Mar 13, 2018

Why do you look at me that way?

Why do you look at me in that way?  Have I done something wrong?

No, you have been the best girlfriend ever; that's the problem.  You made me breakfast; you just gave me the best blowjob and sex of my life too.  The real Erika would never have done that. That gave you away.

You mean that I've over-performed my role?  What do want me to do now?  Should I leave?

I want you to stay.  Whoever you are, please stay.  I adore you more than the actual Erika. I don't care that you are possessing her.

Is that what you order, boss?  それはお命令ですか?

Yes, please don't "un-steal" Erika's body.  After having you, I couldn't stand to be with my former girlfriend again.  Now please tell me your name. 

My name?  I'm Erika, silly; who else could I be?  Am I the one for you? Honey? 

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