Mar 14, 2018

Jack's New Wife

Hello all, I am thetgking from Deviantart and have the party here to post some of my caps. I will post a few a day so as not to overload you guys too much. Hopefully ya'll like my work

When Jack moved into the neighborhood, Nick was excited. He thought that another cool single dude, who he could hit on girls with at bars, was moving next door to him. Unfortunately for Nick, this was not the case at all. Jack, it turned out was a real weirdo. He always made weird jokes and just had a strange personality about him. Nick was not too happy about that.  It only got worse too, one day Jack asked Nick a very peculiar question, "Will you be my wife?" "WHAT THE FUCK!," exclaimed Nick, " That isn't even possible, get the hell away from me." Jack just laughed, shook his head, and left to to his house. Things got even weirder from there, Jack kept asking the same question, but this time through notes attached to gifts left on Nick's doorstep. Every time Nick grew more and more frustrated. Finally, Jack left a brand new car on Nick's driveway with the same proposal on it. Enraged, Nick yelled, " Fine I'll play into your game or test or whatever. I'll say yes if it gets you to stop asking."

    Just like that, Nick felt a force that shoved his hands onto the car. His dick began to contract into him immediately, as did his balls, leaving him with a wet vagina. Jack suddenly walked up and said hi Nick, or should I say Nicole, I see your changes are beginning to start." "What the fuck do you mean replied?," Nick/Nicole in a very high pitched voice which made her gasp in shock. "well," replied Jack, " when you said yes to my question it became binding, as per the spell placed on the car." Well why couldn't you have just found a woman like any normal guy," shrieked Nicole as her hair turned blonde and grew down her back. Her face also reformed becoming feminine in the process until she was beautiful.  "Well you see Nicole," said Jack, with pleasure in his eyes as Nicole grew two large DD breasts, " I'm a wizard who has looking for a spouse for a long time. When I look for a wife I need for her chemistry energy to match mine. Unfortunately you were a guy, and I couldn't just change you without consent, that's why went about it like I did. No hard feelings, I've just been lonely for a long time." " How can you say no hard feelings, this is so unfair to meeEEEE," Nicole began to scream and the bones in her hips, legs and spine began to crack. Her legs became more toned , she shrunk down a foot and was now 5 foot tall. Finally her ass began to balloon until there was a think layer of fat on it giving her a huge bubble butt. Her clothes morphed into a pink dress that hugged her new curves nicely and held her large breasts in place. Her boxers morphed into a g-string thong that slid in between her butt cheeks. The final change was to her memory, as she began remember as though she'd always been Nicole, Jack's wife.

    "Wow! I love the new car you got me baby, thanks," Nicole exclaimed excitedly. "No problem, babe," said Jack, " anything for my beautiful wife." "Well then honey can I have one more thing," said Nicole sweetly. "Sure, what's that," replied Jack. " I want a baby, " said Nicole.  Sure honey, said Jack, "Like I said, anything for you." Jack and Nicole then went into their home and got to work on expanding their family

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  1. Beautiful! I love how you involved a future family with them.