I was planning on how I was going to get back to his place. I started to lay it on gently by doing things such as putting my hand on his knee keeping it there, twirling my long brown hair with my finger. Around closing time I had him. I made it look like I was to drunk to drive home. He kindly offed the use of his home which was just around the block. We left after paying our tab and walked to his place. 
     The 5 Minute walk to his apartment I hung on him the whole time making extremely suggestive conversation the whole time while I hung onto him. I could feel him trying to shift back and forth trying to hide the tent forming in his pants only made worse by the girl after seeing the bugle start to rub her hand over it. Rubbing my friend pants was a surreal experience on some small level I thought I shouldn't do this he is my friend, but on another completely different level I was thinking I needed him if I wanted to ever complete my dream. 
     By the time we got inside my friend couldn't hold back any more he pulled me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. It was a strange feeling being lifted up so easily and tossed I kinda enjoyed it. After a short minute of tearing clothes off we were in the trows of lust. Kissing and touch each other bodies. I grabbed his cock and marveled how big it was in my small hand I then glided it me. 
     By the time he came I was beyond myself. We fell asleep in each others arms. When I woke up the next day it was Saturday. I skillfully convinced him into staying in bed all day was a great idea. He gave up with very little resistance every so often I would run into the kitchen in one of his button up shirts and grab something for him and I to eat as well as taking my fertility supplement. We ended up spending spending Sunday in bed to. by the time I left Monday morning I was sore and raw and tried and most of all hopeful.
      It's Friday now and I'm expecting any moment I will find out if I will ever change back it 5 minutes I will learn if I call Alan and apologize for being sick all week or call and ask if he wants to take me on another date. 
-6 Minutes Later-
"Hey Alan you free tonight I've been missing you all week."


  1. I think it's a beautiful story

    I only see love in her desire to be a mother n///n

  2. Looks like all of her planning paid off and she has a wonderful boyfriend to boot.