Mar 16, 2018

Every 100,00th customer

Have you ever wondered how Hooters manages to find an entire staff full of ridiculously hot girls? Truthfully I never did or even cared enough to wonder where they did, but I did love going to hooters and seeing all the hot girls in their skimpy uniforms. I was a regular at this particular Hooters and was there for lunch. It was my lucky day( or so I thought) because I had the hottest waittress, a girl named Ashley waiting on my table. She bent over regularly so as to show her goods and I was enjoying evry second of it. When she came back with my bill she had a big smile on her face and she said, "Congratulations, your meal is free and you get a prize." Really!" I said excitedly, " what in the world for." "Well every 100,000 customer gets a free meal and a prize and it just so happened to be you," replied Ashley, if you would come with me please." I followed Ashley to the back room, and went down a secret trapdoor. When I went down, I saw nothing that lookked like a prize, only a large machine. I then figured it out, my prize was Ashley, I was going to get to bang her in this room. However, that wasn't the case at all. Two large arm-like metallic structures came from the machine, grabbed me, and drug me toward it.

I was taken into the machine and engulfed in an orange dust. Almost immefiately my skin began to get a slight tan glow to it. My clothes were ripped from my body and I was forcibly shoved out of the machine. I must admit, I was a little embarrassed to be standing there nude in front of ashley. My blonde hair started grow.It grew longer until it was just past my shoulders, which began to thin down along with the rest of my arms. My green eyes changed color, turning a bright blue. The rest of my face became feminine and the dimples on my face grew larger. I also shrunk down nine inches to height of 5'3, making me shorter than ashley now. Two huge breasts began to grow on my chest as well, effectively becoming a pair  of sexy double D sized tits. My hips began to widen and my waist slightly caved in giving me a nice hourglass shaped figure. My legs began long and smooth and were sexy enough to turn turn heads in a room. My butt became rounder and cuchioned with more fat. It wasn't huge was was sexy all the same My final was to my genitals when my erect penis began to pull itself into my body along with my balls creating a moist vagina.  I gasped in my new extremely high-pitched girly voice. I was now fully a woman.

When I regained my senses, I looked at Ashley and yelled, " why in the hell did you turn me into a fucking woman!

"This is how Hooters finds some of their hot waitresses. True some like myself were born female and simply chose to work here, but others we have to create using men. I mean you were the 100,000 customer, but only a man would be so trusting as to follow me back here. This machine is magic technology and will alter reality around it, so don't bother trying to explain it to anyone, they won't believe you," she replied. 

I thought about just walking out but they made it to where I could recieve my identity if I signed a contract to work there for at least 5 years. I decided to just accept my fate, I mean at least I was a hot chick rather than an ugly one. Ashley handed me my own new skimpy hooters uniform. I immediately got to work at my new job. Looking back, it was actually a blessing. I have a good paying job that tips very nicely, not to mention my girlfriend Ashley who is also my co-worker. Life really couldn't be better. Oh!It looks like we just reached our next 100,00th customer, we all know what that means, now if you'll just follow me.

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