Mar 15, 2018

"Male" Order Bride

Justin was a lonely 27 year old guy who had not had a relationship in 4 years. To say to was desperate would be an understatement. In fact he was so desperate that one day he decided to get a mail order bride from russia online. He went to the cheapest company possible one called, "male order spouses." The company policy was that you could not see a picture of your wife before she was sent to you. Justin thought it was weird, but he was a desperate man. It was too bad that he didn't read the company name more carefully because he wasn't sent a wife, but a man named Stefan instead.

    Stefan was a huge man who stood 6'5 and weighed 260 pounds. He strange as kept talking to Justin as if he were a woman. He immediately began making comments like, " husband is hungry, you make dinner now." Justin tried to explain that he actually tried to order a wife,but was interrupted from a sharp "SILENCE" from Stefan. Things just kept getting stranger the next day as Stefan began to refer to Justin as his wife. Justin had about had it with stefan and was about to chew him out when Stefan pulled a gun on him. Justin slowly backed up, but stefan still shot him. Justin was surprised when he wasn't struck by a bullet, but a pink beam that engulfed his whole body.

    He yelled in agony from the pain of the beam, but that yell quickly turned into a girly scream. Justin covered his mouth in horror unable to speak due to the shock. All of Justin's clothes dematerialized into thin air. He began to shrink in height, going from an average male height of 6 foot to a much smaller 5'2. His hair then started darkening from blonde to a very dark brown color and it styled itself . His face then became feminized, giving him a cute petite look.Next his whole body and arms slimmed down. Breasts began to grow on his chest not much, as they stopped growing at a B cup. His butt became rounder, more heart shaped and toned soon thereafter. His legs also became more toned ansmooth when all the hair present on his legs, fell off. Finally Justin's penis began to invert until a moist pussy was left in its place. Justin was horrified when he, or rather she now, saw what had happened to her. Vhy deed you do thees to me," she cried, startled at the new accent she now possessed.  Stefan gave no answer and just smirked. Little did Justin know, there were still small factions from the soviet union still present in russia who hated america. While they didn't have the manpower to take over the U.S., they enjoyed having their fun and getting revenge in small doses. To the expense of men like Justin of course.

Stefan approached Justin and said, "Your name is now Svetlana, and you will speak only when spoken to. You vill cook and clean thees house everee day!You will have sex with me when I please and you vill be a good wife." Svetlana thought about objecting and running out, but knew better. No one would believe that she was once justin. She was trapped to be the russian housewife of her male order spouse. Stefan then grabbed his new wife and began to have sex with her as she bent over the kitchen counter. When he was finished he gave her the clothing in which she was to wear when she did her housewife duties, a flower print leotard. Svetlana then began cleaning the house, and began her life as a dutiful housewife

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