Mar 11, 2018

Join us

We created this blog with the aspriation of seeing a big and thriving community grow around it, so we wish for as many aspiring creators as possible to join us as authors :)

If you wish to become an author contact us at We will make sure to add you to the blog as soon as possible, and then you will be able to start captioning ^-^

Below a few rules to follow:

The captions

We put really no limit to what an author can write. The only requirement is to keep it TG related. Other than that we encourage you to be as wild and imaginative as possible! Racy content is welcomed, as well as tamer and cuter stuff.
As a dear friends once said to me, TG captions are more than just porn. They are explorations of identity, and we value and treasure any contribution that you will give to the community.

How to create captions

Once you have become an author, you are ready to let your imagination flow and post you awesome ideas!
Just go to the post section, click on "New post" and start writing. Since we don't want our authors to learn to use any editing tool we'd like them to use a plain format with an image and the captions written below. Blogger allows to get wild with this part, but to guarantee consistency we ask you to follow this format:

  • Put the image to the top of the caption. Make it X-large if possible. If you want to include multiple images, place each at the top of an own paragraph.
  • Write your caption with the Trebuchet font and the Normal size.
  • Remember to add labels to make browsing the site easier for readers. Be sure to not add a label that is already available.
Followers and bloglist

Do you have a TG blog of your own? Super! We will be happy to have you featured in our bloglist :) Hopefully as the community around the blog grows, so will visibility for all the creators we will follow ^-^
We ask you just two things in return:
  • Follow us back and possibly publicize us.
  • Contribute to the blog as much as possible :P
Other than that everyone is welcomed to our little haven ❤

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