Mar 25, 2018

Magic gym

Mitch was severely out of shape and hated working out with a passion. However, fate would deal him a different card. On his 23rd birthday he would be given a gym membership as part of a gift. Not wanting to be rude and waste the gift, Mitch decided to finally go and try working out at the gym to see if he would actually like it. Mitch couldn't help but think of rude it was his friend had given him a gym membership, I mean who gives that as a gift. The card said, "guaranteed to give you the body you have wished for." Mitch hoped so and made his way to the gym. When he started to work out, he noticed that the gym was full of shirtless muscle bound dudes. Mitch was not happy at this, as he was hoping to at least see some hot chicks working out. Instead he was stuck in this sausage fest and he was not enjoying at all. Sure there were girls there, but they were the ones trying to lose wait, so in other words noone Mitch would look twice at. Mitch made his way to the dummbells to work on biceps and it was an even bigger sausage fest. Mitch muttered under his breath, " I wish there were more girls with nice bodies in here." Immediately Mitch's gym membership card started to glow faintly, unbenknownst to Mitch.

Mitch continued to do dummbell reps, but unaware at how toned with muscle his arms were becoming. His skin gained a caramel tone to it as his face started to become more feminine. His eyes became more slanted and his brown hair changed to a black color, but it quickly gained blonde hair dye throughout it. His race changed as he gained both asian and african american ancestry. His shoulders became more toned, but also became thinner and far less broad. Two lumps started to form on his chest and they kept growing until he had a pair of C cup breasts as his waist caved in and his abs became far more toned as his body fat started to convert to muscle. His back cracked causing his lower body to push outward and make his butt point out. Next his hips started to jutt out some, but not much due to the fact that his body was becoming more muscular than fatty. His ass, soon after that, started to to push out more, and become rounder. It was was soon round, tight, and would make any guy go crazy for it. His legs started to also become toned as his thighs thickened up with muscle and his calves became more toned, showing that his new body obviously did some cardio workouts. Finally his groin started to feel a pinch in it as his dick start to retreat into his body becoming a tight vagina due mainly to the amount of workouts she did. Mitch's black tank top then changed into a black sports bra that pushed up and showed off her new boobs very nicely. Her gym gym shorts shrunk becoming a pair of pink booty shorts that might as well have been a thong. Her shoes changed into a pair of pink and black nike running shoes. Her mentality started to change as she started to remember hersel as Michelle a girl who loved working out and found the muscular guys at the gym very hot. As she continued to lift she began to think about having sex with some of the guys, and without her realizing it, started to moan. This caught the attention of the guys at the gym. Finally a tall black guy approached her, telling that she was an easy lay, due to the thong she was wearing. He told her, " Hey, I'm Jamal I've seen you working out here, and I was thinking maybe we could work out together and maybe go on a date later."  "Sure, sounds like a plan," said Michelle provocatively. "Great, " said Jamal, smacking her on the ass. Michelle giggled, as she couldn't wait to make this Jamal's night after their date


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