Mar 18, 2018

I was one of them

This is a cap exlusive to the new open tg captions blog

When I heard that a resurgance of the open tg captions website was under way, I was thrilled to say the least. I quickly made it known to the new creators that I wanted to join them in delivering my work to the world in writing captions. They welcomed me but said that there would be two conditions for joining the blog. The first was that I needed to be a woman. While I enjoyed writing these stories, I knew there was no such thing as magic and there was no way I was getting any surgery to change my gender. I told them, there was no way unless they could "magically" make it happen. Soon I found myself transported to a room full of gorgeous women. One of them, who seemed to be their leader smiled and said "You're in luck because we can make that happen." I really wanted to be a part of this community, so I decided that the choice to go through with it needed to be made.

With that a flash of light hit me and I felt the whole frame of my body shrink. I must have been standing at 5'1 at the most as opposed to my previous six foot.I also had long blonde hair and curvy body with small perky breasts. However the most defining feature I now had was my big booty that was visible through my short tight dress. When looked in a mirror, I was shocked to see a simply gorgeous girl staring back at me in the mirror.The girls cheered and welcomed me into their sisterhood.....but there was one more condition that had to be fulfilled.

I quickly realized that this group was no different from a college sorority you see in the movies because their second condition was that I had to have sex with a man. Just as they mentioned this, a muscular naked guy walked into the room sporting a dick that easily would have dwarfed mine. " How ya doing," he said with an air of confidence before gently pushing me to my hands and knees. He pushed up my dress and literally ripped off the thong I was wearing before impaling my tight pussy with his monster cock. The other girls clapped their hands and cheered as I was fucked right in the center of the room. I palmed my face out of slight embarrassment at my situation before I brushed my blonde hair out of my face. I managed to stifle a little giggle in my high pitched girly voice as I knew one thing was certain: I was one of them

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