Mar 12, 2018

Hide and seek

Mike winced his face feeling the big breasts bounce and jiggle when he was running downstairs. "Judy, where are you?" His dad called in a singsong tone of voice. Mike looked around nervously, trying to find a perfect hideout. He noticed the big, walk in closet and rushed towards it as fast as he could. It wasn't easy to move quickly wearing high heels and a tight knee lenght skirt, Mike almost tripped over on his way. He got in and closed the door. Mike tried to calm his breath so his father won't hear him. "Oh Judy, you know how I love to play hide and seek before making love to you" His dad said excited. Mike was looking at the mirror before him "My God, what I got myself into" He cried seeing his mother's reflection.

It all started a few hours ago. Mike, a 16 years old boy was at school, bored to death listening to his teacher. He hated school and wished to finish it already. At the same time his 38 years old mother Judy was in the same situation at work. While filling the papers she wished to get back to school where she had much less responsibilities. Some starnge force had listened to them and granted their request by swapping their bodies. Mike was terrified to suddenly find himself in his mothers body. After her shift ended he rushed home, hoping that his mom would have a solution. When he got home his mother was already waiting for him in his body. Unfortunately she had no idea how to swap them back. Mike was starting to get worry that he migh spend the rest of his life as his mom. Judy however stayed optimistic. She promised to find a way back and went to the library to look for clues. Mike was left alone at home.

The problem started when his dad came home from work. Mike's sister was at her friends house so it was only the two of them. His dad decided to seize the opportunity. He sneaked behind his wife, completely not aware that it's actually his son in her body and grabbed her waist. Mike didn't had the chance to explain when his father kissed him on the lips. "We have the whole house to ourselves" His dad winked. Mike realized what he wants to do. Mike panicked. He freed himself from his grip and ran away from him. Thinking it's another game made by his wife to spice things up he decided to join the fun. Now Mike was hiding, doing everything he could to avoid having sex with his father.

Mike heard footsteps right next to the closet where he was hiding. He listened carefully. It seems his dad walked away. Mike sighed with relief and leaned against the door. At the same time the door opened and Mike fell right into his father's arms "Got you" he smiled and kissed his wife. Mike knew the game is over. Mike's dad slipped his hand under his blouse and grabbed on of his mom's breasts. He then slowly unbottoned her shirt and with one smooth move undid her bra, revealing her breasts. His dad smiled seeing them. He took his wife upstairs to their bedroom where Mike was going to expirience sex from a completely new perspective.

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