Mar 25, 2018

Best friends forever

Richard and Nick were best friends. They knew each other since they were really young, had went through school, and even high school together. The problem was that they were now going to separate colleges. They had both gotten good grades, but Nick had gotten into the better school since he was able to take the harder classes. The only reason Richard hadn't was that his father made him work at the family business quite a bit, which made it impossible to fit the time the harder classes would have taken. Therefore, Richard was going to a smaller university. Richard and Nick were sitting at a cafe, having lunch on the last day before they would each head off to their respective colleges. " This really sucks bro," said Nick. Richard sighed and said, " you can say that again. I only wish there was a way we could go to the same college." Suddenly a strange old man who had overheard them smiled and said, " I can help you with that for a price." He explained that he was a wizard and confirmed it when he was able to read their thoughts. They were amazed at this and asked what to do. The old man gave them directions to his shop, and they headed over to it. It was an old looking shop called Magical desires ad they were surprised they had never heard of it, as they had driven past this area several times before. They entered the shop and were greeted by the old man upon their arrival. They explained the situation and the old man said, " have just the thing," and he pulled out a cloudy white crystal ball. He sold it to them for 20 bucks, which they thought was cheap for something that could change their lives. He told Richard and Nick to touch the orb with both hands and say what they both want in unison. He warned them, however, that their request may not be granted the exact way they wanted it. They were willing to risk this as they really wanted to keep their friendship intact and followed the directions the old man had given them. The cloudy substance in the white orb started to spin counter clock wise and glow with a white light.

Richard and Nick were caught in a whirlwind, and were transported to what looked like a dorm room, but they were obviously in a girls' dorm since pink things and posters of one direction were on the walls. They were confused because didn't know why the orb had transported them to a girls' room. They figured the best thing to do was leave before the room's occupants came back, but they found they couldn't move. Things really started to get strange from there as they both started to decrease in height. Richard who had been slightly taller than Nick before, shrunk down from 6'1 to a height of 5'6 while Nick went from 5'11 to a height of 5'8. They booth felt their hair start to grow all the way down to the middle of their back. Both guys had blonde hair, but Nick noticed his hair was now a rich dark brown color while Richard remained with blonde hair. Their shoulders started to lose width becoming far less broad and their arms thinned down with their bulk muscle converting to a more toned type of muscle. They both hunched over as they began to feel a great pressure in their chests, and were shocked to see that they each had two growths starting there. The pressure was relieved hen their new breasts stopped growing with Nick being the owner of two D cup breasts and Richard sporting two smaller, but still nice C cup boobs. Their faces started to stiffen up as they changed and became more chiseled until both guys had the faces of two beautiful women. " What's going on bro," asked Nick. " I don't know man I cough*... think we're turning into women," said Richard covering his mouth as Nick looked at him in shock as Richard's voice was now very girly and high pitched. "Bro cough*... your voice...," said Nick covering his voice as he now had a voice which wasn't nearly as high pitched as Richard's, but still was that of a woman's. Their backs and waists cracked after that giving them athletic yet curvy looking bodies. Their torsos also slimmed down, again giving them tone rather than bulk muscle.  Next their hips started to pop out, becoming wider and giving each of them a nice pear shape. Nick's ass started to plump up and Richard's ass followed soon after. Nick ended up with an athletic ass that was tight, but still big and round. Richard's ass on the other hand, was bigger rounder, and far less toned than Nick's. Their thighs started to thicken up soon after, to support their new big asses, with Nick getting the thicker thighs due to the larger amount of muscle he had in his legs. Finally they both started to feel extremely queezy and fell over as they felt like their insides were rearranging. The feeling spread to their groins as their genitals started to shrink, leaving them with tight pussies, and making them officially women capable of reproduction. Their clothes started to alter to their now feminine bodies. Their shirts became more styled, as to what a girl their age would wear. Their jeans changed to tight pink yoga pants that really showed off their....ASSets. Bows appeared in their hair, which styled itself to make them even more appealing, as golden hoop earrings appeared in both their ears. Their undershirts became bras which held up their bountiful breasts. Their boxers, which had become bunched up due to the tight yoga pants, altered to thongs making their asses a lot more comfortable. Richard and Nick stared at each other in shock as they had no idea why the orb had turned them into girls, but their changes were just beginning.

Richard and Nick started to feel strange blankness in their minds as memories began to rewrite themselves in their brains, and reality began to change around them. First they didn't remember each other as best friends, Richard and Nick, but rather best friends Nicole and Renae. They began to remember all the times they played together as children, going to high school together, relationships they had with boyfriends and breakups,etc. They remembered working hard throughout high school to get good grades and how overjoyed the were when the were both accepted to the same high profile university. The new girls didn't know and would never know that reality had to alter for them to be able to attend school together. You see, as a boy, Renae/ Richard wasn't pressured to work as much as when she were a man, and was able to make time for the hard classes. Nicole/Nick also had to become a girl in order to remain Renae's best friend in this reality. The two girls complimented each other on how cute they looked. Tonight was the night they were starting a new adventure together, not only were they attending college together, but they were pledging the same same sorority. The two girls embraced and left to start that adventure.

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