Mar 13, 2018

My masterpiece

<<Where is it? Where the hell did he put it?>>
<<Looking for something Carmen?>>
<<J… Johnathan!>>
<<What are you doing in my studio honey?>>
<<N… Nothing! I… was just…>>
<<You won’t find it. I would never leave something that precious just laying around in my studio. I have hidden it. And even if you had found it, what do you think you could have done with it? You don’t know anything about the magic paint, or about the enchantment on the canvas, or about how the curse even works for that matter. What even was your plan?>>
<<I… I…>>
<<Look, I understand why you are so opposed to this whole situation. I know I shouldn’t have done something like that to you without even asking. But please, try to understand me. For all my life I have been looking for a muse, someone who could inspire me through love, and make my art flourish. I was desperate. In the end, the only solution for me was to create my own muse.
That’s why I bought the magic paint in that mysterious shop. That’s why I invited you over with the pretext of making a portrait of you. Who better than my best friend could have served as the basis for my masterpiece? And look at you now! You really are my masterpiece. I have painted you as the most gorgeous woman I could have imagined, just like I have always dreamed her. And the enchantment turned my painting into a reality. You are my muse Carmen!
I knew it would not have been easy to make you accept this situation, but I hoped you would have understood eventually. You are not my best friend anymore. You have become much more now. Something transcendent. Something beautiful. Please, please Carmen, try to understand!>>
<<I do!>>
<<I do Johnathan. I understand. I was mad at you for what you have done to me. I hated being a woman at first. All the time I could only think about how to turn back, and I tried to play by your rule, hoping with time you would have let your guard now.
But with time something changed in me. As I posed for your paintings, as I spent more and more time with you, and saw all the love and affection you treated me with, I started to feel something for you. And last night, when we made love, something changed in me. As I looked at you in the eyes, and saw how much in love you were, I realized how marvelous all of this actually is. I’d love to be your muse Johnathan. I want to inspire you, and support you, and love you with all my heart. I accept to live the rest of my life as Carmen.
That’s why I was looking for the portrait. I wanted to destroy it, so I would have never gone back!>>
<<Oh Carmen, I’m so happy to hear you say that! I’m going to treat you like a queen, and make you the happiest woman in the world! I promise! I… I love you Carmen!>>
<<And I love you Johnathan.>>

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