Apr 9, 2018

Looking at life through a different perspective

I didn't know what I had bought at the time. "They will change your life" I still remember the words of the old man who I bought them from. Anyways. As I put them on, I felt a little dizzy, I wasn't looking at the shopping mall, but instead it looked like I was running in some park. I quickly took the glasses off. And I was looking back at the mall.

I sat down, and tried them on again. There I was again, looking at the running track inside some park. I could feel my feet touching the ground, and my breasts bouncing. "Wait what?" I said as I took my glasses off again.

I went back to my place. And tried to refrain from wearing the glasses again. But I was just too curious. I decided to try them one more time. I felt my back being pressed against some bench. My breasts naked. And saw some naked guy approaching me. "Oh god" I said as I knew what was about to happen.

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