Mar 25, 2018

A Breeze on My Skin

I've been Jessica for a few days now, I was transformed because of a spell Rachel send to me when I joined this site. At first I thought Bianca, my girlfriend would freak out seeing me in another form like this. But to my surpirse she was actually taking it very well. I explained to her about my fantasy of being a girl, and I've been reading and writing TG caption for sometimes now. Lucky for me, she understand it, and she just want to stay together with me, even though that I am a girl now it was fine for her. Because she was also curious about trying a girl-to-girl action tht we already did numerous time since I was transformed.

This past few days I spent as a girl, I realized that not just my body that changed but also my mind. I was able to put on some make up, wear bras with no trouble (but to be honest, I prefer to be naked. Somehow it made me more comfortable than covering up my body), and also I was now becoming more and more obedient to Bianca. Before, I was the dominant role in our relationship, but now she took that role. Something felt right and nice when I obey her command on me. And that even made us even more connected to each other, our bond became stronger.

Yesterday she took me on a picnic at a field away from the city. It was always her favorite thing to do, its relaxing she said. I never really got very into it, but I used to take her anyway just to be able to spend some quality time together. But this time was different, I think my new body share the same interest as her, since the idea of having a picnic suddenly excite me.

We set up our spot, and prepared our meal that we packed from home. I stand on the field feeling t breeze on my skin, which somehow calm me. I really like this. I took a deep breath and smiled at Bianca.
"You like it, don't you? You should've transformed into Jessica since a long time ago!" She said to me
"I would transform if I had the spell back then..." I answered her and give her a big hug "Ohh I love you babe.."
"I love you too.." She said
We sat together on the grass, because I forgot to pack the picnic mats. I was worried that she would be mad at me, but she isn't.
"I like sitting on the grass better" She said while holding my hand
"I never liked it before.. But now I like the way the grass rubs against my skin.."
"Umm, maybe you should take off your dress so you can feel the grass with your whole body." She teased me
"No way babe. As much as I want to, no way I'm getting naked in the middle of this field.."
"Come babe, we're in the middle of nowhere. There are no one around here. Come on, take off your dress, I like you better without them."
I blushed, I took of my dress revealing my bras and panties. Without a word, Bianca pointed to my bra and panties and asked to take them off too. And then here I am, in the middle of the field standing naked. I can feel the breeze on my skin, its kinda cold and it made my nipples hard.

"Well, its better, isn't it?" She asked
"Actually, it is! Ahh! Its so nice being out here" I said as I lay down next to her. And then Bianca followed me, and we both laying on the grass.
I can feel every strand of grass brushed again my skin, it felt so nice, so good, it somehow made me a little bit horny. For a while I just take it all in, enoying the relaxing sensation. While taking a long breath of fresh air. We both lay quiely for a few moments..
"Babe, I need to ask you something. I need you t be honest" I started asking her
"Come on, Jessie you know you can ask me anything."
"Well, honestly are you okay with be being like this forever? I mean, I've became Jessica for a few days now. I don't have a job, not even an ID. I mean, you go to work while I just stay at hoe masturbate, and then please you when you get home. Its troubling me for a while now..." I said
"Oh.. of course I'm okay if you stayed like this.And no, I don't mind if I did all the work, for me its worth it. Me working hard to provide for myself and my 'girl'friend.." She said while reaching for my hand and hold it. Hearing her words made me feel warm inside. I was one a lucky man, or woman now.
"Don't you ever miss the old Jesse back? You know with the dick?"
"Umm... sometimes.." she said in a smaller voice
"What if.. what if I never go back as Jesse?" I said while tears started forming in my eyes.
"Ohhh, don't cry." She said as she cuddle my naked skin "As long as I'm with you I don't care if you're Jesse or Jessica I WILL always beside you... okay? Now stop crying, my little hot chick" She said as she tried to cheer me up.
I didn't know why suddenly I got very emotional, I love Bianca and I am afraid to lose her. But she assured me that we will always be together.
We spent the entire afternoon cuddling and teasing each other. When we talk, Bianca sometimes run her fingers and fidget with my hard nipples, making me really turned on. She really know what to press on my new body.

After a few round of fingering each other, followed by couple of orgasms and a lot of kissing and cuddling we finally decided to get home.
Once I get home, I washed all the dirty dishes from our picnic, clean myself up. And then started to relax on the bed with my phone. When Suddenly, I received a new mail from Rachel:
"Hey Jessica, how was being a girl? I bet you had a blast. Reading your journal on the OTGC blog, really tells me that you enjoy it very much. Not just you, but also Bianca your girlfriend. However, here I send you this email to tell you that the spell will wear off in about a week after he first transformation. And your time is almost up. I forgot to mention this in earlier email, but here I am to remind of it so you won't be alarmed when you change back to your old self. So, be prepare!
Cheers, Rachel"
My heart sank when I read the mail. I gaze to my beasts and can't imagine if losing those precious mounds. I smell my long hair, and the girly scent coming out of it made me knew I'll miss them. But not if I can trnasform back into Jessica, I can use the spell again. I tried to find Rachel's previous email contning the spell, but it was nowhere t be found. I look at the inbox, at the spam folder, at the trash, its gone! I started crying again. Scared of losing my new body thatI just get used to.
When Bianca entered the bedroom an saw me crying, she tried to calm me down. And I started to explain what just happened. She cheered me up, and offered me to have the last one of the great girl-on-girl experience, which she knew I wouldn't reject.



  1. In case you're wondering, I'm back into my old body now. I'm back as Jesse. The process just happened suddenly and in a big pain.
    I'm starting to readjust to my old self, and Bianca show her support on me. I'll keep you all updated as soon as I can

  2. Wonderful cap; Bianca's faithful support is heartwarming. I feel sad for Jessica that her time has run out, but here's hoping that she will somehow regain the beautiful form of her dreams. :)