Apr 4, 2018

A complete blur

I don't know how I ended up here. And it is hard to remember where I was right before this moment. Although I can clearly remember being at the mall, some girl approached me and handed me her phone. "What's this?" I asked. "You'll know soon enough" she responded. I took a good look at her phone, and while I was distracted she disappeared.

What happened next is a complete blur. I remember taking my clothes off, I remember putting on this sexy lingerie. I know I am a woman now, and if you ask me, it feels like I have always been this way, but I also feel like I used to be a man. But the more I try to think about my childhood as a boy, the more my head hurts.

I hadn't noticed, but I had an unread text on my phone "Enjoying your new body?". I smiled after reading, at least I knew I wasn't going crazy. "Yes" I replied. While I waited for a reply, I took the chance to inspect my breasts. They were so big, and so sensitive. I ran my hands through my hair and giggled. the phone vibrated with a new message, "Let me see". I placed the phone on my bed, and walked towards the mirror, I did a sexy pose, which felt natural. I felt my breasts bouncing, the lips of my pussy rubbing each other. I was so turned on.

I sent the short video. And used my fingers to try to hide my wet pussy. "You turned out hotter than me. James will be there in about 5 minutes to try your new assets out". I didn't know who that James was, but I was eager to try sex, anything to calm this urges. "Can't wait" I replied.

I unlocked the door, and started fingering myself while I waited for James. He was up for a surprise. A blonde bimbo ready to fuck.

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