Mar 19, 2018

Pool Girl

For years, as long as he and his wife had been staying in the Hamptons, Charles had hired a pool boy to take care of his property, he always paid fairly and compensated by also letting them use the pool even when he wasn't around. Over the last few summers he's hired William, a local boy, to do the job. William was nice, always on time and left the pool spotless.

So as the start of summer approached and the older man went out to use the pool he was happy to see it in good shape, but shocked to see a girl swimming around it it. He confronted her about trespassing but the girl revealed that she was William. Over the last year he'd gone through Second Puberty and was now quite the looker. This summer wasn't what Charles had anticipated and dealing with this new William was going to be hard, but...he was happier than ever than he offered the pool for him to swim in.

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